Break Free

It has been long enough. Of our hesitations and reluctancy towards the hand we have been dealt in Life.

It is time for us to help our selves. To pick up the stick and move forward towards the open-ended reality that is our birth-right and potential, our freedom and true human experience. It is time to open the palm, my dear, and acknowledge the blasting reality waiting to sweep your hesitation away. To feel and embrace the scope of our lucid existence in the inter-connection with both Universe and God, Emptiness and Source, and to acknowledge the smallness we are as these humans in our meeting with all of the major forces to which we can only Bow and give in.

Your objection, your rejection, your reluctancy – it no longer serves neither you or anything else in your Life. We are All waiting for your acceptance, your surrender, for your Love and your inner Silence.

Open your hand, my dear, and bow your head to the scope of the reality you find yourself presented with. Your broken human existence on a planet deeply in need of your return to her. To your true nature and natural rest. Your humility of respecting and Listening rather than conquering and attaining.

Love. Love awaits in this game, dear one. Your Love of yourself as the cell of a human being you are on the planetary body. And born of it – the love of all else. There is no more road left – road to hesitate or wait. To postpone the responsibility for your Silence, your Listening, your Love. It is time to live your Life – in the manner of walking with a deep inner acceptance into and through the cards you were a dealt. The Life which is deeply and genuinely given to you, by the wiring you were handed in the scope of our evolution and existence. The life which brings forth your being and your gifts. Your place and purpose in the scope of things.

It is time to face the state of our human brokenness, as it pervades the movement of destruction of the hand that feeds us. The trees that gives us air. Never have we been more selfish, never more disconnected. It is time to return. Home.

Our birth of Truth is not simply an invitation to straighten out the twisted and right the wrongs – it is a way for us to break down the false and start anew, living in the True Spirit of Creation, with the deeply grateful pulse in our hearts, care in our hands, rolling over tongue and the Sun of Reality in our Eyes, bursting through our human bodies and beings with Freedom from a way ahead determined by the ancestral mis-guidance and core wounds of our humanity.

All must be Met. All about our disconnection felt for our return to Feeling. For it is through Feeling that Being becomes more than  a spiritual concept or attempt to not have to deal with our living lives. Through surrendering that Love becomes more than an idea. Through embracing that Compassion becomes a living reality and a bridge over the chaotic waters of our broken humanness.

It is time dear people – to Break Free from the confinements of your own hesitation to Love – to Reality – to Be.

/Pema & a Thunderbolt of Gods Love

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