Wounding & Wholeness

Entering Wholeness – Allowing Love

As we unfold in intimacy together, those places which have been calling for Love, our whole lives, and which have been playing themselves out as patterns of experiences, behaviour, ways of thinking and/or feeling, will rise.

The only way to enter into Wholeness, is by Being with and fully feeling and hearing those parts of us. They may be angry, rejecting of Love etc. but it is only through our persisting effort to get to the bottom and core of the wounding, that we will get the chance to become Whole. To reach through the protective identity into the wound and to consciously create a different human reality for ourselves, wherein we say Yes to unfold as human maturity, wholeness and beauty.

More than anything, it is about coming in as Love to touch the core belief in us, that we are not worthy of the Love, which we are. It also means, that to be able to truly Come into Wholeness of Being, we must be willing to give ourselves this Love. To be Lifted Up and open ourselves to a far Greater human Life and reality, than we so far have been able to manifest through our negligence of the Feminine.

The Surfacing Wound

As we go deeper in Intimacy together, the Love arrives to heal the wound. As we find ourselves in a deeper and deeper Love together, we might experience the surfacing of the wound, as being covered in massive appearances of anger, hurt and abandonment. All angles which we must be very conscious and awake to not project outwards unto our surroundings and partner.

It is here, where the focus on our healing and on our consort-ship (rather than an image of a core-family) is extremely beneficial. Not to say completely necessary. It is only through our Love and Respect for ourselves and each other, that we can dance through this healing side by side. And it demands a Strong Love to do it. Commitment and the deepest possible Yes.

The appearances of identity, which surfaces as we enter the wound, often rises with such vehemence and insisting, that it becomes hard for us to contain ourselves, if we do not have the space for total focus and self-responsibility. In this situation, it is beneficial to not have to be in the same space. In other words we must through the healing attend to the needs of and care for both sides, so as to not create more hurt and pain between us.

The rapid movements of feelings and thoughts, into conclusions and projections, are likely to have been our bullet-proof self-protection for many years. To break out of this, we must navigate the entry into the depths with minute precision and listening. With absolute humility and admittance towards our brokenness.

The anger, hurt and abandonment, which we tend to project unto our partner in the intimate relationship, is more than anything a surfacing of the identity, which is actually the core wound, wherein you have left your Self. Your Love.

There is deep helplessness and weakness, which must be met directly, rather than defended against at the bottom of this. And touching here will feel dangerous. Simply because we not only have learned as humans, that we must be strong in this world, but also because we as animals have a strong nature against allowing the showing of weakness around predators, which anyone who has “become strong” around the wounding and in their self-protection is.

Our need for healing and human limitation is a deeply humbling situation, and it is only through our willingness to make mistakes without defending or becoming righteous about them, that we can emerge as the pure Power of the Feminine.

The energy (power) which arrives in our deepening together needs be held with responsibility and care for everything. It can thereby be said, that excusing or defending our taking out our pain and anger on the people around us is not OK… and yet, we must meet our limitation with great compassion and forgiveness.

But there is a best way to handle ourselves and be around each other through our healing.

Giving our All to the Healing

To get to the bottom of the wounding, we will have to expose ourselves and each other to as much pain as is necessary, with it re-surfacing in unwanted ways, until we Get Enough of it. As the result we come to the place, where we are willing to give up our impatience and lack of tenderness towards it, and to turn our full attention towards its healing.

Once we are Ready to Give our All, the door opens for us to meet our brokenness beyond self-judgement and self-protection. It requires a strong Love and deep Trust between us, as humans, to be able to do so together in partnership. Together we must come into a willingness of Love, which is so totally beyond judgement, that we can meet our own as each others need for healing with compassion, tenderness, patience and forgiveness.

We can Only give each other that, if we can give ourselves that. It is therefore of greatest importance, that we start attending to the relationship with and attitude towards our human state.

When we can Be with what needs our Love and attention in our selves, we can support each other in being partners in Love. This is a total coming into self-responsibility, wherein we do not lean on or grasp at each other for Love. And yet we stand, with an openness in trust, ready to receive Love, whenever the gates are overflowing from our partner.

What often happens, as we enter deeper and deeper into love together, is, that we reach the places, where we are hurt at the same time. At least if we are with a partner, which we are equal with in age of Soul.

Maxing out our capacity to either give or receive, we can either choose to attend to ourselves, or we can start projecting and acting out our brokenness. ~ This ~ is a Very Pivotal point for our ability to trust each other in the relating. It is the point, where man and woman usually get into disharmony and cause each other greater pain, in the attempt at getting from each other, what they need to give themselves.

If we disregard our own inaccuracy in acting out, we will cause drama and pain until the avoidance gives up and we are ready to let the actual healing happen. This causes immense clean-up work of reestablishing trust and forgiveness over and over. If we make the right and responsible choice of admitting what is in us, we can move straight onwards in our cooperation, to facing our healing.

It is a gradual process of maturation beyond shame of imperfection through coming into Love of ourselves.

As we become mature enough to make the right choice, we become able to be with our brokenness without making it wrong. Without passing judgement on our human feelings, the wound slowly starts turning itself in to be Loved and healed. In this way we get access to touch the wound in its deepest places.

It requires a Great Love and much consciousness to be able to work with these things together, and it is of importance, as we dance our lives into a higher and higher frequency, that we allow everything around our self-hatred _from actions, to feelings and thoughts – to turn into loving and respectful ones. Towards our selves first and foremost and as the result; towards our loved ones.

Going deeper in intimacy with your partner, there can be no hurrying or pushing by impatience from a place of “wanting to live a life together” outside of what is going on, as the very bottomline of your Being in Love and healing together.

It is important that you, in closing in on the patterns of yourself, stay focused on your healing and allow a Full Concentration and as much Space around your Birth into Wholeness as is necessary.

To stick to people or surroundings, which do not support the unfolding, will not serve you nor your partner. Nature, time, your own space, water, healthy food and healthy connections of relation, will serve you well. To do this, please focus and take Good Care of each other.

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