Greeting Loneliness

Loneliness is the hardest feeling I have gotten to know and sweetly love. Simply because it lays out the core dilemma of our human existence – both in being spat out to be what is perceived as an individual, a unit apart from God, but also in our human experience in the world. It calls for our growth into selflove as a matter of Actual Compassion applied to this part of our human experience. Loneliness is SO fundamentally the case for all of us in our landing on/in ground, when we stop using each other to fill our inner holes.

Loneliness is a reality we all have to face, to be able to Rest at the core of being straight, on ground and solidly ourselves – uncompromising to the fact of our engagement with the world and able to harvest the fruits of direct interaction with God.

The journey into the Universal Heart gives us oneness on an off-ground level, but when we travel into the core of the Human Heart we stand face to face with the fact of being “an actual physical separate unit” (a human) in the scope of it all. A SEVERELY overwhelming feeling, which calls us to attain the compassion needed to cover and fulfil our human existence and its needs – to take care of ourselves on every layer – physically, emotionally and psychologically – as we grow in and as consciousness and merge with Spirit.

On this level, our embrace, our willingness to Hold ourselves Warmly/as Love/consciously/COMPASSIONATELY allows for a strengthening of our incarnated Spirit, which in turn becomes able to walk this Earth in GREAT self-rest and depth devoid of separation from Her on and beyond ground level. In supreme certainty rather than insecurity and overall to allow for a maturation and growing up on all levels, which makes for a different reality in terms of being free to move instead of having a baseline in our lives of co-dependency.

Loneliness as a Feeling – yes, it is hard to Meet, because it is a straight-shooter towards the breaking of the heart – the final fatal Call to be Met by God, which requires our arrival AS that Love for the dissolution of the “someone apart from God”. Our somebodiness rises as these waves of feelings – but when we peel it back, we do not cling to the human feeling/experience anymore and the feeling passes unobstructed and with a sense of sweetness, since we don’t deny it and don’t delay it’s passing.

It Is challenging in the learning stages, yes, but also the alleyway to living the deeper gratitude for the reality of Simply Breathing – for God in its most Naked. A wheeling-back to the simple fact of gratitude to be alive, which roots Joy at the baseline of our human experience independent of expectation towards and investment in our human experience based on “having SOMETHING or SOMEONE to be grateful for” – of leaning forwards into our human lives to find something to be happy about, rather than finding the Real JOY based in our resting in and down.

It is an angle of severe rooting as Reality – not the feeling itself, but the way in which we have to center inside to meet and greet it, for it to dissolve into gratitude. In other words, this is why we fear it so much, because the Only way out of it, is by Meeting ourselves as Love on that bottomline where no amount of attempts to fix will do, and only compassion will rule the day – something which requires our inner rising and falling in surrender to Her.

Our straightening out of the subtle layers of identification and grasping at life as-if it equals experience is needed to deal with the subtle twists of consciousness AWAY from Joy in Simply Being. Something which we for starters will find Hard to nail, because we from the somebody-side tend to generate a huge amount of “secondary feelings” to move on top of the feeling, in panic of simply dying as ego and resting down as consciousness in the core relaxation into and through the feeling of loneliness itself.

The feeling itself is like a deepening well. Every time it wants to reveal another arrival in union with Her as severe strong-standing on-ground, we face another and deeper level of the feeling, which gets to break the Human heart even deeper.

Meeting this feeling requires an END to dancing around the fact of learning Joy as the BASIC feeling of our standing on/in this Earth as Being in body. It is extremely deep and fundamental as the learning of pure JOY (in being one with Her as the Female Spirit directly, through a growth of compassion towards our human being – making us able to rest deeeeep down and deeper, as consciousness).

With that said, I must also make it Clear, that loneliness is Also “just another human feeling on the feeling-piano” – awaiting our growth as compassion, for us to befriend it and reach the end of making a big deal out of it (as in; look at our humanity – the clinging, the compromises and co-dependence etc.).

When we reach the end of avoiding to be at home with this feeling – allowing it to pass naturally and compassionately, we will be able to navigate from what is Best for everything and will no longer hold ourselves or each other back in terms of growth and evolution, to not-feel alone etc. The world would look very different.

To work with this, requires us to move towards befriending the feeling. To learn the inner roll back of the objection towards it, and to take the heart-break Straight On and as it turns itself in. To fall in love with this feeling is not easy and yet possibly the deepest beneficial attainment, as it is the most challenging human core feeling, which deeply defies our animal instinct of survival and tests as builds the bridge into our rest in God as Her. All I can say is – the work of dissolving the objection is deeply worthwhile…

As a last word, I can confirm that it is not possible to be an awake, deep and un-manipulating being on ground in this world without facing the fact of loneliness as the natural result of being in this world which primarily moves on surface-layers of and are either in deep sleep or moving on fear and avoidance. Including this feeling – loneliness – in the repertoire of feelings that we can be happy/in Joy with/enjoy as a part of our human experience, leaves us with being able to stay in Joy – greeting this friend with the same sweetness as any other aspect of our human experience.

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