Smile…. and Keep Going

Some sweet thoughts roll through my mind,
as I rest with a cup of tea – at my sweet kitchen table,
as the sun is rising outside the window…

Oh, How I have been Called Back
from the roll of activity based on the Need to Know God
once again –
gently but firmly Forced and Rooted into the infinitely beautiful lane
of my individuality,
my very specific human divine life.

This place in things,
It is quite the Spot to Hold, to Be, to Breathe,
Especially when All Things Human –
for good and bad –
blossoms into the View and Feeling,
for a proper un-wrapping and All-encompassing Love.

But here I Am.
And here We Are.
All is now lined up – the unfolding like a flowing river
with an allround Scent of Appreciation as a win-win-win-win-win
across Every Angle of life that I can spot from these Eyes and is beheld by this Heart!

And I sit here – after 17 years of hard work…
Watching how I am no longer allowed
to hold Neither of those two words within my personal human experience –
and Work!

How Somewhere along the Line –
it happened,
that it all became One and the Same in me –
the part of being of service and living my life
Nothing different between one and the other,
but a fulfilment as the Unity of Being Service Itself
leaning into the fact of a body fully breathing,
as No Separation between the Love that is Loving and the body bringing it.

Ah, Here I Am…

With the poetry of pure soul dancing through my head,
with God tickling at my lips,
my cheeks and arms and feet
bowed and bowing in gratitude towards my Hearts and Homes Arising
illuminated, Lit-Up. Yes.
Here – with You – with Me.
Bathing in the Glory of my souls Emerging and endless love-making with God.

And I smile –
a tender and soft one –
for simply being in full remembrance
of where it All Began.
For being in Full View and Feeling
of the Simple and Single One
as my Lover and Beloved.

And the sun Keeps Rising,
as will We over the coming years,
together as a tribe and individually as true humans,
as That Full and Final Invitation –

on this planet – in this time
for All to become Wholly Real,

by the healing of the crack in the mind and heart of the people
entering This that we Share and Live –
in Love, reverence and readiness to Play,
to be played by Life and be born to This…

A Breakfast is Calling to be Eaten,
to nurture and bring sustenance to This Life and this body.
On a silent Saturday morn.


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