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Realisation of Truth

In the embrace of Truth, it is important to know, that it is equally as important to surrender to- and melt in the Light of Life, as it is to surrender to the blackness of the Void – the true Being. The keyword for spiritual growth is surrender, and just as we fear getting burned by the flame, so do we fear to embrace the darkness of non-Existence. Without relaxing into both Life and the Void, true integration cannot happen – the breath of consciousness cannot proceed.

Spirituality is being introduced to- and in many people these days, and the growing number makes it easier for the Ones on the Way, to live with their decision of Truth. There is however a mutual misunderstanding happening within the spiritual circles, that spirituality is all about Love and Light. This mutual (mis)understanding, serves as an invitation, which ensures the growth and prosperity of self – but not the cessation of it – the embrace of Truth, of no-self. This invites for the happening of waking up within the dream – but not awaking from the dreamstate!

As growth happens, it is of great importance, that surrender to Life happens. The setting free internally of Life, in the way that makes Life and Love live in- and through the human being, is not only beneficial for the human experience, but is a necessity in the work preceding the realization of self.

The travel into Love and Light is not the whole story. As embrace of change happens, there is an invitation to transformation, and a building of trust in Life, making it possible to (when the heat and passion for Truth becomes high enough) allow relaxation and letting go to the complete dissolve into true Being. To be undone, one must first be done!

The breath of consciousness is first discovered as a sliding out of existence. As this happens the first time, there is a definite feeling of loss of self. But the show is not over. As important as it is to breathe in, equally important is it to breathe out. And the first death, is followed by many more, which by each breath allows for a greater relaxation with nothing.

Peace cannot come from anything but an internal agreement to let die what lives, and thus embracing the Void of non-existence. Basic Space is not Love and not Light, and just as we can fear getting burnt by surrendering to Life, an even deeper fear of dying lies beneath the realization of Life. It is that of death.

Just as we have to get used to the Light, to not have it burn our eyes, our surrender to the infinite vastness of the Void, requires a time of meeting up with the blackness of non-existence. As we meet the fact of basic Space, we also meet in ourselves, something that looks like great depression. Depression is nothing short of ego’s disappointment and disapproval towards the fact of its own non-existence, and the first times we meet with the Void, we cannot help but react by simply running like hell back into existence!

Since true Liberation and embodiment of Truth requires us to die into Space of non-being, we can not turn our back on this Void. If we do so, we end up with half a picture of Truth – a Light-being in flight, for fear of its own destruction. No matter how much we surrender to Life and living, we cannot avoid the fact, that Life exists within another element – that element of pure Space, which is prior to Existence, prior to God, Life and self.

While the surrender to God is absolutely necessary to realize Life, the realization of Life, of God, happens within the sphere of Existence. It is thereby nothing but a display of consciousness. Without this realization, the Heart is not cleared of the egoic structure and so the human existence will still be affected by ego in action, thought and speech.

While the surrender to basic Space is absolutely necessary to realize Truth, the realization of Truth, of space, happens beyond the sphere of Existence. Without this realization, the Mind is not cleared of the “I” and so Peace is still in wait.

God-realization and Truth-realization thereby supplement each other, by allowing the completely awake state of witnessing Life in wild play.

Life, and reaching clarification of living, in a way that thins out existential layers to a pure display of Life, as seen from the human being, is a movement of up and down, while the meeting with basic Space is a reversal back out of Existence, complemented by a movement into existence. And so while Life happens within the boundaries of consciousness, realization of the Void is the development out of consciousness and into That, which is prior to Existence as anything at all.

When there is readiness to fall out of existence, eyes start appearing to that movement, which is into and out of a self. Before that, only shifts between different states of self is possible, since the seeking “I” itself is trying to imitate dying, by transforming itself. The idea of a movement from a false self to a true self, suggesting a transformation, is the only thing possible without readiness – as in courage – to face no-self. Realizing Truth is not a transformation. It is a complete falling away of self, which in no ways suggests a passing into nothingness (which these days is commonly confused with the actual reach of the integrated state and realization of no-self, but is actually nothing but a self grasping equally as hard to nothing as it did to something!) – but which means a result of absolute and complete nothing.

While the realization of Life is the realization of the different aspects of God, along with all its attributes of Love, Existence and true movement; the embrace of Peace within basic Space, in other words, the embrace of Death, is the reach of Peace along with its cessation of movement and with a definite end in belief of any mover. Peace is not Love, and Love is not Peace, but the realization of One within the other, and basic Space as that which is unmoving, allows for true Peace to reach all the way into the human being. The vehicle – the only vehicle – is, however, Truth. Aim at anything else, and the result will not be liberation.

As meeting with the Void happens again and again, which in itself is unavoidable by the existence of a sincere demand for Truth, one ends up having trust in the movement of Life, as it rises and ceases within basic Space. The breath of consciousness becomes unavoidable and we become equally as relaxed with the rise of existence, as the end of it, where we remain with pure Being in-, with, and as complete Silence. Complete peace. Liberation and realization of Truth happens with the cessation of the ability to believe in existence – in Life within the Void. This ability turns smaller and smaller by every breath, and at some point, the turn into just-basic-space happens. The rising and ceasing of Life thereafter continues, but happens as an unbelievable series of waves rising and ceasing on an ocean of nothing. As pure uncolored and transparent phenomena.

The meeting with- and surrender to basic Space suggests a period of passing through highly troublesome feelings, since our non-existence cannot be wanted – but only realized. The drying out of ego happens through this embrace of the Void, which, although it is not what ego wants, is the Truth. To implode Existence into basic Space of non-existence, one ceases to feed and indulge use of energy in any part of want, which suggests movement into existence. It becomes a complete agreement with peace.

A complete retraction of “I” and the personal experience happens from the senses. It suggests a period of a very physically obvious adjustment of the senses, which has its aim towards their continued operation based on the objective and impersonal experience. The impersonal thereby becomes the waking ones personal. A new way of operation based on no-self – instead of self.

As passing happens through the hardship of great demolition – a witnessing of a complete defragmentation of the self which was known, loved and trusted, into bits and pieces floating around in basic space. They vanish. The result is realization of no-self. Once the hardship has passed; marvel! An ocean of peace rolls over and through any sign of existence, with the passing of a sea of bliss – which is nothing but the existence of an experiencer of nothing existing simultaneously with the complete love of no-self. Willingly, this experiencer tosses itself onto the fire, to die into that which is its only objective. Nothing.

The meeting with the Void can happen to anyone. If we embrace- and surrender to- (instead of fight and resist) the blackness of Emptiness, equally as enthusiastically as we embrace Love and Light, we will not only die to be born again and again – each time richer in Being – but as we embrace this Emptiness, as Truth, and dare to go all the Way with It, True Peace is the result. Liberation cannot happen without the complete surrender to basic Space. As long as there is resistance to the blackness of Space (by either the idea that we are to avoid it, or just plainly by fooling ourselves to run towards the Light), we get into trouble during times of consciousness breathing out. Or to say it simply – it cannot happen!

Through the cycles of meeting with basic Space – as the element in which All Exists – we learn not only to dare to surrender- and die into this Space, but to relax and embrace fully the rest in the Blackness of non-existence and the Peace which is it. True Peace on all levels of Existence happens by the embrace of both That which breaks our Heart (open) and blows our Mind (Empty). To truly awaken, the passion of Life needs to turn towards the Silence of Space.

(An article written in 2012 by Aisha Salem,

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