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The Pure Heart

Reaching the intimately impersonal does not simply refer to a surrender or falling apart, but to a rising as the clarity of Heart and clear sense of feeling.

Unfolding the Pure Heart moves through an undying respect for- and growing love of what is true.

Loving truly is not just about being honest about- or towards what you feel, but about bending and bowing to the existential reality of pure Life and its true expression of complete openness as softness and care.

In loving, it is not only the feeling of love which counts, but the honesty towards loving truly – as in completely openly.

Learning to love requires your courage, because you put yourself on the line and up for display, with whatever ability you carry to contain that which is to pass your way.

When connection as openness happens, the ego rises with it, and tries to insert different colors into the equation. It is thereby in the fulfillment of love, that it rises and blooms – simply because the ego cannot help but reach out towards Life – wanting it.

To love and get arrested in/for loving untruly is painful. But it needs to happen. A retraction from connection and return to silence is not the end of love. In most cases… it is the beginning – again.

(dismiss immediately the belief that a return to silence from connection is equal to sliding apart – it is a must of any true relationship, which carries any will to Truth).

To learn to love truly, you must love again and again and with all of you. For every time you see the love has become clinging, wanting, owning or made into something, it must be let go and cease back into the ocean of Nothing, from which it came.

When Love becomes true, this is the result. No connection is maintained/upheld as anything but naturally given. It is not clinged to or carried with/in you.

Every area of existence – being alone as together – needs to find its true grounds of appreciation for Life itself. Being alone is being with/in/as God/Me/Soul. Every meeting is a gift carrying the deepest possible appreciation as intimacy of knowing and loving dearly – which is based on receiving Self/God/Me – in shape – how wonderful!!!

Loving truly has no sense of ownership. It is a sheer celebration to- and of the Presence which is available, when connection happens. It carries no conclusions other than the mutual peace and harmony of Love for Life. It doesn’t deny, exclude or impose – but neither does it grab, cling or initiate ownership.

Every relationship is a relationship between lovers. Every relationship is equally important and worth the investigation and dedication of being true in it.

Everyone is a master – but in no way in its most obvious sense of the word. Denial of Truth or Life in a relation is an invitation for you to grow and learn to contain. To insist on staying with yourself, even if affected from the outside. You will meet your fear of being alone, you will meet your fear.

If there is a giving up of Soul, existence is lost, true enjoyment is lost, love is lost. When Absolute Truth (Nothing/basic Space) is made into something, this happens. There is no ladder, and round knowledge includes the integration of the Space to which ego dies and thereby ensures Truth to not just be a reality that is once removed from existential reality.

There is a time for everything, and the part of complete exclusion is inevitable, if Truth of no-self is to be realized. This article is however about the realization of Life.

Truth and Life/consciousness/existence are two sides of the same coin, and while realizing Life/Heart (waking up within the dream/as the dream) is better than complete blindness, realizing Truth/Space is more to the point than just realizing Life – but in the end of it all… No realization is worth more than another, and is just another facet of knowing through all layers and levels and even beyond consciousness (do however not use this reality as an excuse to avoid the natural movement towards All Realization, my friend).

Love is openness and is thereby completely available for all people in the conscious choice of openness, in which the soundless music flowing is respect for and love of Truth.

The openness cannot be misunderstood or mistaken to be the imposition of equality towards all feelings. Some feelings are based on fear and are thereby invalid. Only in taking responsibility for the illusions – as in investigating to the bottom and finding the source of every rising feeling, is there an allowing for purity and True feeling to become the natural state of Heart.

Embracing the task of investigating and making clear and pure that which is not, is pivotal to the learning and process of purification, which allows the existential expression to become based on actual existential truth, and not just imaginary and individual egoic functioning.

It allows for all feelings to pass through the filter of Truth and retracts the power/energy of the self-justifying mechanism, which at the outset comes with every feeling – true or illusory – simply due to the lack of ability to not believe in what is felt or distinguish true from false feeling.

