Online Offers

You are offered an array of possibilities to engage and deepen in true intimacy with Pema and the Network, with the depth of Being, living and loving, that the field and frequency of Pema brings to Life.

You are invited to jump as Deeply In as you feel for… From collective gathering (Gateway Online) over women’s groups and into the individual sessions – You may find a mix of the below presented options speaks to you…

To move on to booking sessions or subscribing to the online offers, please use the drop-down menu available under the “Online Offers” in the top menu. Welcome.

Live Events

In addition to online works, Pema invites you to Join Her – at Nari Sanctuary on the island in Denmark, as well as on tours – for both Intensives, Immersions and retreats.

Click the image at the bottom of the page, to read more about Nari Sanctuary.