About Pema

“Hi, my name is Pema,

I am in function as a guide and support for the evolving human being. My life has been dedicated to cultivate and actualise our true nature and deepest potential. It has placed me in the natural position of being a resource for people seeking deeper reality, true identity and inner strength, other than what the separate self can provide.

Being available for people’s recognition and actualisation brings many gifts – amongst them, the part of meeting many incredible people, with amazing individual journeys, all of whom simply need the reflection from the nakedness, naturalness and relaxation, which my Being has revealed itself as, to remember their True Origin. That which we were, before Life became limited, made up and disconnected from Source.

Providing Reality as a manifestation of both deeply practical and truly profound is what makes all parts of the Meeting filled with the Value of letting go of the old to embrace our true potential and freedom.

I extend a warm welcome, for you to Come. To enjoy, benefit and take part in the flow of this field of All-inclusion, where anyone who sets foot is both serving and being served.” Pema

Pema Salem was born in Denmark by Danish mother and Egyptian father. She grew up in a smaller town, with parents owning bars and cafe’s. She educated from Copenhagen Business School with a bachelor degree and continued unto IT-University around the same time, where she got married and had a boy child. Which was when the radical journey back to Truth began.

At age 22, she started dissolving all which was built up and surrendered fully to the road of Life in Love. A road which expanded her consciousness into cosmic consciousness in 1,5 years. After living as cosmic consciousness for 5 years, teaching around the world, she went into solitary retreat. To later emerge back into context after 2,5 year of immersing herself in and realising beyond the beyond; the Primordial Silence.

The journey went on to re-emergence of landing back into the ground. Embodiment, practicality, healing trauma, uprooting conditioning, ancestral work, womb emergence – human wholeness, purification of sexuality, passion and power. Years which brought Pema into Beauty of marriage, creativity, animals and much more. A journey which keeps on revealing more gifts.

Until 2018 Pema mostly traveled the world, teaching and transmitting in various countries. In 2018 she founded and started building a sacred place in Denmark; Nari Sanctuary, which now holds the transmissions of her teaching and work, emanating through the skin and bone of people coming to stay.

You can join Pema in group-retreats at Nari or on tours around the world or you can come to Nari, on your own, for shorter or longer stays at the sanctuary. Read more on the website.

Pema also offers online mens- and women networks, which are open for every alley of exploration as well as grounds for deeply intimate and real meetings in nakedness of connection, intimacy and Truth.

The online works include as well individual sessions and monthly public Satsangs, which includes an online portal; Gateway Online. Read more here on the website.