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Dedication to Necessity

An article about the value- and meaning of simplicity, necessity and dedication in the embrace of Truth, the Way and Life… 

Without doubt, the devotion to Truth (which excludes no part of the equation) means a conscious sorting out of what matters and what doesn’t in your living Life.

In the surrender to Truth and Life, the power of discrimination becomes yours and does so by the ever growing capability to tell right from wrong and yes from no, in the ongoing movement of your own purification and growing freedom of Life.

Listening and daring to follow the voice of your own Life is the key in this regard and doing your very best – always – slowly moves – and expands your ability to stay clear and present with the integrity of your Life.

The inner invitation to carry out and on anything but what is best for you simply disappears, as the habits and need for repetition, in terms of reaching for pleasure (and pain), are replaced gradually by the embrace of pure Life and living.

In the meeting with one living the simplicity of Being it is easy to be inspired. Be aware though, that imitation is useless and that you need to keep your eye on your individual listening and move according to your very own dissolution (the ego is tricky in this regard – easy to tickle).

People seeking Truth these days, would very much like that the Way was paved with stars and stripes in terms of being the complete maintenance, support and justification for all the waste, entertainment and luxury, which is going on in the conventional way of living.

The logic of Life is, however, a constant move of balancing out its own superfluous extras to the extent of every part of itself (on this planet) being covered in terms of need. Taking more than you need simply moves against the logic of Life and its own self-sustaining ability.

The dedication to Truth and Life invites both a simplification and growing love for simplicity, which basically reduces living to being based on necessity. In the dedication to necessity, reality plays out inviting actions to spring from the movement of Life based on natural care and best use of energy.

The surrender to Life (clearing the Heart) requires your dedication and devotion to “further”, based on actual necessity of, and for, Life. Nothing remains internally (in the long run), which requires entertainment, but actual joy in pure Life and in Being is found instead – with no sign of need or attempt to take advantage of that Life. A process which in itself opens up Mind and Being for a whole new set of learning.

Through the conscious choice of living according to your highest and most prominent knowledge, your body is gradually given over to the benefit of Life itself. It is an embrace of best-use according to Life’s own plan.

Real surrender leaves no room for the interpretations of (using) Truth, which are a twisting of mind towards using the gift of Space and power of Being into benefit, based on egoic desires and the User. In other words, efficiency is not an ideal, but the result of existential surrender to Being. The ground-movement of surrender to Life.


Realized beings talk of the impersonal. The term impersonal describes the actuality of passing beyond living and moving around according to the personal/individual and separated self.

There is an end to that which desires to live a life of its own, and the result is neither living a personal nor an impersonal Life (according to the ego’s definitions of what personal and impersonal means).

The result is Life living itself, with nothing moving on either being personal or impersonal, but nothing moving at all except for Life – on its own. In this way, no view remains stating the movement or taste/quality to be impersonal – in fact it is ultimately intimate/innerstanding with everything, but simply not based on any identified “me” – hence not an individual either.

The power of discrimination developed through the embrace of necessity and simplicity means everything in regard to this realization. The realization of/as pure Mind thereby calls for “further” in terms of existence following up through existential surrender – which becomes the embodiment of impersonality. Integration.

Signing out on the existential surrender, based on the realization of Truth (Basic Space), becomes a clinging to Space – a controlling of actions to avoid learning from within Being, instead of facing the existential ignorance and fear of the Flame of Life. The existential limits of individuality/ego do not remain, unless existence is allowed to cling to its remaining beliefs in the part of Mind, which is body-mind.

The dedication to necessity is accurate in terms of an outcome pointing towards simplicity, but the move of embracing necessity based on One Life is more to the point, since it includes All and thereby contains the reality/perspective of reality being All and Nothing. Necessity based on ignorance of individuality and existential identification often leads to a good-for-nothing sort of mind-set, in which Life is not allowed to play its own game.

In Truth nothing means anything – but in Life everything is equally important/matters. Miss out on any of these realizations, and the result will either be an attitude of carelesness and subtle judgment of existence as being “not important”/just illusion or a clinging to positivity and making everything in to something (a movement of solidification – i.e. identification), thereby robbing Life of its transparency and lightness of Real integration between Space and matter.

If the movement “further”, in terms of Truth, is allowed to continue even on the other side of Truth-realization, the outcome will be pure Life dancing in the Void – in its own ever growing beauty. No end to it – even if the end has already turned itself in.

One’s Being thereby reveals itself as pure intelligence. A moving of Life’s own intention based on Love, allowing Careto be the case without anyone caring. This is the result of purifying the Heart and clearing the Mind: Care operating as the movement of Life itself, without any background of belief in existence. In other words – no identification with existence and no existential belief in limitation.


The terms efficiency, beauty and care/Love are not values, which in Truth are strived for – or with, but an actual reality of what unveils, when surrender and clarity of Heart (existence) becomes the case. They are the qualities which are developed from within Being, by the return to the very specific source of your Life and own voice.

Doing your best in this regard, does not mean to imitate these qualities (which was learned as a child as behaving), but to attain the clear view of complete honesty within your own field of perception.

There is no Right way to live, but always only the next step in terms of the ever ongoing merge between reality of Space and the existential Being. Life does however have a very specific outcome, if surrender to pure self is not prevented or resisted against. An outcome of simplicity and purity – of Life’s full potential and everlasting evolution.

Without identification (with existence) Truth is a fact. Nothing which exists can be considered real. But without beliefs (within existence), Life can take the actual perception of existence and the coherent consciousness far beyond all limits. 

The clarification and realization of Space in/as Heart is the birth of beauty.

(An article written in 2012 by Aisha Salem,

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