The Nature of Bliss

Bliss tends to be the deepest expression of our natural state of Being at the center of our inner relaxation.

When we can accept the nature of God in our headspace – as the uncontrived relaxation, which allows for dissolution rather than building of belief-system and boxes – then bliss can literally fill the body in ways and waves, which makes our experience of Life become a great deal more accurate and corresponding to the Universal reality of one Life – pulsing through our veins as well as through the trees, the grass, the sky and all else around us.

What are the obstacles? For one we tend to be overly attached to our worries and thoughts, as an indicator of or vehicle to “where we are going”. In this sense there has to happen a dis-engaging from stearing the boat according to the minds thoughts or way of thinking, as this is always an indicator of how widely and vastly we can think. Something we frankly speaking are not very good at – thinking – before we have become enough Love in our heads to let Being or God use our brains, rather than the self-reflection of our limitations – the ego-identity and protector from surrender.

When we truly reach the sincerity of being willing to loose our minds, though, it can and will happen – when we ask – that the controlling and restrictive mind is washed away by the waves of Life, which instead indicates arrival by the appearance of bliss in wave after wave over a period of time and as deeply as we ask to loose it in the arrival of Life.

In that sense bliss is nothing in itself, except from the indication of an arrival of Being. Of gates being flooded in a way which afterwards means that the expanse of the flood awaits to integrate, which once again will leave Silence as being the primary ground of whatever Is. Grasping at or hoping for a “state of bliss” is in other words a sticking to a state, rather than allowing every state. It tends to become an obstacle to integrating, to embodiment and fully resting in and through the bottom of our bodies.

Bliss, however, is a natural indication of surrender to the arrival of Being. So is not something to be discarded either. Can you allow for bliss to happen in you in agreement to relax and let Life in?

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