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Existence beyond Belief

As the revelation of Truth (no-self) is complete, as exactly that – a revelation which has been allowed to explode every part of self into pure Space – it is beyond option to maintain or regain solidity within the illusion of individual and identified existence.

Without the option to believe, Life becomes a display of phenomena, which is devoid of personal distinction (read: distortion), but which is flooded with the flavour of Joy. Existence becomes truly existent.

In realisation of Truth, the ego-link stating Life as being equal to real disappears – you simply realize it is not. The simultaneous realization of Life means no trace remains of insisting on stating Life to be something unreal either (which is equal to a clinging to Space as true – and not the whole picture of Truth and Illusion as equally valid/invalid).

No part of Life is dismissed when the Wanter has truly dissolved, and the experience of Life becomes clear and as bright as all the colors of the rainbow. The illusory remains illusory, but is completely loved, respected and adored as the beauty and celebration of consciousness in play.

The surrender of every existential layer to humane Being (God) as Heart, becomes the ground for easy and uncomplicated living – of pure Life in play as itself and in celebration of its own flow. It is the effortless being, living and loving.

Use and waste is replaced by Love and care. With full devotion (existential surrender/softening), the body carries- and becomes fully Heart, which is the sole maintainer of all living. Everything which is touched, is touched by the Life which is emanating as pure peace.

A natural availability to Life, from Life, as Life roams, in the reflection of Love and embrace of Soul, which is the given state of simply listening and obeying – of being in a constant state of openness, which is both embracing and letting go.

As the emotional setup is gone and replaced by pure and simple feeling, the Being is left as an open window, which the sun of “Me”/pure Life can shine through. In surrender, existence thereby carries no trace of past.

In Life and living, the ultimate recapitulation of deeply personal is (re)placed with the natural flow of most intimately impersonal. It is Life living its most inner reachable and known existence, which grows hour by hour by the natural ever expanding movement of consciousness. It is an inside-out relationship with everything, which is built not only on closeness, but on the deeply held and felt intimacy of knowing and loving All from the deepest point of its own existence – of Life itself.

Without the conditional patterns of control, running as a mechanism of Life lived, the lack of ability to identify, to conclude and exclude, allows the most obvious and untouched display of Life’s own way to roll; unhindered by fear.

A sliding movement from the un-manifest (Space) and into manifestation – in which the body is just playing its part – happens, without the interference or existence of goals, hopes or dreams. Everything is left to a softened being which operates solely on listening and obeying, and carries no idea of possibility of separation from all of Existence/Life.

My Self is here – as this intimacy – but has no validity other than in/as existence. As everything which exists, but is not.

No future exists and no past. Every movement and action is thereby completely without purpose and carried forward only by the free Life moving it – beyond the existence of belief. Liberated. Heart remains. Heart remains.

In play is the logic of One Life moving. A consciousness which, by its ever continuous unraveling, according to existential surrender to pure Life, sees deeper and deeper through the actual and factual automaticity of everything and every part of Life.


There is no some-one who gets to understand – and yet there is complete understanding as the result of “inner-standing”.

Evidently, a refined (and ever refining) Presence, through the purification of every part of Being, and attunement to the vibration of Life according to Heart, happens. A Presence which doesn’t know itself but is itself (knowing itself places it outside itself). A Presence which by best definition carries the word suchness as its expressive term. That Presence which lives.

No objection is held towards complete simplicity – towards holding Life in its simplest form/vibration. Irregularity/waste in action, thought and speech ceases, as the settlement and embrace of this simplicity unravels, and the impossibility of existence gradually makes its face truly known.

It cannot be a goal to attain results, since the aim will create a focus within existence instead of allow the natural state of complete rest, in which absolute focus of/as Life is naturally the case. (This is often misunderstood and taken as the opposite instruction; one of collapse, which fails to invite and allow pure Life to rise from the ashes, as/in the greatest clarity/sharpness of pure Mind and clear-feeling/seeing Heart – both resting as complete openness.)

Existence of Heart in Space doesn’t invite any movement towards any goal – it keeps no state of overview, but allows the body to be in a complete listening mode, which is the devotion in which identification is not held up as a protection towards the greatest vulnerability of just-being-human.

It invites for nothing, but allows Life its most intimate beauty and carries forth no ambition of saving the world etc. What Life intends to carry out is carried out – with absolutely no agenda or anything invested in the results of what is done, said or otherwise carried out. It is complete availability, deprived of any belief.

Seen from and within existence, the availability may very well bring about a series of actions, which can look that way, but the One resting in- and as Space, maintains the vulnerability of just-a-human, and gives birth to no teacher. There is thereby no game played in acting as teacher either – with neither body, mind nor speech.

The readiness to drop dead (realize the emptiness of pure Space/Truth) brings one’s self out in a boat with no oars on a wide open sea, where nothing but trust, that grace, of Life and Truth, will carry out whatever needs doing, and will bring the boat safely to shore. While the boat arrives… It does so being empty. The Self in the boat which set off in complete trust, has by its way into Peace imploded itself into basic Space, in which nothing remains.

The desire for truth is a calling towards the realization of Peace (of death) which leads to the natural cessation of “me” as a participator in Life. The end of this participation causes a retraction of “I” from the senses, which is the loss of that which distorts what is seen, tasted, heard and felt. The end of the making of anything into a personal experience.

The irreversible loss of “I” means loss of ability to believe by the end of wishful thinking – of wanting. It becomes the absolute and immovable setting for the feeling system. The senses are no-longer used but in use and operating on the pure and uncompromised/undistorted Life. All of Life’s true colors become bright and visible.

When there is no-longer any want, there is no-one tasting, hearing, feeling, thinking (or loving). No part of existence is thereby mistaken for reality by anything rising or reaching into existence, to participate, to grasp or to cling. It is complete openness to Life in its purest form, which allows Love as sheer openness to be the case and Heart to be Everything embraced. The natural state is flooded with feeling; gratitude, love, appreciation, joy and freedom – of being wide open.

(An article written in 2012 by Aisha Salem,

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