Shadow Honesty

The shadow is that in you, which goes unseen. That can keep you running on endless “cleaning-cycles” and never getting to the point. It is that inner driving movement away from being fully honest with your bottomline, that gets you to please and smile, when you Actually feel like the opposite – or the opposite, of collapsing when you Actually should be getting on your feet. It is that inner appearance of deep Neediness and Hunger, which Urges most people to grasp or take in ways, which makes us unable to BE with each other with Beauty in any real and respectful way.

So I am bringing this up, because it needs our FULL honesty in this emergence. It needs our willingness to take responsibility for Stopping and Turning to Face it by the development of Compassion towards ourselves in this place of need and hunger – rather than the continued unconscious playing out of our inner rejection and unwillingness to SEE it, while it thrives to drive our movements, feelings, thoughts and actions – or STOP them from appearing in plain sight.

We need to get Real Honest with the fact, that this shadow is a PART of us, as long as we harbour that inner separation from Her. In that acknowledgement, there can be Humility and Self-responsibility.

The moment the shadow appears inside, we grasp at Love – or reject it altogether. We do it out of fear of meeting ourselves and in hope to be rid of our own shadow. It is a movement which creates Quite the unfortunate manifestation of ourselves. In other words, we need to Get Real and Real Humble about the fact of its appearance in us.

What can take place here, is that we start generating some Real Awareness about our need for True Acceptance and honesty around this appearance of the shadow inside.

What we are used to doing to ourselves and each other, is judge Hardly the appearance of this Shadow. Something which keeps it suppressed and out of Sight.

In short we judge ourselves for not being perfect. And as the result, we not only cut ourselves off from the possibility of landing safely with All that we Are, but we also falsely stamp ourselves with whatever degree of perfection has appeared as a part of our work so far. To say it straight, it makes a backwards loop inside, causing the Beauty we HAVE unfolded in us to land in the hands of the “inner bastard” with either a growing collapse or growing carelesness, until we Stand Up to Face it in ourselves.

To Face and be Honest about our shadow, is equal to beholding Immensely much more courage, humility, realness and honesty, than our hiding behind a stillpoint of whatever Shine or dwelling in the collapse can Ever be. In this lies the Demand for our Courage and Honesty in Vulnerability. That we step into responsibility for the grounds of our own being and being together with the agreement to dissolve this inner hardness.

If we are dishonest to ourselves around the fact of when the shadow appears in us, then we naturally mis-use any appearance of Love in front of us – as the result. We part from the ground of BEing, Looking Away and either display carelessness seeping in own inner rejection or plain out spill the negativity of the shadow from an unconscious and non-responsible place. In short we try to make other people responsible for facing what we need to in ourselves. This is neither sustainable nor trust-worthy. We can need each other for the reflection at times, but the basic responsibility for Seeing and wrapping ourselves up in our straying from Reality – it ultimately lies with ourselves. Both men and women.

We have to Land this responsibility for dealing with our Shadow within our own Holding and Care combined with our straightness of self-responsibility. Both for ourselves – as the loss of our self-rejection and judgment TOWARDS our shadow – AND for each other.

The lack of okayness and responsibility around the shadow leaves No Room for vulnerability. Neither in or around you. The un-faced shadow operates on trying to shut off or down Vulnerability, Love and Truth. The obstacle towards what is Calling to emerge in tis time and field is not the shadow itself. It is your  judgment OF the shadow – the lack of willingness to sensibly Hold  and be Honest around it, as a part of your revelation of the darkness of Her. Everyone needs to step up to the responsibility for dissolving this inner judgement/hardness towards their own shadow and as the result end the projection outwards of responsibility for this part.

It is Beautiful to need other people, but the Need has to be Real. And the Only way it CAN be real, in our BEing here for and with each other, is rooted in our Meeting and Allowing Love to Hold it All. In the honesty of how we Truly Feel.

Our shadow is not a problem. But it IS something requiring our coming to Full Commitment to taking Care of our Grounds. We Fear it, because it frankly speaking is the least beautiful thing about us, but if we can turn and change ourselves towards meeting it compassionately and honestly in ourselves, then we can Truly Stand with the vulnerable situation of the most raw and naked places of needing compassion and realness with each other.

With Love,

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