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Poetics * Phonetics * Peace

I, am not one prone for worry.
Yet, we watch the world with a slight worry, don’t we.
We feel the sting and the tiny clenched fist in our belly, Not Seeing any way out of this mess, that we made.
We breathe in the wee hours of night,
with a Silence that we know is unheard, during the busy hours of day, when we tell ourselves that our progress isn’t regression. Acknowledging the road that we’re walking as humans, is slowly dis-integrating into pure impossibility.
Watching the fist of control tighten slowly and unconsciously, just waiting, until the moment the fist will pull our legs out from downunder us. To leave us hanging upside down.
Are we Creativity gone mad? Creating problems and solutions in rampancy, altering That, which was beautifully holistic and all-inclusively intelligent already – As it was. I don’t know.
Meanwhile the road less travelled, back to what was always there and always will be – is right there. Our One step back into Nature as the Basic read thread of our Existence. That, which was there before and will be there After us. Waiting for us to be Ready to throw in the towel, on our self-made complexity, competency, craze. To fall back into the arms of the Mother. Plainly and simply. To give up our resistance to live in the true Light of ourselves. In the gratitude and relaxation of This Now.
Where our breath dances with the Home-coming heartbeat of the Natural. With tones of the beautiful Melody of Return, sliding across some non-separable scale called you and me, with no Name at all. No sense of expectation other than the one Dancing along the True Lines as Silent waves of sound.
Wind and sunshine passing through – chests and lungs, hearts and minds, illuminating the Sparkling of Grace in every form. Passing through like the tender Light of the moon, being on this Earth in dance with the Elemental. The Essential. The Real.
Why look for salvation, for space to Be on a never-ending streak of complexity and control, when that Light of the moon is right there. Why work endlessly for safety in money, when the soil is right beneath our feet. Where Nature laughingly and in pure Magic and innocent Joy Creates simply by our Bowing Down to seed in the Darkness of Her soil – all the nutrition and Beauty we could ever want for or need.
We don’t need to find a way forward. We need to find our way Back.
Pema Salem, 2022