The Real Way of Her – ending the feminist misunderstanding

In our speaking about the Feminine, it seems significant to clarify exactly what the deal is, in regards to the view held on the Feminine as we approach Her.

SHE is not the feminine as women with men in the background. She is the Essence of the feminine and center of the female rest in Being, which has been rejected in all of us, in our rising of the world on protection from Her rather than as a dance between the masculine and feminine, which is the real Her. The dance between Darkness and Light.

When we speak about the feminine rising, it is significant to realise, that the feminine isn’t about women finding their place, but about All of Us finding and allowing for the rising of that feminine inside of us, which allows for a more balanced and natural way of living and being – men as women.

To asume, that the old ways of the masculine enslaving the feminine is equal to a forward movement of women based on a devaluing of men, is a deeply erroneous view on the matter. It is not the time for the feminine to roar and rage, from a place of opposition, but for us to rip off the bandaid which keeps us from Feeling Deeply and to allow for the emergence of the Inner Marriage. An inner marriage which ensures the harmony and revaluation of our steps from a fully compassionate view, which doesn’t take men to now be the “coming victims” of Her as a natural lead-off of women rising. No. But Her which fully includes the fact that men as woman Both are the body of Her, wherein this female retaliation is deeply ignorant as the “playing out” of the aggression or tantrum of the feminine.

It is important that we get this. Because men – despite their Essence as Silence – are Not to be lashed out at, or to Hold the women as-if their task now is to pay for the past. The past was co-created out of All of our ignorance and men are as broken as women as the result. The resulting pain is all of ours and requires all of us to Hold ourselves as the masculine for us to heal in the feminine. It is Not just a female issue and not an invitation for us to now ignore the silence of the masculine Essence and initiate a game between us as men and women, wherein women are to stand expectant of mens Silence to deal with their aggression or rage.

The rage and aggression is in All of us. And it needs to be taken care of – to be felt and met with full compassion and acceptance – by all of us fully taking responsibility for holding ourselves in our human experience. To reach balance, the feminist idea of Any kind of opposition to the masculine or herSelf must cease. Yes, we must embrace the sense of Feeling to and through the Ground, but if we do not do that the the Holding of ourselves, we will once again create a manifestation based on the inner fight. The fight between men and women will Not end in this way. It will end Only through our embrace through care and compassion – the outlook which fully includes men in the reality of Her Body – not opposition.

To the extent that we as women still refuse to fully include the Silence of the masculine, is the extent to which we will recreate another “end of the scale”, waiting to be broken down and repaired the damage created from. We will Not land in the balance or harmony by not fully including the Silence of Being (the masculine) in our way ahead. We must include both That and This and not disappear into another reality where Seeing and Being once again are separated.

We can skip the beat on another erroneous happening there…

We can face the healing of both the male and female human beings and walk into balance, which is needed on this planet, by not as women exposing the men to the rage or aggression, which has resulted from our previous imbalance or assuming any position of entitlement in the matter towards being allowed this “acting out” which frankly speaking is none but a rejection of taking care and taking responsibility for what is in us as women or the pain which arises in our meeting. To let our vulnerability lead the way, by all of us taking care of and fully bringing the responsibility for our way as humans to the forefront of our actions : agreeing to Hold ourselves in the balance of the inner surrender and marriage between our masculine and feminine.

This is where She is born. This is HER. This is Real and sustainable.
Or to say it straight… This is the Only Way.

A Last Note…

To the extent that we make the Rise of Her about women and buy into the idea that the responsibility of men is to Hold the women, is the extent to which men are erroneously missing the point of bringing that Love to themselves and to Love themselves in a way, which creates balance in themselves and births them as Real Men. True Humans rather than “nothing” or “just Silence”. It is not for men to “stand by to help women” now, as they themselves are equally broken and in need of the Love and care which they are giving. And to that I must invite the fact, that we must all now take care of our selves, until our wholeness is restored. Only by taking care of ourselves, can we truly be a part of the solution rather than the problem. We must All find our surrender to HER in a way as to land in the inner embrace of HER. It is HER you need – God(dess) – and it is SHE who will bring you wholeness.

It is Time for us to Birth the Real manifestation of Reality – the Real compassion which includes All of Us. Men as women.

May we all be Led by the Silence of All-Inclusion…

/Pema Salem

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