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Solidity of Awareness

In the embrace of Mind, the headspace is included into the Presence of pure Being.

While people normally compare the endless run of thoughts with being in the head, occupation of thoughts cannot be compared to being in the head. There is no Being in the head when uncontrallable and compulsive use of the brain is happening.

Being in the head is the rise of pure Presence in the sphere of the body-mind, which is the head and brain.

When the brain is accessed by pure Presence – hence the rising of pure Me (the solidity of Awareness) – it rises as the vibration of Presence directly from the source beyond existence. The mind enters a new and unwavering level of energy, which can be held by and in the source just as the heartspace can – as sheer transparency.

Solidifying as Presence happening from the core and center of the head is the prerequisite for awakening to and as Truth beyond existence. As Silence. The relentless nakedness of basic Space and pure Awareness.

The recognition of Space and absolute wakefulness of unyielding alertness is the realization which lifts perception from the moving subtle layers of existence and into pure Mind.

Entering pure Mind cannot happen before we are ready to give up the adventures of existence and sacrifice our experience to the fact of absolute Silence – as complete integrity and fidelity to pure Being, and with agreement to live without the concept of good and bad – God and individual.

Just like clarification of Heart in the embrace of Life uncovers all of the body to be the Heart of the Universe, comparatively so does the revelation of pure Me reveal all of body to be nothing but Mind. Just so from a clearer perception of/as the witness.

The embrace of witnessing of mind unravels integration through a number of physical signs such as jaw-pains, headaches, a readjustment of the whole hearing apparatus and rewiring of the eyesight as well.

The realization and uncovering of pure Me reveals pure Knowledge/Knowing, just like clarification of Heart reveals pure Joy. Both just aspects of the pure potential.

The intelligence of the mind/brain is included into pure Being, by the realization of pure Awareness. Truth is not known, but seen and thereby constantly recognized.¨

The solidification of pure Me/Mind happens through a time of retraction from all belief in regard to thoughts. It is a time of conscious work on the mind. A time of gradual alienation of the belief in a storyline, replaced by rest as the Witness/Awareness, and can only come about by a higher degree of honesty/demand for Truth than what counts in any lower realization (Heart’s clarification for instance, demanding belief in a higher self, while Truth is about the realization of pure Mind and thereby no self).

Just like with all other realization, the surrender of the head has with its opening and disappearence into Basic Space, unlimited potential of its continuance in terms of the strengthening of its solidity and clarity.

It is a disappearence of the glue, which removes stickyness from consciousness altogether. Repenting to clarity rather than energy, leaving the pure functioning of Life to be all which remains in terms of view.

The result is awake in terms of no more option to fall back into existence. Consciousness does however remain moving in an ongoing and everlasting merge with the Space, which is the ground of everything being mind bending on itself.

The extent of peace by death of belief is thereby held by the very merging between Space and matter/existence.

Pure Me solidifies through the practice of meditation and stillness as well as with a growing awareness on mind’s deceptive quality through all waking hours – a growing ability to witness the passing of thought without believing or attaching to them.

Any focus on/in existence requires a state of consciousness, and thereby makes impossible the solidification of pure Presence beyond existence.

Real Awakening happens through the return of all movement (of solidifying/grasping) to its source of absolute Silence and non-movement.

By wish to approach pure Me, the build-up of the concentration/focus must lie on the very exit point from existence, which is placed in the middle of the head. However, the clear result suggests not only a retraction to transparency of Mind combined with the head, but through all of existence.

Pure Me reveals as absolute awakeness. Light turned on in the head, just as it can be in the Heart, and an ongoing intensification of it by the growing concentration and thereby growing ability to stay awake.

While any other (lower) realization uncovers aspects of existence, pure Mind reveals the higher realization of non-existence.

The realization of pure Me can be called a/the higher/highest realization, because it presents the ultimate invalidity of all existential realizations and overrules the knowledge which counts on any existential layer and within any existential realization.

Within existence – to the human being – however, the higher/highest realization should not be considered or thought of/understood from the egoic point of view which claims that higher equals better. But it does equal free.

The flexibility between humanity and Absolute Space (lack of glue/attachment to any realization – existential as beyond) is the result of liberation.

(An article written in 2013 by Aisha Salem,

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