True Human

The True Human is a reality, which we have not yet come to acknowledge as the peak and fulfilment of our Embrace of Truth. So many versions have come about, of Truth in its realisation, which has held bits and pieces, creating religions and traditions all based on making a part of the Totality of Discovery “most important”.

What does the full scope look like, when we do not stop at neither Diamond Sharp Clarity, Universal Love nor Absolute Power?

An article bringing the pieces together ~ with its conclusion on the final piece of the puzzle ~ the belly and the coming together of Vulnerability and Power: the birth of the True Human.

The Portals of Wisdom

The portals of wisdom are the gates through which we discover Source, and through which we return from dissolution of identity, emerging as pure Being ~ as the very Intelligence of Life itself.

The three dimensions, Head, Heart and Belly, each are a gate through which we can discover Source. Each dimension hold a bite of identification with a part of the human functionality.

The seeds of body-identification are rooted in our attachment to and fixation on our mental body (thoughts), emotional body (feelings) and physical body.

Our perception, and thereby human experience, is through this happening devoid of being held in the Light of Source, in either of the three dimensions of Head, Heart and Belly. Instead consciousness has become solid, as identification roamed by ego holding the limited experience as a root to false identification.

In this way identification is sustained through each of these dimensions. Loosing the misunderstanding requires our return to Being, to Source, through all 3 dimensions, followed by a reversal of pure Being into the manifest reality of the human sphere of existence. This transcends identification in all spheres and creates the True Human.

Truth requires us to move beyond the discoveries we make in meeting the different dimensions. To come to a Full resolution, we must deeply uncover and merge with Source through all 3 dimensions without sticking ourselves to it. Willing to leave every realisation in every moment, for the full discovery Only.

Only through the realisation of the Void through the Head, God through Heart and the Black Mother through Belly along with its reversal into Clarity, Love and Human Wholeness, is transcendence of ego and thereby identification possible in all 3 dimensions. It makes the revelation of and birth as pure Soul possible ~ in its Finest and most Delicate manifestation.

As we deepen into Source of any dimension and return, we will find that our faculties will go through an emptying out. An integration of Being through transformation of our human faculties through the translation of pure Source into Wisdom. Pure intelligence of Being.

It is Source itself, which provides the opportunity to dissolve the misunderstandings, to heal and purify our human existence, bringing it to higher energetic frequencies, wherein the wisdom can be held as our living reality. The rebirth as Wisdom, as pure Soul, brings the Highest possible value of realisation into our human bodies and thereby human experience.

It is Being’s re-emerging through the human body, transcending the ego and educating the Soul on different levels of big- as smallness, major capacity and brokenness, which makes us attain a sameness of Being, which at the same time is deeply individuated. With a strong call to Truth, we can walk into every dimension, uncovering Wisdom through every portal, by our realisation of Truth and eradication of identification on every level and in every dimension.

Dissolution of ego ~ Realisation of Source ~ Arrival of Wisdom

The return to and deep realisation of the Core of Being, of Source, is a necessary step of dissolving the glue of ego, holding us to false identification. It is necessary to merge with Source, in every dimension, simply because it is the end of belief in identification with our human body and its faculties as well as its state. But it is not the end of identification on a bodily, cellular level.

The ego energies are unconscious winds circling, protecting, defending the fact of our woundings and ignorance, on so many levels and in so many ways. It is fear, which is rooted in our lack of wholeness and recognition, both as humans, divine and emptiness. These unconscious winds are hiding out in the subtleties of every dimension ~ as temporary shapes, thought-forms and angles of perception.

In merging with the Core, of either Head, Heart or Belly, we dissolve these different angles of identity. The angles, which pertains to that specific aspect of our perception of reality. And the wisdom emerges:

~ Re-arriving as wisdom in the Head-Space, by our realisation as the Primordial Silence; Diamond Sharp Clarity emerges.

~ Re-arriving as wisdom in the Heart-space, through our surrender as Universal Consciousness; Love, pure Life emerges.

~ Just the same, the belly holds Wisdom, by our emergence from the realisation as the Black Mother; Eternal Power and Human Earth Wisdom and wholeness.

Dissolving ego in the Belly: Vulnerability and Power

In entering the work of realisation through the belly, we stand with what, in our experience, seems like two opposite ends:

~ Our human vulnerability – or innocence; The human softness and tenderness as the gentle touch upon the most delicate piece of our human soul (along with our human wounding). It is the deepest personal part of our human experience – a treasure and manifestation of our Human Soul awaiting a greater and greater wholeness.

