Shame & Loving through it

There are many aspects of the human wounding. These aspects we carry to various degrees, which shapes how we function as human beings in our less-than-free reality. It is aspects, which we need to work through, for us to be set free and emerge to the human wholeness of absorbing all wounds into the monadic body – which in turn births Grace as the very breath in and through our bodies.

To be exact the aspects of human wounding are rejection, denial, guilt, shame, repression and separation. You may want to take a moment to reflect and recognise which of these aspects are dominant in your wiring and which you do not easily recognise.


Shame is the intensely painful feeling we have, when we believe ourselves to be flawed and as the result unworthy of Love.

In the investigations of Shame, I have found, that we all carry it around to whatever degree we are willing to dim the lights on and keep ourselves from shining brightly as true self-rest.

The reflections we have had as a child has helped us shape how much of what We Are has been allowed to unfold. To release this weight of conditioning, we actually have to feel our way to the root and bottom of the constriction we are putting – as consciousness – around our solar plexus. This is fully connected to the workings around Shame – whether we feel and acknowledge it – or not!

In this way shame may not be a feeling you are accustomed to acknowledging in your emotional system, and yet it may simply dominate and shake off the twist into a load of false feelings and thoughts, dancing around the true acknowledgement of shame as the aspect of your core wounding – waiting to be acknowledged and honestly Met.

When we subtly feel, that the people around us are not in celebration of the aspect of reality which we freely and naturally are here to Shine As, we automatically retract into a shell of invisible and unheard. Unseen.

We can speak of this as aspects of the human wounding, because it really is a twist naturally taken inside of us away from rest in Being, with reality, as humans, which arises as a voice of “wounded child” within us. The voice of the wounded child is not real -(there is no wounded child) – and yet, we have to be willing to Meet this voice open-arms, Listening to/being present in seeing and feeling, with its appearance within us, before it can release its illusory boundaries of being cut-off from reality, of somebodiness which pulses through our consciousness and bodyspace – for the release of our true sound and reality-aligned vibration as mature adults.

The mature adult is not a “something in itself” to be believed in. It is more accurately described a body aligned to the dance of the Universal and Earth vibration and which due to the lack of contracted inner voices simply hums the sound of reality – instead of the vibration of the cut-off and illusion-filled.

It can be hard to relate to these different voices without taking them seriously, but somehow we simply need to reverse our approach of Listening to the body, to one of pure Presence, of no-opinion on feelings appearing or being willing to twist or turn the aspects of our experience towards an idea of where the resolution is going. The system is Very Sensitive in that way and towards that – simply because attempts at doing will try to replace a false vibration with another invented one – instead of the real one. It needs real and true self-compassion and this cannot be faked, it is the result of our willingness to Love ourselves Truly. In this way, we can tell ourselves we are working through stuff, while actually being perpetuating the illusion behind it’s arising. It is easy to get lost in the sub-conscious.

If we approach and train ourselves as pure consciousness – through the purification of the heart in softening and sincerity, in bowing to admittance to foolishness of disagreement with What Is, we can arrive at being Helped Greatly by Grace in the healing and movement towards wholeness. But it requires our innocence. Our willingness to let go of the false and self-protective.

The different aspects of wounding holds different indications. The indications of Shame moving unseen are;

  • beliefs in worthlessness
  • the arising of competitiveness
  • and inner creations of and belief in hierarchies

The opportunity which presents itself

An invitation stands for you to pass beyond the inner moves of deviation from and rejection of the real and natural, the whole and uncomplicated. In other words, to arrive at a true and natural belonging to what is unfolding in your Life, this needs to be tenderly but honestly approached. With an agreement to step into a life beyond addiction to the drama it creates in you.

It needs to happen for you to arrive – Right Here! With me! – at the center of relaxation and real appreciation, in acknowledgement of yourself and me – as unity with reality – without the inner happening of neither grasping nor pushing away. Without deflating the value of the profound nor closing off or dimming the light of yourself.

I am Looking at and Loving you – right Here, Right Now – for the collective resolution of this aspect of your engagement with Life. The human wounding aspect of Shame. And I do it as a Calling for Agreement for us to be in the Joy of Love together in ways which collectively releases all inner misunderstandings and disowning of the aspect of Shame – for the healing of that part of the human wound and our collective field.

I know it is intensely vulnerable stuff, but

  • The distancing doesn’t work,
  • the grasping or “making into something” (apart from yourself) doesn’t work,
  • the putting on a piedestal doesn’t work
  • and the rejection and devaluing doesn’t work either.

So if we want to allow the True Blossoming into a happening of Really Real, then everyone here are going to have to Meet and Greet the unbelievably uncomfortable reality of Feeling the Shame, which lies beneath the surface of the indications.

The wounding flourishing and arising in the field Calls to be handled with great responsibility.
You cannot become truly yourself without coming into a proper relationship with this part of you.

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