Beyond Fearful Action

A topic to bring reflection and sharing on in this time, is the one on Fear. It is a topic which is in need of our Looking Directly at it and learning to handle our inner reactivity in facing the feeling itself, as its occurrence in the hidden has immense implications on both our feelings, thoughts and actions – and especially so in the face of meeting reality and embracing the Knowing of Source as the divine Feminine. To say it straight, fear is the primary cause of human ill-health.

Usually we focus on the aspect, which we respond to fear with – like in being afraid of X, we bring our attention to and focus on X. But what about Fear itself!? What about our conscious handling of the inner system, which sets off the reaction of fear and all the ways in which it keeps our way of Life spun on the wheel of the subtleties of survival, as the automated response to fear?

We probably consider and witness us each to have a whole series of reactivities and responses of fear rising in a multitude of ways inside – stretching from our reactions to the innermost meetings and merging with Source – and all the way to the very outer levels of our physical survival – on both very practical and safety-related levels.

I find that it is possible for us to grow Strong in our commitment to the ground in a way, where we can Stay and be present even when we do scare. That we can be relaxed with being scared and that somehow the sturdiness and concentration of our consciousness can be massively solidified in a way, where we learn to not respond, react and act out of fear in the face of challenges, threats or other survival invoking happenings. For this, of course, we need to fully penetrate the center in our brain which is Made for this response – the reptilian brain – the fight or flight system and its effect on the body, our energy-system, adrenaline/high energy states etc.

In meeting the root of all fear, of course we stand face to face also with the nature of the reptilian brain in us. The most basic and ancient delivery system for survival impulses and its full force bodily response and automated action. I find we are being asked to deliver this very center core of the brain into Her palm. And to watch as this part of the human nature-based reactivity is drawn to front of exposure, where its instinctual reactivity is dismantled.

Let me make it clear, that this is not about deleting the natural response, but about rooting so deeply as consciousness in Through it, that the body is delivered fully to a new set of orders, which allows for a fully compassionate feeling of, but without bodily response to – no heart or mind racing and no actions setting off mindlessly to respond to this inner chaos. It is a fully different possibility of Holding, registering the feeling of Fear, in which the body gets to stay fully calm and Listening to its Rightful owner; Her. To maintain our ability to Hear the protective systems respond from the ground, without muting or overriding it, yet without suddenly be thrown victim to its impulses of panic.

It is a Call for the transmutation which ultimately can bring us into the deeply divine grounds of operating as purely existential Beings with human bodies – we must embrace the fear and penetrate the fear-based system to its core.

I find it is natural – for just about everyone in this time – to respond with fear towards the meeting with Her. We are inclined as humans to move (and move and move) on the subconscious arising of fear in our meeting with the face of Her Totality. It JUST isn’t something you can do, the standing still and relaxing in the face of the Entirety of the Creation.

For me it has been a journey of “bit by bit” of “more and more” – meeting and integrating my ability as consciousness to stand solid in the face of Her and to gradually let Her pulsate Herself stronger and stronger inside my body. The part as consciousness to be able to stand fully faced off with her is not equal to an end of integrating her, it just means that there is no inclination anymore, to Look Away due to overwhelm in that face with the Totality of Creation.

Somehow now I am offered and asked to come to stand Fully Faced off with Her entirety. Her endlessness. This totality of bowing to the ground which seems to result in an inner emergence of Supreme Certainty – as the sense of finality in Rooting in Her Core. I do not doubt that deeper merging will always take place, but there IS something to penetrating to the core of our minds ability to stay eyes-open as consciousness. Something which significantly changes the game.

So here I am.
Faced now with anything which used to potentially be able to scare me.
Which could make my body react to or act out of fear from subconscious places.
And this teaching is very much pulsing through the ether of this field in this time.
Something which you may have discovered as an increase in the buzz of challenge, should you be unable to directly feel the fear.
But the only place we can get any real peace – is at that full facing of the Power of Her which is infinite.
Revealed as our Core and Home.
Our resting-place.

Moving in on the fearbased operating system

In this work with closing in on the Holding of Full-flourishing fear, as the activation of the core of the reptilian brain, we need to apply focus and attention to anything, which can appear as ill-will to stand still in the meeting with Her. In many ways it is like bringing the inner wild mustang into the round-pen. To take on the full confrontation of asking the right questions – those questions about the parts of you, which you have secretly danced around, and then to close in on them with full confrontation and concentration.

It can take a good while to get the Wild Mustang to stand still once in the round-pen. But once it does, the movement towards penetrating this active-reactive part of the brain is sort of like having to gently swing a saddle over the wild mustangs back. To be present inside of us with the system which is Set to instinctively react and to somewhat tame this part with our gaze, love, patience, care and presence.

Through this we can learn to rest deeper and deeper within the full base of the power of creation. The embrace of the natural, the wild, the untamed, is all so very beautiful – but to penetrate these parts with consciousness makes for an entirely different reality. It significantly removes the inner effect on our energy-system of reactivity and lets us Hold the power of creation in a way which leaves the full force of creation available to us.

On one hand it feels like being fully willing to draw to Center as full personal reliability with and responsibility for the power of creation. In other words a fully me-based, personal and intimate bringing home- and owning of that totality of power on soul-level. The base of the Supreme Certainty – held securely in the inner base of being human.

To bring this home, we somehow need to go through a gradual maturation proces, in which we go through and prepare in gradual and increasing meeting with Source. To deliver our selves wholly and totally to Her through breaking the grounds through layer after layer of our contraction around and fear of power – to reach that point where our human body and reptilian brain – our instinctual system is in such deep Trust, that it can give over to Source.

It seems to All be a matter of coming into full, fruitful and proper Holding and Handling by Grace, and our surrender of the core of the brain by purely existential transmutation and adaptation to our divine nature of compassionate and capable movement in large as small aspects of our lives.

To say it straight, we can not be lifted into Proper existential grounds of higher frequency, where we can breathe and live freedom, before we have faced and learned how to handle the inner landscapes of subconscious fearful reactivity and action. In other words, the innermost caves, where fear is gestating to subconsciously play out as subtle direction for our actions – it cannot cease, before we have come to and fully inhabit the ability to Stay Put.

/Pema Salem

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