Dissolving the Self-destructive

Through our lives, we have all had experiences, which have played their part in shaping our consciousness towards a narrowing down and creation of beliefs around ourselves which holds a self-destructive flavour. Our self-rest has been distorted as the result and our human experience has shaped us away from deep trust and willingness to stand open.

Those happenings which are of interest, are those which have shaped an unhealthy self-image. It is the extent to which we have made inner conclusions  about ourselves IN these parts of our storyline, by believing what we have had reflected, that we have closed down around it and created identity as the result. Some experiences may have been so overwhelming, that we have made strong decisions and huge parts of our life-force are as the result caught behind closed doors in you.

These creations of lock-downs of parts of us needs dissolving. Their dissolution a part of our return to wholeness. They need attending, they need your willingness to face and embrace whichever feeling was included in that on a human level, but which was too much for you to feel and pass through at the time. It is literally speaking like bottle-necks in your system. Pockets of feelings – awaiting to pass through for your resetting, to stand naturally and fully relaxed.

I have written out a new practice in the Toolbox – about dissolving the self-destructive. The practice itself is called “Wear the Mask”, and its purpose is to create a context where you can touch into these places and let the root of the places holding your self-judgment be met by the objective Love and Light of your consciousness. The places where destructive feelings are in play as a result of your dis-connecting from parts of your emotional system.

You may have fear towards approaching same, but there is no other way than through it – so why not make it a journey of curiosity and investigations. To play yourself into these parts and approach your baggage with the humility of not taking yourself so very seriously. Yeah, so it may hurt, you may feel broken and there may be tears, or you will have to face and consider yourself a fool – and so what!? No need to take it all so very seriously… 😉 .

(Why not just…) Enjoy…

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