About Pema

Pema Salem, 43, is a female danish spiritual master and public speaker who conducts meetings and retreats in Denmark and abroad.

Born in Denmark into a family of 4 with bar-keepers as parents, she educated with a bachelor degree in computer science and economics at Copenhagen Business School and went on to work as an IT-woman. Further educations like Usability expert and Graphic Designer was added at the IT-University, before she got married and had a child.

Her spiritual journey started then, as a journey of now 20+ years of spiritual unfolding in various chapters of realisation; From some years of heart-expansions into cosmic consciousness over 2,5 years of solitary retreat, emptying her by then cosmic Self into the primordial Silence, and onwards into now close to a decade of groundwork, entering Unity with the divine feminine – Power of Creation – working through the conditioning and wounding of man.

Pema now is a True Human who lives the deep union with Source. She has been giving transmissions and teachings for over 20 years. She works on all levels of Being with people who seek the fundamental keys of intimate, wondrous and deeply true life – revealing a new foundation for human existence based on all-inclusive reality in grounds of integrity and sovereignty, compassion, beauty and grace.

Pema’s spiritual journey has involved integrating and receiving transmission by some of the greatest masters of the buddhistic Dzogchen lineage; (Longchenpa, Yeshe Tsogyel, Padmasambhava and more) and she represents the profound foundation of existence, liberation and essence in her Being, as both a wide spectrum of human-life resolutions (like parenthood, ancestral work, intimate partnership, financial resolution etc.), as well as a broad range from the highest to the deepest esoteric teachings.

Pema’s evolution is ever moving forward on the strong wind of radical surrender and all who joins her field and community, breathes this strong wind of open-ended journey in all-inclusion.

Until 2018 Pema mostly traveled the world, teaching in various countries. In 2018 she founded and started building a sacred place in Denmark; Nari Sanctuary, which by now heavily holds the transmission of the deep work of the divine feminine and transmits this through skin and bone of visitors coming to stay.

You can join Pema in group-retreats or come on your own, for shorter or longer stays at the sanctuary. Pema also offers gender-specific online-spaces (mens- and women networks), which are open for every alley of exploration as well as grounds for deeply intimate and real meetings in nakedness of connection, intimacy and Truth.