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Pure Knowing

Pure knowing is in no way connected to any knower. While the self-reflecting mechanism of mind bending on itself is usually the perpetrator leading to understanding and knowing, pure knowing is devoid of this self-reflecting mechanism.

Mind bending on itself is self. It is the “I”, which superficially grabs on to anything seen. The substantial difference in pure knowing and an “I” knowing is thereby the loss- and lack of ability to intervene, twist or manipulate That, which is seen by the natural state of being, devoid from the grasping mechanism of reflection and translation.

Pure knowing is directly led back to the attainment of the ability to listen. To witness and watch without participation – in other words without an identifying factor using the senses and personifying the perceived. It is the turn from personally intimate with existence to intimacy with Being, which removes every trace of individual participation.

Pure knowing is thereby the happening of understanding and knowing without the individually narrowed focus of revelation based on specificity, of placing and wanting to know.

In being devoid of a listener, there is listening. In being deprived of a knower, there is knowing. Pure knowing is thereby directly the result of the loss of the option to grasp, to own, to know.

It is in every way a loss of self to the vastness of no-self, which in turn carries the intrinsic value of the inward pointed-ness, that results in equanimity of expression and relation with/to everything existent.

Grasping to knowledge is the rise of knower and known. It is the rise of identification and shift of perception which escalates the immature understanding. The intervened and intervening element of solidification of That, which in turn becomes the unknown.

Pure knowing leaves no differentiation between the knower and the known, and thereby allows no distance in between – no subject and object. A witness and the witnessed.

It is the correctivity of listening, which is the very core of perfection and uncompromisable Truth. The perfection of seeing and being, is so specifically attuned to silence, that any intervention or movement immediately undoes that perfection, which is its seat.

The irregularity of knowledge carrying any sign of substantiality is based on the existential reflection of This and the rise of the outward looking and focusing identification. The very rise of this substantiality carries the intervening factor, which denotes the creation of movement out of/from the Eminent/Excellent.

While pure knowing is indeed the result of no one knowing, it is in addition the base of nothing being known. In the absence of knowledge, pure knowing can thereby take place – as can pure Life.

Listening and looking is not only the access to the vast expanse of reality, but in turn also the base of witnessing and intimately seeing the beholder of the grand display of phenomena which carries diversity, distinction and individuality as its expression.

The One Life, which is constantly in play, seems by its diversity of display to be devoid of its singular form and existence. A perception which only by the happening of identification with/as subjectivity, becomes equal to individuality and separated existence.

The irregularity and invalid consistence of identity is always subjected to its own underlying falseness, and in turn threatened by the promise of its own destruction. By its very core being a misunderstanding, a translation of nothing into something, it only allows for pure knowing to become the case by a dissolve and cessation of its existence as solidity, which was the rise from- and replacement of witnessing into witness.

In admittance to its own cessation, the irregular becomes regular. The only availability to/as This, thereby happens by the return to non-existence, which is proceeded only in complete agreement with dissolve.

(An article written in 2012 by Aisha Salem,

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