About Pema

Pema Salem is a woman (1979;) who lives on an island in Denmark. She is a woman who has traversed the inner planes of existence to the extent of having found both the divine Masculine and Feminine within herself. Who has manifested this inner knowledge through every cell and bone of her body.

Pema used to go by the name of Aisha Salem, being asked about her name-change, this is what she answered:

“Well… I didn’t really change it, it was sort of changed for me… .The name Aisha appeared 20 years ago, it means “Feminine element of cosmic fire”. Something which was definitely the case for the last 20 years, as all edges needed to burn – in me as well as everything I touched. .The last year and a half, I have become something else though… Obviously as result of rolling well through the sacred fires, burning – anything – combined with finally being ready to land into the warm palm of sweet harmony (in cooperation and growth) in intimate relationship and human wholeness, of experiencing support on the most fundamental human levels, of being truly loved, hugged and so on – it has all deeply supported the turn of flavour of me for sure… There is more of a Kindness left here. A Warm but not Firey presence. Everything is Softer now. More Kind. More compassionate. Feminine. Few months ago, I was sent through 3 weeks of significant rewiring connected to my center as Power of Creation and somehow the entire spiritual journey, so to speak, of Aisha – disappeared. Unfolding is continuous but it’s different. The integrated state is a Fact. . What’s left is This… The wide open space of Feminine in a fully inclusive manner. Standing as well with my own female form of ruthless honesty and sweet crazy wildness, bowed towards the integrity of what I want to live and who I am. And what I don’t want to live and who I’m not! (which in many ways feels JUST as important to know)..The name Pema was given from 4 different places within 24 hours, and… Pema it is. Like Actually. Which is funny due to its both impersonal flavour and fully personal, as the full alignment with my Being – As This Woman. Pema means Lotus. And let’s say… It is the Result of 20 years of burning in the sacred fire of alignment with my Self..On a practical level, obviously it will take a while for a full replacement in all these places where the Aisha-name has been roaming (and maybe that doesn’t matter so much… The ones needing to find me probably will anyway). The most fundamental difference is probably… That there is no more Aisha left to serve in my work, and so… the nature of the work is turning into more of a natural soft unfolding, where all is Met in the same breath. Happy to share.” Pema

A Short Biography