Scriptural Transmissions

Cultivation of Life & Space

Cultivation is a single word for the merging between Life (existence) and Space (pure Awareness). It is the grounds for the breath of consciousness, and livelyhood of endlessly growing existential transparency. That transparency which is the case, when the birth of Truth into form happens by the very dissolve and disappearence of ego, solidity, identity and ignorance. It is basically the bringing of Truth to Life – existence dissolving itself to the outshining of the fact, higher logic and Truth of the vast expanse of basic Space.

To not cultivate at all is a great waste of Life. This is the case when no dedication to Truth and Life is the case and human operation happens solely according to identification with the singular and separated form and idea of individuality. A life of living dreams (according to respect for- and belief in limitation, contraction and fear), rather than a conscious, expansive and liberating approach to Life, which invites Life’s unfettered unfolding and realization of Truth.

Conscious cultivation is what plays out the moment one becomes attuned to the actual incentive of Life and its very ground of Space. It calls for the answering of the ultimate question of ”who am I?” through realization of not only Self, but the Truth behind Self and pure Awareness beyond existence. By dissolve of identification entirely – in awakening from- as within the dream – we become the full embrace of dedication to Truth which surpasses the loyalty to- and possibility of limitation and belief.

While duality roams, the conscious cultivation requires and entails effort of leaning towards the resolve of not only the duality of seperated self and pure Self (God), but in time the duality of Self and pure Awareness as well. An alignment with reality, which leaves existence being exactly that – existing, alive – while the very perception and experience of- and as pure Mind is the very ground of Silence in which consciousness plays – and plays. Not until we resolve the belief in self, do we truly awaken to reality beyond consciousness, beyond Life.

In attending to the details of existential surrender, developing care in Hearts purification prior to attaining full determination towards Truth of basic Space itself, we are ensured/Life ensures the continued expansion- and perfection of existence post awakening.

A surrendered existence moves according to pure Will, pure Life, rather than individual want. The detereoration of belief in- and respect for limits, fear and ego within existence will ensure a full embrace and endless drop out of existence, by ever ongoing purification, once the realization of Truth happens. It will incorporate effortless integration and cultivation between Life and Space, without anyone cultivating, simply due to the movement of Life and breath of consciousness happening by the ball of surrender rolling downhill – towards ever greater transparency and into complete dissolve by the emergence of Life’s greatest potential.

Due to the fact of effortless cultivation, the individual ”I” becomes a sheer display and embodiment of the personal qualities of Love, of pure Life and Truth. The truly surrendered human being living his or her Life with no self-will apart from Life’s Will. As a mere servant humble and happy to play his or her part in the big scheme of Life’s unfolding – the game of God.

The effortless cultivation (and continuance of cultivation after awakening) requires total alignment with- and surrender to/within existence – similarly as true awakening requires complete surrender to the fatal and irreversible end, fact and logic of Emptiness/Space. It is not painless, pretty or easy, but demands us to deal with the very obstacles of existential misunderstandings, fear and identification. Digging our hands (seeing and dissolving) in- and through the mud of the subconscious conclusions and beliefs. Dealing with the fear of not only dying to Truth, but of coming to Life as well.

To wake up from the dream of consciousness, we must face the fear of death. To wake up within consciousness we must face the fear of Life. Jump over the fence anywhere, and you will only partially realize the fact of Truth, which in its totality carries Space and Existence as two sides of the same coin.

The idea that the full view, which is attained in the full embrace of Truth, is easier for man than woman (or vice versa) is untrue. For woman is based in- and carries the key to Life, while man is based in- and carries the key to Space, to Silence. It makes the simplicity of true awakening beyond Self easier for man than woman, while the realization of the (non)complexity of God/Life and eradication of ego within existence, is easier for woman. (Man and woman is although due to the basic state of consciousness at this point in time, close to equally equipped in the matter). To attain full view and integration, both must however face the aspect of the opposite essence and face the fear of total alienation from their basic inherent principle.

Once awakening has happened, cultivation becomes effortless. The extent- and logic of surrender within existence is however the determining factor for whether this cultivation happens as Space cultivating Space (which therefore never touches the ground/existence) or the cultivation of Space is brought into existence by a cultivation between Life and Space, by the rolling ball and embedded logic of surrender continuing with ”the leftovers”. Haha.

Without a running show of personal life and living, the impersonal and un-discriminating becomes the way of Life and therefore the operating principle having replaced or gradually replacing ”the personal”, and so the movement of Life results in its play-off according to its own highest benefit.

That which prior to awakening could send energy straying into entertainment and the attempt of seeking pleasure (or pain) within existence no longer is in operation, and so the very way of Life becomes Love, pure Life, in action. With existential surrender no fear (and noone fearful) remains towards the ongoing expansion of Life, and so action, thought and speech all becomes continueously and ever more directed and an ever purer and direct expression of Space, of Truth, itself for the benefit of all of that, which is genuinely realized and embraced as ones Self.

With no fear of Space, Peace, Silence remaining, no action (apart from what Life itself states) must happen. The very breathing is the effortless cultivation. With no fear of Life remaining either, neither is any application of Life/energy avoided. The prospect is the permission of Life’s full potential becoming actual and factual in the effortless cultivation of Silence. And so the answering of need and actual necessity in Life’s own becoming, becomes the one and only thing going on.

Be aware that dedication brings you past every idea of what Life requires from you to fulfill itself and turns itself from the logic of ”listening and allowing” (which requires duality/a listener apart from Life itself), to its own singlehanded operation. An operation, which means nothing but absolute and constant cultivation of silence – through action, non-action and whatever else Life prescribes.

(An article written in January 2013 by Aisha Salem,