Yes, the result is appreciation, gratitude, Love, joy and so on, but knowing this can in no way be affected by wishful thinking and thereby cannot be used for the dishonesty of ego wanting this to be the case. Do not succumb to dishonesty of feeling in the belief or wish that you felt differently – about anything! Only the desire to be true can lead you to true Heart. The rest is basically deviation from the natural flow down the stream to the pure Heart.

Listening my friend, listening, allowing and letting go – all for the sake of Life itself.

In recognizing the Source – in realizing God/true Soul/Self) – you receive the eyes to tell egoic movement of want from actual movement of Life – in you as in all others.

The need for mirroring to happen in these phases of clarification is actual and cannot be surpassed. While Truth of basic Space can be realized only by surrendering to Space and emptiness, the existential levels cannot be cleared without the ball being in play.

It is not as such about finding the Truth (Space) but about learning to play the game – learning to be the game.

Loving truly carries no emotionality – it is the existence of complete respect for- and love of Life, which includes acceptance not only towards what Life brings, but also what Life leads away and what generally Life wants – even if it costs you something you appreciate. It is a letting go, which requires trust and acceptance of how things simply are – in/as this Life.

All forms are in movement and in the process of learning and that is a fact which needs to be accepted. The elements needed to facilitate teaching and learning appear, just as a specific learning is supposed to fall into place. It is unavoidable!

We cannot expect to know what we are here to learn, and so simply listening to whatever appears in our lives is the only thing that makes sense. A yes to learning is thereby a pre-requisite, which excludes all demands on what is to be learned, what is worth learning or even (and specifically) what we want to know, understand or learn right now, in this moment or the next.

The whole wave of moving towards clarity is automatic and happens by Life’s own movement and purpose (being no other than its continuous and everlasting fulfillment and completion).

True spirituality is the ability to be present and true with Life, as it unfolds.

Let no interpretation lead you ahead insisting on anything other than the fact which requires no interpretation at all; that everyone belongs to the world and is a part of Life.

True love requires your absolute dedication to bring everything into its most honest state of openness – the vibration of Life. It is as such an offering of beauty to beauty and has no other purpose than itself.

The fact that Life is nothing but waves on the vast ocean of Truth should never be an excuse to dismiss the part of playing your part in/as Life.

Being present as Love means being completely present with- and in surrender of Heart (humane being) in each situation in each meeting, and even in being alone. Bringing everything to its peak of existential Truth, in which harmony of true peace is the case. Hopes and dreams are futile and nothing but invitations to deviate and try and cut-short that which will inevitably be the result, if full responsibility is taken/all responsibility is let go.

Let go, let go, let go, my friend, and let your willingness to see, be the leader of your ship instead of fear. To realize Life, you need to take Life seriously – just as Truth-realization requires you to take Truth seriously.

Woman, you are two steps ahead in realizing Life, since it is your very essence. You are inclined to embrace- and accept Life as your Self. You do however fear the Truth of no-self (Space), just as man fears the actuality of Self. Be aware that fear is running your movements, thoughts and speech.

Respecting- and loving yourself is about always carrying the will to deliver whatever is in- and around you onto the alter of Truth – into the light of being-seen – on which everything which is not truly Life or Space is cut to the root of complete honesty. Honesty according to love and respect for all Life.

The ability to misunderstand is exactly that. An ability which requires your utmost sense of responsibility and demand to not cause damage or misplace responsibility in the equation of Life.

Feel, and sign out of no responsibility. Deliver yourself, my friend, deliver yourself without hesitance towards your humane (all-embracing but truly demanding) Being.

Be aware, my friend, that your mind will play tricks on you, that your feelings will cheat you, and that your actions involuntarily will bend towards waste and mis-use… But know, that doing your best is the best anyone can do.

No room for rejection, retraction or denial. As you work your way through the maze of personal mind, action and speech, you are aligned with the true Heart. It is the taming of Life, which allows you to ride the dragon.

(An article written in 2012 by Aisha Salem,

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