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The desire for Truth seems to happen from a stirring of ill-will and refusal against the continuation of living- or moving towards living by any lie that makes the direction of life happen from waste and dishonesty. It is thereby basically the taking of responsibility in a way which questions- and invites everything to be truly investigated. It requires one to think, feel and choose for oneself.

The demand to find out what matters and what doesn’t according to highest (existential) reality, becomes a reason to take heart. What is felt to be right thereby becomes the main and only option to distinguish the heart’s, and thereby One’s (own) voice, from the mind’s thoughts and control over the lived life, as well as the automaticity of unconscious action. Consciousness is thereby invited into the body, while the one seeking starts becoming aware of listening based on respect and love of one’s self, instead of assuming based on conclusions.

By holding responsibility and taking heart in all areas of Life, the change in actions are not separated from the growing clarity of being. A continuation of growing trust and respect of what is heard, will touch upon every part of life; family, friends, work and love-life – not to mention serve as a dissolve of the self-centered ego placed in the middle of it all.

The surrender to Life demands humility – an embrace of humanity. It is the surrender to greater being than one’s self, and requires acknowledgement of vulnerability and strength/individuality.

Vulnerability is the result of staying with the fact that you don’t know. Accept immediately that you don’t know and never will know. Pure knowledge is the result of emptied being – not of anyone getting to know. Understanding is to happen as realization in (and as) your being – not in your brain.

In surrendering you find the very specific voice of You(r inner master), which cannot be anything but completely and intimately yours. Any projection on bigger outside, is nothing but a question, leading you away from the actual surrender to your Self. To Self. To God. Outside listening leads you to remove the careful listening from the voice of your own Heart.

Realizing God is realizing humane Being. It is in no way separated from realization of humane being. Human Being is not the human body. It is the human Heart and full potential of consciousness with the full inclusion of all Life, all of itself – the embedding of humane into being.

Listening requires nothing but the will to love – to respect existence, to respect Life. Without absolute care, loving is impossible. Learning to love your self equals learning to love Self. To love God. Finding and listening to the voice and Life of Heart overrules, by a yes to be and become You (to exist), every sign of identification with the body through the purification happening in the process of want turning into pure will.

Erroring is a pre-requisite for learning. But in doing your best, no regret can ever impose itself on you. Knowing better today than you did yesterday is a sign of willingness to learn and let live. The idea of mistake can thereby not exist – since you just got to do what you got to do. Fear to error, and you will not learn. Listen and allow, and you will.

Giving your self up, while staying humble (small) integrates Life into the body. It includes and integrates by bringing emptiness and free passing of Life to- and through the existential levels. Every sign of you in your body is burned out. Or more accurately, every misunderstanding in terms of learning you have had from meeting with anything that hurt, and which closed bit by bit the natural state of complete openness which was the case at birth, is rewinded. Once again – complete openness. Complete trust.

To allow the passing – there must be complete honesty and willingness to listen and learn by going through (letting pass) any pain showing itself through listening to heart, rather than sticking with the conclusions, which have been nothing but narrowing Life down to a simple interpretation of being someone, and being someone identified with the result of past pains and pleasures.

You will come to see and learn as being (body-mind), and not as body. The only knowing which can ever be pure is based on recognition of Emptiness in- and as existence. You as pure Being. The end of identification does not lie with surrender or purification of the energetic system. Pure Life (the Truth about existence) is found by a yes to be. The result is full-blown knowledge of/living from Life/God.

Realizing Self is only one side of the coin. The other is the realization of non-existence (Emptiness) – death to the void, which is prior to God, existence and consciousness. The only one who can dissolve existence is existence itself. Limitations, fears and beliefs must therefore be crossed and dissolved back into the Space from which they appeared.

The dissolve of limits and individual egoic perception requires trust. In the letting go, Life touches very obviously upon the whole of the individual human being and body. Willingness and surrender is the key which unveils every existential layer. You will come to see. Your willingness to let go/courage at heart (lack of fear) sets the pace of both the unfolding and the physical involvement.

The physical involvement can, at the beginning stages, look like a body, which by the agreement to give up control, starts to shake according to the Life working on- and through the nervous system, purifying the energetic system of the body and being. Let no fear rule – whatever comes from inside yourself cannot have the purpose of harming you. Three keywords; trust, relax and let go.

At later stages, and as living consciously becomes accustomed to- and pointed towards the fact of the Real purpose of being, all kinds of phenomena can show themselves in terms of physical adjustments; trances, resetting of the mind and being, trips in- and out of the body, arrival of numerous abilities, complete loss of personal power, drops into layer after layer of Life and existence etc.

