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True Integrity

In the turnover from the personal to the impersonal, the clear and truly loving, we face a definite turnover of our very understanding of what integrity is. In the exact same way as the definition of Love stands to be corrected along with the purification of Heart.

In the early steps of Life, we are faced with the task and responsibility of developing personal integrity. An integrity, which for starters becomes built on a moral code, to which we become hostages bound to be true to, due to the fact of needing love.

The integrity which is based on personality is not true integrity. It is a fear based conclusion, which at the outset ensures our very survival and belonging. At best, it is a necessary step of learning the base of right and wrong, according to being a straight person.

Once we meet up with the fact of Truth and surrender, we are confronted with the limitations of the do’s and don’ts hidden in the personal integrity, along with its inaccuracy of being based on the personal- and thereby an individual’s agenda. True integrity, on the other hand, is based on fidelity to Truth.

In embracing Life, our fidelity slides from that of being true to the personal aspect of ensuring love for ourselves, by acting according to the moral code necessary for self-preservation; to being true to that, which has- and carries the largest possible perspective of the totality of Love and highest benefit and therein the clarity of Truth.

During times when we are still jumping across the stepping stones of the personal life towards living truly, we meet up with all the areas of our living life, in which the compromise of bending, rather than standing with- and as Love and real honesty, has been the way of operation. And responsibility must be taken.

It shows as continuously finding ourselves standing at the crossroads of making conscious choices – not according to what we want, but according to what is true and what we hear in listening to Heart’s pure Will as the conscious and Truth-supporting choice. It also means meeting up with the personal pain of letting go of what we personally and previously have found pleasure in, merely for the fact of choosing honesty of Truth over gameplay.

The choices cannot be made until we see, but the moment we see, we are able- and capable of standing up for what is true – of making the right choices. From then:on, confusion of not knowing right from wrong is a self(ego)-inflicted malice of self-deceit and procrastination.

Dedication to Truth ensures operation of action, thought and speach according to willing Truth and pure Life rather than wanting pleasure.

In letting go and taking responsibility and thereby taking the consequences of our Life, the Truth of/in us grows stronger. It amounts to large personal sacrifice over time as we cut the arms, legs and head off of our ego, but in the dedication to Truth, our every step is celebrated across the entirety of Existence and all the way into the Silence of Truth.

The grief of facing our non-existence must be met. We cannot dismiss or repress the feelings that need to pass – and the part of staying quiet while they pass is of greatest importance (wallowing in self-pity is a mere waste of Life).

If we fail to meet the horror show of passing personal feelings, we are unable to drop the negativity following it and do thereby not free up the Space, for Life to come with the joy of freedom and complete surrender. The result is lack of integration and the creation of doubled living.

The dedication to Truth presents us with tests. Tests in which we will be faced with difficult choices. Choices which might hurt the feelings of other people. Choices through which we must stand strong and not bend to the projections, attempts of blame and shifts of responsibility, nor subdue the very calling towards Truth, due to manipulating factors within the realm of egoic existence.

In giving up the games, it is inevitable that the people with whom we have previously been playing ego-games, will consider themselves hurt by their cessation. It is a time, in which we stand to prove the weight of our fidelity to Truth, and the willingness to face our fears, in order to become real.

The people willing to meet- and walk with you in Truth will face the meeting of their fears and pain rising due to their ignorance, with their own responsibility… And the ones who deny to, will disappear. The outcome of this is not up to you. Your only task is to stay clear and become clearer.

The ego might (will) try to dance in trying to keep something alive that is dying. Attempts at holding on are likely to occur. Watch yourself closely and avoid increasing the pain of letting go by resisting the outcome. It is a fine balance – between quitting on the games, taking the blow and staying open and present.

Be aware of facing- and dissolving your beliefs and conclusions in catching the movement of anything attempting to manipulate- or defend itself based on wanting, rather than letting go based on dedication and love.

In embracing Truth, you will – at some point and as your demand for Truth grows – reach the impossibility of internally compromising and ”meeting half-way”. The very grounds of the conventionally understood integrity will crumble and fall to the delight of facing all of that, which clings to belief- and identification in you. That which used to jump on:board with games, becomes silent as the grave.

In staying with Truth, solidity of seeing and Being turns itself in. The result becomes watching anyone appearing before you bend to what is seen by you – by the very happening of consciousness itself. In regards to that, which continuously insists on meeting you in/as gameplay, the result becomes a mere answer from/as Truth from the definite and unmoving reality of your own clarity.

In staying with Truth, Life will assist your letting go by providing exactly what is needed. Not according to what you think you know or want, but by admitting to the fact of not knowing- and embracing what is supposed to be.

The dance with the world becomes based on being honest. Being true. And it does so in our quitting on our own games as well as in losing our will to play them with others – in becoming loving enough for everyone to deserve your greatest openness and honesty. In wanting Nothing (Truth) no compromise will appear, simply because there is nothing to fight for.

We must learn to love our Self in the way which turns all loneliness into aloneness and thereby makes the principle of Love/Life/God permeate through not only our being with people, but through our being alone. When we are no longer afraid to be alone, we will not bend backwards in ego-games to cling-, attain- or constantly be together. We can be together, but we need not. We can be alone, but we need not.

As the personal games vanish, our being together is no longer about- or based on living personal lives. The whole game of attempting to be someone in relation to someone else is replaced by living side by side in the surrender to Life and in allowing whatever Life suggests of ”further” movement in supporting its own purification and unfolding.

Integrity is being true to That. Not to personal contracts. All personal contracts – of ownership, of respect based on self-preservation or self-protection must be torn. Be torn to the very unavoidable fact of Truth.

(An article written in January 2013 by Aisha Salem,

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