On this page you find subscriptions available to different programmes with Pema and the field of co-travellers. The different programmes offer weekly to monthly online meetings, which you can add to any of the videos, courses and live events you feel to partake in.

At the moment the mens group is taking a rest, but you are warmly invited to let us know if you hold interest in taking part whence again it starts up as a bi-monthly meetings again. Please contact us to ensure you get notice, when the group is revived.

Gateway Online

Gateway Online is an Online Portal, where you can get access to an Online Cafe, with conversations of Pema and the community. You also get participation to a monthly Online Satsang (incl. 1 month replay) and many other resources, like Pema’s blog/articles, a warm an intimate monthly newsletter from Pema and a 10% discount on any coming online retreats and Online Courses you find in the Shop.

Gateway Online is subscribed to with a monthly subscription exchange of 20 EUR which is automatically paid monthly, with whatever card or Paypal-account you use for signing up.

Gateway have recently been updated to reflect a Clean Slate and the Cafe is now Open for conversations and enjoyment. A Warm Welcome to Join Us in this unique little Universe of Joy and Sharing.

Wise Women’s Network

The Wise Women’s Network is an online cauldron for the woman wishing to actualise and evolve in a rapid stream and field of transformation and growth towards the True Woman and Essence. The meetings take place every Wednesday night at 7.30 PM CET/CEST and is a 2,5 hour meeting with both transmission and aligning in meditation and two hours of deep enjoyment in sharing amongst women in intimacy, care and nakedness.

The Wise Women’s Network is subscribed to with a monthly exchange of 75 EUR which is automatically paid monthly with whatever card or paypal-account you use for signing up. A Warm Welcome to Join Us.