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The Primordial Silence

The primordial Silence as the vastness of Pure Mind is Absolute Peace in and as Total Absence.

Out of unborn stillness rises the Heart essence as Enlightened Intent. With no ownership and no conceptually rooted purpose, it moves like water on stone – endlessly affecting and timelessly marking its Silence through its ever clearer expression.

The mind, which is surrendered to the vibration of Being as pure Space, doesn’t only find itself to be peace and silence, but is granted the brilliancy of Pure Knowing as its seat and origin, due to the revelation of pure Mind – the Absolute Reality, which rests beneath our usual attention directed into or at Existence.

This origin cannot be personalized nor owned, but only be surrendered to in terms of agreement with non-existence and the Full Emptiness, in which pure knowledge is recognized to be the background, silence and solidity of pure Being.

As the peace of Primordial Silence is discovered, surrendered to and realized, it becomes the purifying instance of all of existence. Existence is thereby recognized as Heart and whole, through which Pure Knowing becomes the case. It happens as an elimination of all beliefs, all limits – in agreement with Truth of Space and existential transparency to Space.

Pure Mind reveals as That beyond identification, beyond identity and beyond Movement of mind, as the result of the emptying out- and elimination of the otherwise solidly founded “I”, which usually inhabits the headspace and brain as un-enlightened matter.

Out of this Silence, All is born. As waves of oceanic movement, Life is the still born into Being. The Absolute Silence reflecting Absence into Presence. Movement appearing and disappearing from the Source, rising and ceasing with no intent, no purpose, no distinction.

All phenomena is born of the same equanimity – of which Enlightened Expression is all of it. The sameness of every form – every part of existence in all of its diversity – is indeed the Natural Display of Silence. Despite a seeming movement, a transformation and a never-ending purification, there is no right or even distinguishable expression other than the display of every single occurrence.

Heart is thereby not a particular expression, but an embrace of All of Existence in its every twist and turn, beyond distinction or judgment, but which allows all qualities of being to carry the same value and be equally contained in its unfolding. In attaining infinite rest as Absolute Peace, nothing reaches outside itself and all of Life is contained but unmoving and invisible as anything but Power itself, within the Vast Expanse of Pure Mind.

In Silence everything comes to rest as equal – in sameness. Staying as rest, solidifies this Silence to the extent of Infinitely Immovable. Inexhaustable.

The Primordial Silence leaves not a single instance visible apart from any other. Nothing to be done or dealt with and neither does it leave any states nor shifts visible within the field of perception.

The rest with- and as the Primordial Silence is the realization of/as Pure Awareness. Awareness which is not aware of anything – neither subject nor object remains. All is recognized as itself to the degree of being its own Silence as Absolute intensity of immovable wakefulness.

Resting as that Silence overrules every need and passes every distinction or difference between anything to the extent of every concept and mind-created field of perception disappearing. There is no home – and yet everything is home. There is no difference between being alone or surrounded by people. There is fundamentally no difference between being asleep or awake, while none of these states represent anything other than a change on a level of existence, which in itself is invisible from and as Awareness itself.

Resting as Pure Awareness means a peace so fundamental, that it surpasses every angle of Existence to the extent of sheer Invisible Brilliancy inverted by and as itself, through the very point of existence – a portal found in the very center of the head-space.

Deeply surrendered to The Absolute we are left only with the peace of pure Mind, which has no reference to anything but recognition as Being – the ground of Basic Space itself. In the deepest of Respect and Love for what is Ultimately True, the embrace of Silence through our every movement, in our every way, is the growing Love for- and surrender to Reality.

The hardships of letting go of emotional ties, the emotional pain of living according to individuality based on wishes, hopes and dreams – none of it exists nor carries any validity in the deepest relaxation into and realization of the Primordial Silence. Therefore none of it carries any importance in Ultimate Reality either.

Meeting The Absolute with this Level of Directness requires Absolute Surrender. Anything but absolute surrender to reality, will make a partial recognition and Trouble for the remaining somebodiness. Ultimate Surrender will in turn, however, become a Natural and Unceasing Fire, that Burns Everything within Ones Being.

The Eminence of Silence is pristine and untouched. It is not a place of hiding, escaping nor of salvation. It is Liberation – beyond anyone in need of a hide-out, needing to escape or needing savior. In other words – there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

To truly wake up, One realizes- and comes to peace with Ones own non-existence. Passing the fear of death by simply dying to non-existence by cessation of Self.

By which distinction is any expression justified and validated within existence itself?

By belief and desire.

In relaxation with complete non-existence, all is seen to not only contain the same validity, but the same invalidity in equalness.

As such, all is recognized as my Self resting within the expanse of pure Mind. This intensity – which is the Silence – is that which Is. It holds as pure rest, and with no objection, the complete potentiality of limitless existence. From belief itself, this is impossible to fathom.

