The teachings of Pema Salem are an invitation to All-inclusive Reality – to the emergence of the True Human, springing from the realisation of Truth through merging with The Eternal in every dimension of Being. Through head, heart and belly.

The invitation carries forth the full alignment between the deepest, widest and most vast recognition of Source – as the all-inclusion of every possible wave of intelligence – manifest as Truth in form. This is the True Human. It is a fall into the deepest intimacy with reality and your true emergence as the deeply profound. Towards unlimited freedom as the breath of pure potentiality – living as sheer inspiration and creativity in Joy.

Core Teaching

The Reality of all-inclusion is a manifestation of Being through the human body in every alley of Intelligence available. A manifestation which together presents us with an entirely different human reality based on Deep Rest in Being and union with Source. It consists of a collection of Essential Core Teachings, which through realisation and Essential emergence together weave the three waves of intelligence available through the human existence.

The depth of Being which can be born from the realisation and merging with Source is endless and relies on our depth of dedication to Actualize, Fulfil and Become. It is an uncovering taking place based on the dissolution of our identification with limitation – through three primary gates. Each gate holds access to a specific aspect of realisation of Source and in the uncovering of Reality they together weave into the manifestation of our highest human and divine potential.

The three gates unveiling each wave of intelligence are in the teaching of Pema represented as described below.

An Introduction Video

Pristine Silence, the Absolute and Pure Minds Brilliancy

Pristine Silence, the Absolute and Pure Minds Brilliancy

This pillar invites you to touch, deepen into and merge deeply with the Vast Expanse. It is the center of the embrace of Truth, which is referred to as Truth-realisation.

This teaching instructs and initiates towards the recognition of the empty nature of all things. It ignites the reversal of consciousness by unfolding the Truth-body – of pure Mind and that which is prior to God – by our merging perception with the Primordial Silence. Closing in on the end, we become able to perceive the beginning – developing the expanse of pure Mind and Absolute Silence on non-existence.

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This pillar of the teaching called ‘Pristine Silence/the Absolute and Pure Minds Brilliancy’, invites you to touch, deepen into and merge deeply with the Vast Expanse.

The pillar is the center of the embrace of Truth, which can be referred to as Truth-realisation. In addition this pillar includes the teachings on the existential flip-side of dissolving the “I” and “I Am” in embracing the purification and surrender of mind, to the Birth of Truth as pure minds diamond sharp Brilliancy and endless over-writing of the imaginary limits of this existence – as the ongoing and gradual alignment between mind, man and God.

This teaching instructs and initiates towards the unfolding of the reality of the empty nature of all things, and ignites the development of our perception beyond consciousness – as the Truth-body through pure Mind.

The realisation as pure Awareness in itself (completely beyond subject and object) is an absolute passing beyond the beyond in the way, which allows for the total disappearance to the Absolute. That, which is prior to God.

In approaching the Awakening of the Truth-body, we face the implosion of the ego-identity on mind-level, in moving with the recognition of and merging into the Primordial Silence.

As we close in on the end, we start to be able to perceive the beginning and from here, we begin to develop the expanse of pure Mind alongside the balancing with our being in other aspects of Reality. In our full embrace of Truth, the bringing home of the recognition of the empty nature of all things is a necessity for us to be able to touch Awakening to pure Being, beyond the endless cycles of belief in the different levels of existence. In other words – it is the maturation of our minds.

Some topics of this pillar are: Awakening/Truth-realisation, the merging with non-existence, purification of mind, learning to think, Being in the head-space, death precedes life (before there was something, there was nothing) and in the flip-side the manifestation of Universal mystery – Universal math (the yoni-brain). Emptiness & the Primordial Silence, creation & the power of Deep Thought and more.

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Universal Consciousness, Love & Hearts Wisdom

Universal Consciousness, Love & Hearts Wisdom

This pillar is centred in the journey of the Heart and surrender to pure Life. The depth of recognition as pure Heart holds the Core realisation of “I Am”, as the pure Self. Existentially it is the centre-piece, which allows our spiritual maturation in opening the true action-body making us able to move freely and awake across all levels of Existence. The burning away of identification with the body, limitlessly brings us into unity with the Being of Love (God).

The teaching brings the wisdom of trust and relaxation in Life – Knowing existence through pure surrender and true intelligence.

