During the last online meeting, a friend in-here uttered an expression towards the wonder of my arrival. In response, I feel to express, that the unfolding as Truth in form is a life-long journey.

There is something to make clear in this regard which is, that our coming In to be Real and our Self in-ground – as rest and focus – that it only can ever be a manifestation of the extent of Self – of Love – which we have uncovered ourselves to Be.

In other words, our Landing by Cracking Open the soil can only ever be as deep and limitless (or limited) as our hearts are willing to open. In this sense landing as Love in ground depends on our willingness to RECOGNISE ourselves as the strength of Love. By your exhale down, the wideness of your heart is bound to become the depth of your ground.

The Edge between reality and somebodiness can stand in the equation right there, when the heart refuses to open and empty further into the recognition of the divine masculine, the universal force (Love) and One Being through delivery of the body to True Action – even combined with a seemingly held ground and what can even be a quite extensive beauty as Woman or Man.

Same goes for the head, of course, that the ground can be beautifully held, but where the head ain’t in the Knowing of Nothing, then – still a rub between Reality and an identity present in the head-space.

Overall – yes – we have a Lot of ground to cover in terms of surrender in this embrace of Reality, but luckily the moaning for a destination is futile, because the journey in Truth is open-ended. Endless. as is Reality itself. It is the knowing of our Direction, the fact that it is our dissolution across everything, that counts and in turn the acknowledgement that we don’t know and in turn that (non-)knowing and its relationship to Truth, which utterly makes possible a true ease of Becoming and real humility combined with the acceptance of our lives in its progression – from Exactly where we Are.

It is This Very Step – of Right Now – and our dedication to Love as Deeply in this now as is possible to us, which matters.

For the reason of this journey being quite the scope, of course it matters to stay humble to the fact of our limitation. No matter how far we get – and more and more so, as we move along. Knowing Reality calls us beyond it and being Real about how strong, wide and endless our Love really is in the face of everything. It Calls us to Keep Breaking that heart open, to more and more of the Earths equation.

In response to the friend who expressed wonder, then I want to say that for one, I appreciate and receive your gratitude. I must Also say, that I, like yourself am just a practitioner. That my journey is like the nature of reality – Endless – and that although I have ventured Deeply into the soil for 5 years now, then I still have a good 15 years left of giving in in the belly, before the full expanse of this Universal Heart is likely to be manifest in-ground – as what I am Here to Be. So despite what has arrived already, I must say, that I am only Just getting started.

So yes, I Stand Here as a True Human but I am endlessly learning and becoming as the continuous cracking open of the soil, for the manifestation of She. Still growing and Being Bent proper as I am constantly being hollowed out More to become the full manifestation.

Our uncovering to Reality requires our becoming limitless in Every Single Direction. It requires our staying fully humble and bowing to the Deeper, Wider and Vaster than we Are. Always.

Invitation to contemplation

In connection with this writing, I would like to ask YOU, what your relationship to humility is? Please join us in the LivingRoom for sharing your contemplations around this topic – the question is presented in the post there.

Sending Love and Enjoying the Journey with You All…


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