The Real Man & Woman as reflector

So in a passing conversation the other day, while walking the sea shore here with a friend, I was asked a question… About the real Man.

Now I had to brace myself a bit as I have been Thoroughly wrapped in the Joys of painting for a few days – up until that walk – but as I gathered myself around words as the means of expressions, I shared what I could Hear is waiting to be disclosed and was Called for to this friend.


As we journey into the dissolution of what we believe to be a true human, by embracing the bottomline, and ending up in (as well as become willing to be present with) all the inner chaos, we face the dissolution of identity on the bottomline – just as we do in any other aspect of realisation.

Through thorough investigations, I have found some information about our Becoming, which is of Real significance. The Knowing here now IS, that a Woman can make a Man and a Woman can make a Woman, but a Man can’t make a Woman, nor can he make a Man.

The logic here is pretty straight forward in a way; The heart of man (all humans) can generate Him – God as the masculine and pure Light of consciousness in the light of reality as the Expansive and Vast. But it requires the reflection of Reality from the Womb not only to biologically concoct a human body – male or female – but to Complete it with information, making the human able to turn from girl to Woman and from boy to Man.

The completion of a man (as well as a woman), relies on the filtering of information, through the womb/Earth. That information which ceases the fight between darkness and Light and brings man (human) directly into the fiercely compassionate and truly humble manifestation of True Integrity – as Truth pouring through the deepest point in form, with the information of SHE combined with the aspect of deep and whole individuality.

So while the information of pure Being in its separation from THIS comes from the masculine, the entirety of the development of what can Grow Out of that information – the Creation of us as True Humans all the way to completion as Men and Women, it strictly speaking lies in the depths of Woman. Her ability to forgive, to be humble, to be patient, to be compassionate and to Feel everything and Keep Going despite the Immense amounts of pain, which she faces every day in her Standing as her Self. It is that which ultimately brings Love to Ground, for us to be able to Turn Into what we potentially can Be as a human species.

In short, the deeply sweet, natural and Whole individuality of every single human soul, our reliability in being Holders of the Expanse of Reality and the healing of our relationship with God through the proper attainment of human wholeness through care for that last piece of the puzzle – our selves as bodies – deeply depends on being Held and being Seen in the Light of Woman – serving the Womb/Earth and its function.

And what then IS this function?

The function is CREATION. The value of the Womb/Earth to display the deepest point of integration of consciousness into matter in its proper evolution – to manifest the Compassion and True Harmony as the dissolution of humans violence and separation into Good and Bad, light and darkness, by the sifting away of the sand from the real Gold. That which makes us Able to become what we are Meant to as humans – Naked and Vulnerable, Innocent and True as humans in the Light of Reality.

The nature of man beyond Woman is to fight. The awakened Heart Truly is a Lion – power-based, proud and somewhat based on the aggression of separation. But for the Landing of consciousness and Reach to the Bottom and deepest point of integration and thereby fulfilment of the possibility of manifestation as True Wisdom, Woman/Earth is is the way of deeper surrender. Showing him what that deepest Love is All About by being the proof of the further, deeper, more inclusive wisdom than the Fight of separation.

The Compassion and nurture that Woman’s Womb Hold, is thereby an incredible necessity for mankind overall, as it holds the ability to bring all the Value and Gold Home. That which we have found and uncovered as Reality, as the expanse and vastness with the Masculine – to bring the “out-there” “in-here”, as the arrival of the wisdom of Reality, making us able to Complete the cycle of compassionate, true and natural individuality by a turn of the impersonal into the truly and deeply personal, with the true humbleness to Hold all This, which ultimately Completes the human and Turns him from boy to Man. Or her from girl to Woman.

In short, if we recognise and bow to the fact, that the logic of Life and creation is the same across every chapter of its unfolding, then THIS cannot REALLY come as a surprise to us, as we already witness the fact, that woman is the one holding the Happening of Creation in her womb to start with. What is new here might however be the information, that she Also is the one able to Complete the transaction with her reflection of the True Nature of man and herself.

Now, I could go into further detail with this, which I probably will one day in some book, but for now this information will do: Woman can Birth Man, Woman can Birth Woman, but Man can’t Birth neither Man nor Woman.

For man to Become Whole, he must adapt to the Way of Woman, as the birth of his own ability to Care – to love Truly, Deeply and Compassionately, as the ignition of his Care through sense of Feeling. This is what births a real Man – in his ability to Feel, Listen and be Present to the Core of the Earth.

– May the Real kind of Care flourish, which is fiercely filled with Kindness and Compassion, with gratitude and humility

– May every man be Beheld by a True Woman – if only for a short while, but enough at least for him to Truly Know how to break down the illusion in the division between darkness and light.


… As I finish this writing, alley after alley opens up probing me to share endlessly about the nature of turning towards the Womb/Woman/Earth. I look forward to share on the  journey into the Soil – of reclaiming our lost Feminine Essence and True Compassion. Of making Clear all these different chapters of landing into the soil – from ancestral work, to clearing the sexuality, over softening and working through the aggression, rejection and arrogance to fully giving over to the nature of Care as the deep-end point of existence in integration.

But Ah, in time… for now… painting calls me Back to itself as the inner muse pours forth to be expressed in pure Joy of Creation in colours and forms in expression of This. Paintings might be on Offer soon – the painting Woman – as seen as this posts Image – is a painting in the making.

In the Respect for and Love of Man,

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