The identification carries an outset only able to see as, from and within existence.

Identification with Presence, with Life, is futile. It is in itself a grasping towards- identity with existence, an attempt at safety and solidity, which is the very seed of ignorance. This fact, however, does not invite for an exclusion nor any denial of existence – but the perpetual allowance of its dance and umlimited unfolding and perfection in regards to ever increasing transparency.

The obviousness of Presence is the result of a shift from identification to realization. It is however perceived as Absence rather than Presence, by perception itself, due to the lack of perceived subject-object relation.

To recognize the Primordial Silence in its Nakedness, requires willingness to embrace the facts of Life. As pure Mind recognizes its own distinct flavor of Space, so is it the turn from ordinary mind to pure Mind, which carries the essential death; the movement from agreement to surrender to actual surrender by cessation in merging with Source.

It is the end of the temptation to Exist – of insisting itself, which has its seat in existence and thereby out of/apart from Reality/Space as the open Source.

Every point in existence is recognized as one and the same and perceived as beyond any single Point at all. The One recognized as Existence is Consciousness itself – a reflection of pure Awareness.
With no roots of identification, ego never touches ground as solidity in existence either. This fact is what makes beliefs and limits automatically and effortlessly dissolve, by the Fire of Nakedness in the Direct Merging with Pure Awareness.

Rest as the Primordial Silence eludes all thinking, and yet it is the setting free of Pure Intelligence. To think, there must be someone reflecting, subject and object. The Primordial Silence is So Complete, that even the idea of incompletion is completely beyond its scope. As the Primordial Silence, Everything is Self-explanatory and flows forth as waves on an ocean.

Anything that finds its way into existence, by the very fact of it having a beginning, must in turn; also meet its own end. What rises must cease. By the reality of Space, birth and death are thereby completely entwined and unreal – recognized as simply waves on the Ocean of Reality.

While the happening of enlightenment at its most efficient rate happens by the Force of Life carrying forth the Internal Demand for Truth, it invites the unfolding of Life itself as the evolution of Consciousness and ultimately as the display of Reality.

This elaboration in/as Life is inevitable and happens as a fulfillment of the logic of Play, in which the idea of “me” rose as the centerpiece of the tale, which is prior to the Primordial Silence. Soul seems to be that which is in movement, and when Soul is unfinished and unfulfilled, so is Life.

By the perception from identity, there is no other distinctive mechanism available, but the letting go and surrendering to Truth.

In making a distinction in illusion between Universe and Reality as Space, an unreal separation is made, which creates a cliff between the Essence of Being and Basic Space itself. It is yet another imagined difference, which is nonexistent, as existence and non-existence are none but the same.

Realization of this sameness rests upon both the existential surrender towards the complete embrace (and purification) of Life, as well as the natural state of Space, which it is not separate from, and which holds the entire display, as its Self.

By its own invitation, existence calls for its unfolding as Self. Valid in its expression and in every way demanding of its own Surrender through Purification of the “Me”.

Existence/Life cannot and shall not be excluded, since it, in itself, is the display of pure Mind happening through the play of Consciousness.

Life must play to its own End. In letting Life live fully we Will reach the Absolute Silence, wherein no more inventions or desires will be appearing within our perception to play themselves out. The Skies of Being Will become Silent as we fulfill our destinies and we come to Want no more.

With no objection, Life of Individuality lives, with appreciation, gratitude and joy, and with no need for focus on anything, but what arises as complete focus in the movement of Life. Every detail is handled with the same- and greatest of care from a totality of Existential Surrender, which suggests The Deepest possible Truth-Warrior Nature. A Pure marvel of simplicity, in which only that, by which the Heart of Life is going on, exists and unfolds – In every moment.

Where did the ego go? From the expanse of the Primordial Silence, it was never there. Ego carries its reference and compartmentalized existence only as a reflection of “I am”. Incarnation, which reveals as Truth in form, by appearance as Black Light embodied, thereby is none but the display of Existence by Highest Existential Sophistication. Despite this being the case, there is no Other or Deeper purpose to Existence, than Exactly This Education and Sophistication developed in and as Spirit itself. The evolution of Consciousness.

Without this recognition, the Void of the Primordial Silence can be met, but will eternally be known as Void and Emptiness rather than the fullness, which Is, when the recognition of the non-distinction between Life and Truth – the relative and the Absolute – has occurred.

With game of Spirit surpassed by realization as Primordial Silence, the unavoidable non-belief in Existence must be paired with existential willingness to “pretend belief” in the form of faith. Playing in the mirrored picture, rather than what casts the reflection, is thereby the Art of Life itself, which makes Love and the Play of Consciousness in its utmost potentiality, at all possible – for whence True Awakening has happened, Life and the play of It becomes a Choice.

(An article written in 2014 by Aisha Salem,

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