Dear Woman

This is a strong time. It is a time, where we, as women, are unbuttoned to the reality of the Great Pain, which has accumulated in our collective field through a past of disregard for Woman both as humans and Earth.

We stand Taller and taller as these strong women, being equal, Demanding Love. And One Thing is to Call our Men to their Capacity. But at the same time, we Have To soften, so that the Love of our men can reach us. So that we do not carry the old ways of misusing force onwards. We cannot Stand Demanding to our men from this place of erection. We are Valleys. Our nature is to Be Receivers. Our bodies are Feeling Beating Hearts, which unfortunately must Eat Up the pain of what has happened. Of what will Still Keep happening unless we agree to ride the wave of passing the pain of the past.

I know, that most of us have no clue what it means to be a Woman. Since Woman, strictly speaking, was never really Born. Not the way She calls to be now. Not the way which will Balance the equation of Masculine and Feminine. That which will Truly fulfil us all ~ as Being and humans.

Many of our men have not themselves had a Strong Mothers Love for them to be Able to arrive in a Deep Rest as Men. it means it is very hard for them to Love you through your pain ~ as they themselves are fully broken as well. So to Demand this from them makes No Sense. Throwing plates or yelling and screaming will Not Do the Job!

We ALL have to endure this passing, this maturation, this pain. And I know that you as woman feel immensely much deeper, than Man does or ever will. But it doesn’t change the fact, that our different constitution is neither easy within you nor your man. That you Both need support, patience, care, compassion and forgiveness towards that, which just cannot unfold through force nor demand. Which cannot unfold through anything other than the arrival of Woman’s nurture in meeting the great despair and pain of the past and separation.

I am Truly Sorry for where we are, what we have caused in our ignorance and for what we have to go through, in this coming time, to rectify our wrong-doings, but at the same time, I am Filled with the Knowing, that we can Do this. That we Can Meet this pain and lift our human existence to a Higher Ground. A ground of Human Wholeness as the emergence of Human and Being in One: as The Human Being.

What is required from us, is “just” our willingness to let the Feminine be born for the first time. Our willingness to meet the Power of Creation with a full responsibility of in-depth Feeling towards the Actual Needs of Everything. An over-ruling and burning out of the winds of our Old Ways, where power has been misused by dis-connection. Where we agree to hold Now within our Strong Feminine Hearts, so that the Feminine can Rise to sweep over this planet, embracing our men as well, to Balance everything. To the blossoming and benefit of All of us. For the slight chance of a future in Grace.

To be a woman in this time… Yes, we hold the key to unlock the door to our future. And although we do not stand with an easy task at hand, everything awaits our much stronger sense of and loyalty to feeling, intuition and depth of Grace.

In this embrace of Truth with your man, I Ask of you Gently to remember, that man himself, did not incarnate either. That man himself is not Whole either. And that when you aim at him with accusations for not Loving you Right, in that moment, he is in the same need as you; To be Held, to be Loved and to Cry the Tears of his own disconnection. Please come into your integrity, but please do not Harm your Self further (as him) with impatience, but be true to the Silent Blackness of The Woman and Move Only according to Love for your Self (as Her) ~ and not from a lack of Love for him.

Your man is as much the Woman as you are. His humanness has, as much as ours as women, been used by this energy of ego. An energy, which due to his lack of connection with the Mother, the Feminine, with Feeling and Heart, has just given him the wrong idea of where he belongs, what he should or shouldn’t do.

In that moment, it seems, that only We, as women, can make that Deep Drop. That we can Show the Way of and as Pure Feminine. Our primary Essence as women! And this is Needed. We Need to agree to be and become that Softness, which does not perpetuate and keep the separation going. Which does not blame and accuse nor expect or demand, what is simply impossible for man to give. We need to Show him how it is done. How to fold his mind to Feel with us. How to lay down his arms and become Truly Human, Truly Vulnerable. Because Deep down, as human, as Feminine, he wants this more than Anything!

Yes, man needs to be Held Accountable, when he is bullshitting. But I really need you to Go Gentle on his heart. To face the pain of the past and adjust your Way to that of Woman. To the Inner Agreement of actually Receiving his Love, to whatever extent he is able to give it and to the extent that your Woman feels she is where she belongs. If you Knew how strongly rejected he feels as Love, as his very Essence, when you Stand Strong rather than acknowledge your Femininity of Being the Valley of Inviting Him to Arrive as Man in your own surrender to God. He needs support as strongly as do you. He needs Love as much as do you.

Yes. It is a Deeply Humbling situation to meet our inability as humans. As women. And although I know, that when you hit your edge, where all of a sudden All of the Pain of Woman needs you to Face It, it is very tempting to pay him back, for all the pain which was caused by his lead and lack of surrender, then Please Remember to be compassionate ~ to bring Love and Forgiveness to both yourself and him ~ to walk the Way of the Woman…

With Love,
Pema Salem

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