~ (Seemingly) opposite, we have the Power; The impersonal and Absolute Power of Creation, as the recognition and birth of Source, through the belly. The Black Mother is eternally rolling waves of Black Light, which are born of the meeting of the Divine Father and Earth Mother.

The resolution of the belly happens through the dance between the two seemingly opposite poles. In being dedicated to Truth, we cannot embrace the Power of the Universe, without stepping into the responsibility of fully attending to and moving through our human healing. these are the cornerstones of Birthing wholeness in arrival as pure innocence in pure Power of Being.

Humans’ abuse of power, which has played largely in our present and past, awaits a total reset, wherein we fully fall in love with the Earth, so as to come into health of mind, heart and our human ways.

Without the human healing, by our return to the innocence of resting in the arms of the Mother, Earth, any opening in depth can only land in an individual container of *separation from* or *union with*. It is bound to end up in the hands of the wounding for further abuse, once the invitation goes deeper and the separation from mother Earth flashes itself.

In this way, we need to face the ancestral wounds, paternal wirings, the relationship with our selves as humans and with the Earth and all its inhabitants to truly arrive.

Without as deep an integration into and healing of the human vulnerability, as our depth of merging with the Power, a new form of identity is bound to form. We will experience the happening of a building of identity either withstanding the power or rejecting it and fixating itself on the vulnerability.

In getting stuck with the obstacle of Power, we will find ourselves amassing Power, becoming a powerful human being, bending the rules of Life to own will. A human Being, which cannot deflate the power to meet in the delicacy of vulnerability and intimacy, in innocence, human to human.

To the extent, that we are tempted to grasp the Power of Being, we will not be able to reach the final stages of the manifestation of Truth. To Actually become True Human Beings.

Without reaching our human wholeness, and thereby rectifying our relationship with matter, body and Earth, we loose a part of our individuality in Being Big, since we disappear behind the surface of being human. A much greater value lies in ALL being permeated by Reality ~ All the way in, beyond the beyond, and All the way back to Just-Human.

If we just embrace the human healing, without dying into the Source of Power, we will witness ourselves become a human being, being all about the vulnerability and humanness, the integrity and human interaction, the psychological aspects, without the Real Deal of deep death to the Source which reverses *what we know* to *simple Trust in Life*.

Beautiful human beings can arise from that, just as power bombs can arise from its opposite, but to truly transcend identification beyond both, at the bottomline;

Power and Vulnerability must be realised as One and the Same.

No fear can remain towards either and in full and actual transcendence, deep Knowing and experience of the human vulnerability and the eternal power as One and the same remains.

Although the recognition on one level is the total sameness, It also leaves the Void being the Void, God being God and the Black Mother being the Black Mother! While the human is a human… taking a nap in a gently rocking boat ~ in the shine of Clarity, Love and Power on the eternal Ocean of the Source!

All of it Isn’t Really Anything other than what all of us Are in the loss of the identification and continuous full thrusts towards being Something or Nothing. In the quietude… It’s all the same, and yet everything is exactly what it is.

To grow Strong in the vulnerability and fineness of Soul, there must be an equal integration between Source and humanness. Ultimate compassion as the result of total innocence, upon which the eternal power and beauty of Soul is reflected.

When we can hold this deep level of surrender to Life and the Power of Creation, simultaneously as standing by the deflation of Power into the Vulnerability of human, we come to contain the delicacy and beauty of gentleness and human softness. We will have manifested the harmony and beauty of Being True Humans.


To attain true transcendence of identification within the belly, we must discover and uncover the depth of realisation and rest as both complete vulnerability and power. These are the two reflections and directions of realisation as Human Wisdom in Wholeness and as Black Mother, awaiting our discovery and union in the belly.

In our embrace of embodiment, of integration and thereby of Truth – as more than just dissolution of identity, Truth unfolds in a way, which values and holds sacred the human experience and invites for the Birth of our true Identity as Human Soul. A manifestation of the finest, most delicate and deeply enjoyable human reality by arrival as innocence.

In this acknowledgment, we are bound to invite the growth of strength as deeply into the human vulnerability, as into Source itself. We must thereby, in the Full Embrace of Truth, both dissolve the identification with human and Source, and by our return come to Stand as Truth in form ~ as our True Identity by total deflation.

We thereby hold and discover the True Human as the peak and fulfilment of embracing Truth.

Pema Salem

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