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Woman, Our responsibility

OK, I Write, because something Needs to be Brought to Light…

Look, One undeniable Universal Reality is:
All pain caused is caused to everyone,
All pain healed is healed for everyone.
We are Not Separate.

It means, that when we’re being careless in our movement and way of life, we are not just inflicting this carelessness upon ourselves and our surroundings but on All of us, as we are One big pool of consciousness. One deeply intimate pool of Feeling, which we all affect and play our part in shaping the taste, temperature and content of – whether we’re conscious of it or not.

And this baseline brings me to what this writing is Actually about, because this time, I want to put a Wave into the Waters of the women.

I cannot stress enough how Vital it is for our change and transformation of the collective frequency, that we All step up into responsibility. Responsibility for our state of being, for our actions and inner environment and for our relationship to ourselves as Woman as well as to Man as the divine frequency of pure consciousness and Love. (Yeees, the power and passion etc. ALSO of course, but I am going somewhere specific with this, so bear with me as the direction here has a point).

Look ladies, We NEED to get our hand around the hatred inherent in us of the Masculine. Of Love. Of Silence. The ways in which we play that out towards men/man is Seriously biting ALL of our heels down this road. When we play-out instead of take-care of this internal rejection of Love, we are poisoning our drinking-water. We Need that drinking water to be Born and Refreshed, to Blossom and Bloom.

I am referring to a specific situation here. The situation where man is offering his Heart to woman, and she rejects, refuses, flips out and stabs away to make his Silence go away, to make him stop offering himSelf.

I mean LOOK at it. We can’t on one hand want, need and wish for the Love and on the other hand not step into FULL responsibility, when it is served to us. We have to deal with Everything which is tempted to Deny and Detest it. And here is why. One thing is that we may Think we have all the time in the world to “change our minds” when it comes to making ourselves available to be cracked/loved Open.

We may even go as far as try to make it His responsibility to deal with our flip-out. Because this is what it is – we flip OUT of our own core and out of our responsibility to PRESENCE OURSELVES as the Masculine in the moment, as well.

But I want you to SEE what this procrastination is doing. What it is causing. On One hand we want the men – the Man – to Show Up, but on the other hand, we crack the whip, when He does, because it may dig too deep, be too confronting, too naked or too raw.

But Look, woman, every time you deny and reject, cause a quarrel instead of surrender to the tears of the pain present underneath, your mans heart breaks a little bit. He grows strong and stronger in that, you might say, but you know what? That all depends upon the Soul offering the Love. Because there is only so much pain a human heart can take and mistake me not, when a man offers His Love, his heart, this Love comes wrapped in an incredibly vulnerable human heart as well. A heart that needs as much care and protection as yours does!

The Danger I See here, ladies, is that when we set the score of when Love, how Love etc. with our shall/shall-not, then we also have to be aware, that man has a NUMBER Of other reactions inside, which cause him to start moving in other directions than Care. Than Love. We may Very well (especially if he experiences this same reaction by woman after woman) send him Off into developing Love through his brain instead of his heart and body, because he already as outset has a LOT less option than we do, less developed faculties of Feeling than we do, to handle the pain we cause in our indecisiveness.

It leaves us with a collective responsibility here. As women. To deeply Know and Respect the NATURE of the connection between Everything and everything else. You see, when you deny your responsibility for yourself, deny your surrender to Love, then you are affecting All. Our collective pool. You are affecting the man standing in front of you, and with the power of your Feminine you cause rings in the water, which pushes him opposite of where we in general want Man and men to go – which is Into Existence, not Out of it! It is a LOT Easier for him to Go that way, but when and if he Does, the price is paid by All of us.

I have just in the last 24 hours been in touch with several men, who have received the stabbing hatred of women, and By George do we NEED to be CAREful here, women. It already is super challenging for men to step into this Existence where they’re carrying the load of what men before them have caused. The guilt he carries is immense. Let’s not Step or Trot on the men who actually DO want to be in this life LOVING and True, as Silence as Presence AND as Feeling Men. Let’s celebrate and take care of them, like their wish is to take care of Us – and let us CONSCIOUSLY DEAL with the hatred that arises inside us towards Him, towards Love.

We can Choose – moment to moment – how we Decide to go about what’s in us. And this hatred – it HAS to be wrapped up.

So I say it again –

All pain caused is caused to everyone,
All pain healed is healed for everyone.
Let’s Work Together…

It’s Time to get Down and get Dirty, women, to Help Him In – Without it, Man cannot be Here. And If Man cannot Be Here, Woman cannot be Born either.

Pema Salem

Welcome in Here, a Wise Women’s Network, if this work Matters to you:

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