Worth, Value & Humility

A topic pulsing through the field in this time, asking for collective resolution, is the topic of Worth & Value… I have been inviting you all to the table – to arrive as your voice – to become birds in a flock of loving voices. It is happening now – across everyone.You have been carrying lifetimes of weight – keeping you from fully acknowledging and rejoicing in the beauty of your Being. You have been mirrored in off ways, not been Seen and have learned not to acknowledge your own worth – to mute, to silence, to not allow your Being here – which has caused a fracture in your ground of being, called “worthlessness”. It is the result of suppression.The time is Now for its dissolution. It is time to shed the weight of not-good-enough and acknowledge, that not only are you valuable – you are worthy of Life and Love too!To let life happen, we must stop holding ourselves back. We must stop feeding the hard and fearful voice telling us, that we do not deserve to Live and thrive. We must let life balance out, through the willingness to acknowledge our worth and that which is complete in us – even if we are incomplete as humans. We are Beautiful despite being mid-woundedness and our healing is Not a pre-requisite for the movement of our Life and self-love – it is the development of it!However, this embrace of Life also requires our full humility and responsibility along with its rising. In embracing the Truth of what I say here, be aware, that our worthlessness doesn’t await to be replaced by worth as Something. It is to be replaced by Silent Presence, by a letting go of the someone worthless, only to enter silent rest into the ground of Being – whole and kindly bent, where before you were broken. A rest in the knowing yourself both as good enough, in respect for Life in its flow, as well as knowing yourself to be no one special – instead of flipping the coin to taking yourself seriously – grasping the power it invokes or wisdom it reveals and calling it you.This opening to life calls for us to embrace the ritual of humility more than ever. When I call it a ritual, it is because our inner bowing to reality and deep appreciation of the profound is an ongoing movement, which we thoroughly need to get accustomed to in the face of opening the ground – to stay real in our becoming. To allow ourselves to be Kindly Bent. This IS the dissolution of your identity on ground!The worthlessness is a belief and in letting it go, we CAN be left with space to truly breathe – unless we hatch on to some new version of somebodiness. A new identity called “someone worthy or entitled”.I invite you beyond both. To behold Reality rather than replace the “someone suppressed” by “someone entitled”. In embracing our humility and bowing to reality, we are left with the Silence of Being – humbled as a continuous dissolving of the mind, rejoicing in the profound.In this, Anger will arise from the ground. The anger of that someone who arises in the gap between Silence and humility. This is the grounds of the entitled one. The one putting demands on existence to respond to it in specific ways, out of its own need to be confirmed in identity-based self-perceived value. When we are not confirmed; there is the Anger – right beneath the surface of the smile. It All calls for our total responsibility – to let ourselves be Kindly Bent to reality in care and compassion towards the entirety of existence – and not just ourselves.The minds initial habit of making conclusions, grasping at the reflections of yourself as Love, will continue to try and land you into a fold of self-importance. Of belief in what you are experiencing, becoming etc. It will love to catch on to the idea, that you are what you uncover as “someone”, as a countermeasure to the existence of yet another edge in your mind and the lack of rest and pounding pain existent in the cellar of your body and ground. You are neither worthy nor worthless. The “you” which operates on these grounds is a fata morgana! But without either… There is Reality.At this stage of your unfolding, your rooting in the ritual of humility becomes important. Here true mirroring becomes important – so as to not land ourselves in the arms of tragic self-importance and subtle or obvious ego-inflation. To allow the continuous dissolution of our belief-system – as the root of our return to innocence – over and over in the bowing to reality as the intimacy with our own disappearance. This is what births reality.I repeat, the main significance here is our ability to intimacy with our disappearance.On this journey, it all comes down to being willing to be fiercely self-honest without the honesty becoming a stake in the ground stopping your life from moving ahead. To grow into loving the mud, as much as the flower growing from it, we are bound to be born as compassion.Rooting as Love in and for the Earth, you will disappear into the merging between darkness and light.The Key here is to Take Joy in your Love, Life and its movement, alongside rejoicing in and bowing to the sacredly Profound, being humbled and emptied.Showering you with blessings…
Pema Salem, 2021

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