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This part of the teaching is centred in the journey of the Heart and our surrender to pure Life. The depth of our recognition as pure Heart holds the core recognition of “I Am”, of God and the Self. Existentially it is the centrepiece which allows us to shift our lives from a fear-based to a love-based existence. In developing the pure Heart we attain spiritual maturity and develop our action-body to the extent of being able to move freely and awake – as pure Spirit – across all levels of Existence.

The deepening in and purification of the Heart, moves us beyond the scope of death and dying into Life and living as the eternal and infinite Spirit of Universal Being and pure Consciousness – as Love. It is an emptying out of the layers of identity in the heart, which leads us fully beyond identification with the body and which limitlessly brings the Being of Love (God) to life. As the realisation beyond the self-centred with a rooting in Being as the impersonal Love – a life moving according to the Love of All.

The teaching of this pillar brings the Wisdom of Trust and Relaxation into the field of our surrender to Life in emptying out to the reality of One Being/Life. It is a gradual revelation of our un-limited capacity as Being, and its ability to change the world through pure Loving.

Some topics in the pillar are: The surrender of my want to ‘Thy Will’, the giving in to Necessity & the Benefit of All, living our highest potential, responsibility on our path of surrendering to the deepest Heart, Living the Heart, Listening, Being as Feeling, the Power of Conscious Choice, embracing change as the choosing of Love over Fear, Service & Purpose, Sincerity as the Core, and more.

Articles relevant to the teaching are:

Power of Creation, Radical Compassion & Pure Passion

Force of Creation, Infinite Compassion & Pure Power

This pillar offers initiation into our unfolding in the arms of the Mother. It is the Peak of emergence into Being leading us back to the Source of Creation. It supports the healing of our human wounds and reverses us back to pure innocence, wherein we truly emerge as the feminine Essence of pure power & passion by unfolding of the enjoyment-body.

On the Journey into the Earth, we face our separation from God on/in ground and are born into the wholeness of the true human – by the inner marriage between our masculine & feminine, to the emergence as compassion.

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This pillar offers initiation into the unfolding of our Being to the Black Mother. It is a journey back to the Source of Creation and Lord of Power and it absolutely reverses our rejection of the feminine/matter into the birth of the Feminine Essence as pure power, pure passion and total innocence.

In taking on the Journey of Truth to God as the Feminine, we Fully face our return to innocence by a full passing beyond the inner twists and turns of pseudo identities stemming from the human core wounding of separation from ourselves as God/Her.

It is an embrace of Truth in the belly, which initiates an emptying out of our conditioning and eradication of our identity on ground, which in turn births Reality as Truth in form, by our arrival as our True Identity; Divine, Human and Empty.

The unfolding of SHE is not a contrast or separation from HE. She is in fact born out of the arrival of Him (Love) into Her (Matter) – and so the Black Mother is in fact the True Alignment between every existential and non-existential aspect of Reality when unfolded in the Light of True Awakening. The embrace of the totality of both darkness and light.

This pillar is the deepest aspect of the teaching in total and the additional pillars are Born of this Arrival of Truth into Ground which is endless. It both handles our embrace of and responsibility for healing ourselves and human core wounding, as our return to Wholeness, as well as it reveals the unity with and bowing to Reality as HER/God on, in and through ground as an emptying out, in which we loose all the strategies and every game of avoidance-based spirituality – to a full return to the grandness and deep tenderness, vulnerability and nakedness of our True nature.

Our birth as Truth in form develops all the True Human Qualities as the rising of the Truly Royal sown in the soil of deep humility, kindness and compassion and is a birth of our Enjoyment-body into the fullness of full-fledged and brutal softness of the Feminine – as the Joy of Being Simply, Sweetly & Truly Human.

Some topics in this pillar of the teaching are: Responsibility as we walk into the depths, returning to the Mother, radical self-love, purification of power, passion & sexuality, it includes initiation and empowerments, as well as sharing of the keys on the deep work of facing fear and stepping up to our full commitment and much more.

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Introduction Videos

The actualisation of the 3 waves of intelligence gives way for the actualisation of all Wisdom at the very center of our individual existence. The Wisdom is in other words the tender fruits falling from the tree of Reality. They are keys of integration and alignment between pure Being and its application through the human existence and their actualisation requires none but our return home… To the essential Feminine.

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