The giving up of the personal life and the demand to live “your own life”/live for yourself (in terms of a context you already put together in a play of being someone), is a pre-requisite for Life to take place. To the degree you insist on hanging on (to anything), Life will not present itself.

Pushing away to make Life happen is not an option – doing so can only come from want (an ego wanting the benefits of being “close to God” – without sincerely carrying the will to Truth/honesty). There is immense difference between actually seeking, and adapting to the life of a seeker – using spiritual activities as entertainment. Without the dedication to Truth, the will to let go, Truth will never be the result.

The desire for Truth has no desire in it other than Truth. Imitation is thereby just a trick played by a mind trying to escape living according to being’s highest knowledge, and avoiding taking the responsibility of facing life honestly. Embracing Life and allowing all parts of your living Life and being to bend, according to Life as it unveils itself/highest nowledge, is the accurate state of mind.

If the desire for Truth is present, and thereby also the will to accept and relax with what is found – regardless of its display –  then the ongoing meetings with deeper Self become a delightful and basically peaceful experience (although it can happen, that it doesn’t look that way). It gradually facilitates a transformation – out of the identified and separated self, and into a Self in unity with all Life.

In the longer run, all human needs can disappear – sexual, food and even breath (but returns once realization has happened) – and the full realization of God becomes the expanse and display of universal consciousness. A body moving completely by itself and on Life – with no-one behind the wheel. The remaining element is surprise.

Purification is impossible, if grasping to Emptiness happens. It becomes a staying out of the game, which doesn’t allow the honesty of Truth reaching the human being. Every display must be equally acknowledged as just an experience – just a display (every experience is). In the same way, clinging to experiences of bliss or any other display of spiritual or pleasurable phenomena, results in the same build-up of energy at that particular sign-post.

The moment the mind gets the thought that now it knows the Truth… know that you are off! When Truth is the case, you not only know that you don’t know – but surrender results in not knowing that you don’t know – it is thereby nothing but a display of Life in and as a moving body, which has no-one home to celebrate its own brilliancy and immensity. You can die to the Truth – but you will never know it!

The idea of using anything for anything falls away by the end of your sexual energy. Complete innocence is the result. The reversal of the grown-up back to living in and as complete trust – knowing that everything is taken care of (and witnessing that it is) – is the result.

Creation happens by itself – and always did. The identification and idea of something using Life, power or whatever else, to change God’s own creation disappears. Pure being. Humane Being and a human body, which is the Heart in the body of the universe, operates according to Life’s own intention. Pure Will.

The distinction between the voice of want and the free movement of pure will (as Life) is learned by allowing action. Error is inevitable. Learning by going through whatever pain arises, and staying with Heart as it gets wiser, creates an integration over time, which removes the do’er. Gives plain sight. That there is only one Life at play. Man becomes truly beneficial – not for what he does, but for what he is.

Learning to let the body be in action, and running on pure Life, is a must, in the surrender to God. There is a lot of Life to be lived, before the actual meeting with no-self can take place. It is the practice of doing without a do’er, which will allow Life to keep Life moving through your every layer of existence, after the happening of Truth-realization.

No pushing or pulling, no manipulating or trying, just a simple choice of taking/listening to heart and allowing, which brings Life into being, and makes Life’s self-sustaining (ever improving) ability the default of the body alive. In this way, the body and human existence remains an ant in the ant farm, once the work is over and done with.

Surrender in no way excludes the taking of responsibility – the responsibility taken is to stay and stick with the living of and as one’s highest knowledge/Truth (according to what is seen).

A sincere demand for Truth, and the surrender following it, is characterized by an ever expanding inclusion that touches upon every aspect of living, which carries away old ways and unconscious movement. Every aspect of anything which has anything to do with you is thereby touched, by the honesty which continuously carries you forward and deeper.

On the move towards God-realization, the investigation and what is found by it calls for choices to be made and consequences to be taken. Action as- and by the human being is thereby in no way excluded from the part of surrender, and the part of doing one’s best is an important part of facilitating the movement of further expanding one’s capacity and passion to dissolve illusion.

While illusory being/control and belief after belief collapses, pure Being and endless capability rises from the ashes. Through use of best-knowledge (doing one’s best) the human body is embedded in human Being, and Life makes itself visible and available.

Mind is not involved in this process in any other way than to accomodate the fulfilment of the Life which insists on playing itself out. At the end of the line, mind stands to be included in and as pure Mind. The mountain is to collapse into a valley, and the cup able to hold the belief in God or Self breaks. It is the meeting with no-self, and That, which is prior to God. Description coming up in another article.

(An article written in 2012 by Aisha Salem,

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