Pure relating

Every Single Thing we do and engage in is an Artform. An Artform that awaits our Learning its Perfection, for us to discover the True Potential that is hidden in its Form. Are you Respecting and Bringing to Life that, which Pure Relating Calls for?

This writing is in particular an Encouragement to treat our verbal communication with Respect. The Spoken Word is Pure Power and Sound the Baseline of Manifestation.

When we enter into relating together, we must be Mindful as to what we bring into the equation of our relation. Everything can be mis-used – relating is no different.

Our Connections are Sacred, and so they should be treated – as Sacred Space

Our relation is a Sacred Space, that we share in opening to each other and listening into the same Space with one another. Here we have the Grand Invitation to Share Love.

When we enter into pure relating, we start discovering what the True Gift of relating is Actually about and the True Power of its Potential. Our ability to Open to one another is, simply put, the gateway for Consciousness to explore and educate itself across Beings, through our agreement to Make Love, by being in Love with our selves and each other.

Our relation is not a garbage-can

Negativity, Frustration and Despair are nothing but Smoke coming from the Ego. Our dissatisfaction and easing the pressure stemming from our limitations, does not belong in our Mutual Sacred Space. It is something we Burn Down by letting go on our own. Not into each others Ears, Minds and Hearts – but into Thin Air.

Our relation is not a safe-haven for our insecurities

When we are not being Aware of the True Gifts of relating, we tend to Use the relation to seek out confirmation for our opinions, for our beliefs and to seek the safety of other people’s opinions. In addition, we even tend to Reach for and Use our Sacred Space from a place of trying to Escape our fear of our Aloneness, of feeling ourselves or loving ourselves deeper. This is not the real potential of relating. True relating is Completely beyond Opinions and Dependency.

A Healthy relation

When a relation is Sound and Healthy, it becomes a Space that we open Together, to explore the Deeper Potential of our Beings. To let Love happen.

When we relate Truthfully, we take responsibility for being Clear and Honest in our relating – both to each other and to ourselves. Not only that, but we bring our Openness into it with a Willingness to Be Vulnerable. A sharing of our Being’s Wisdom through agreement to both Listen and Be Heard – See and Be Seen.

This Agreement to Meet in Openness demands us to take Real Good Care of Respecting Deeply the Sacredness of our mutual Space – for without it, we cannot Trust each other with our Vulnerability and Open Hearts.

What we Share is Everything. Whether we know it or not, when we open our mouths, we enter the potential of Speaking our Beings – our Hearts and Minds – for good or bad. When This is Embraced with Full Responsibility and as the Sacred Space that it is, Words become a Dance of Ripples on an Endlessly Flowing River. Love happening as Our Every Word, Move, Gesture, Look – All becomes Alive and Able to Communicate the gift that we bear within our selves.

There is Great Beauty Hiding within our Ability to Speak. A Beauty which Just Awaits our Willingness to Hold it in Love and Respect. When we Do So, Great Things will Happen and Much Suffering will cease.

Pema Salem

Note: Read more about The True Relationship in the article-pack holding this scriptural transmission.

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