The Emotional Poisons

Friends, And extended deepening on a specific set of feelings…

It is important to now turn your attention to the part of emotion, which does not have a healthy foundation – but Always (ALWAYS) have a manipulative destructive foundation beneath it.

The buddhists call them the five, or six, poisons. They are considered poisons, because they are not harmless or “just emotions”, but hold a subtle life/force of their own – and if not handled, they are the cause of unwholesome behaviour (as they wait around, circulating, looking for an exit – to spread). It feeds on negativity and spread via projection and making-wrong outwards. It poisons the mind.

Healthy anger is pure Blackness/Power and actually arise (and promptly) in response to the unhealthy/manipulative kind, if we are to the point and surrender to true response – to protection by She. This cannot be called anger anymore – but is wrath and is founded in Truth. It is True protection and is reflected like emotional Tai-Chi. Direct response to interference/pushing.

These are the emotions: anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy, desire and depression. And to defend your right to stay these things is self-destructive behaviour.

HOWEVER these will – in opening to power – arise in ALL. It emerges from the underground and it NEEDS handling/purification and so shaming each other for its appearance is not the point – but neither should we take manipulation from each other.

What we need is to compassionately give each other space to PASS THROUGH these emotions. To extend a kind hand of pouring love unto, if/when we can spare/share, but not to avoid and not to make-wrong-in. Simply to See it As it IS.

It’s root is hatred of God/Love/Existence – objection to what Is, and so it is the seed of manipulation. It’s in everyone and requires us to learn the inner mechanics of transforming these emotions by purification of power – bound to arrive asking for handling in anyone who opens deeper. And either it is Handled or it becomes shadow. Having a life of its own – trying to hide under the surface due to pride etc.

Their arising doesn’t need your fear or retraction-from, nor your suppression of them, but it needs your purification. The being-with without shame, yet in a responsible manner, where we do Not self-defend it’s existence inside nor project it’s manipulations outside. But face and stay put through. Passing THROUGH. Being allowed to allow for the form, of for instance being Angry in self-Holding. Working the pushing energy out of our system in selfless action.

You will all have to learn to deal with these emotions in yourselves – to grow beyond the shame of judging yourself or other in it (don’t take it personally, simply deal with it) and don’t buy into its opposite of trying to be confirmed as “Right” in it either. It’s NEITHER. It just Is.

To fail to handle them inside with direct Holding Presence, will leave other people having to deal with it for you. Not fair – at least in the long run. But there’s Room for errors too – but All Seen in the Right Light, where humility and not “entitlement to be this” remains. Drop ALL self-defence.

To be hit with someones anger, desire or fear (any of the poisons) is a sticky affair. And it is MEANT and bound to cause a rejection, if the receiver has any integrity at all. The rejection is MEANT to lead YOU back to dealing with it inside YOU. And not to use your surroundings to try and get-rid-of.

Be shitty when you are and be humble in the face of it too. Don’t be obsessed with being “right” in these reflections, the same way you were convinced of being wrong in them before. Become Silent, Present & Compassionate in the face of it instead. Whether inside or outside.

When you meet them, don’t just let go of the situation – let go of EVERYthing. Embrace and encircle the feeling as consciousness – deal with it directly for what it is.

That’s all there is to say about it.

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