True Intimacy

True Intimacy ~ A cauldron of Truth

The way to walk into the sphere of unfolding as Man and Woman together in intimacy ~ with ourselves and each other as humans ~ is with massive compassion and forgiveness.

We are All coming from a past of a massively repressed Feminine (by that I mean human side, as the Feminine is matter and thereby our human bodies), and as the result, both men and women stand to rediscover and re-balance the totality of everything, within our human reality. So as to reach a higher state of operating according to a Human Wholeness wherein Integrity, Humility towards and Love for ourselves as a part of this Earth, become the living reality.

In one sense it is the Righting of a Wrong, which is needed, simply because we all operate from that place of massive imbalance, which is the aftermath of this happening, wherein our planet and lives became a male-dominated world. On the outside, we may seemingly have come into a greater balance, but on the inside, we are all still incredibly infant about our meeting with and surrender to and as the Feminine. The Real Human.

The background for our unfolding in True Intimacy

A woman, who is independent and can take care of herself is not necessarily a woman in her Feminine Power. Most of the women, in this time, who rises to power, become another rising of the imbalanced masculine aspect – moving in the exact same way as the masculine, which got to lead this world into demise, separation and suffering.

To unfold as the Feminine, is to grow into the same tolerance, gentleness, patience, compassion and forgiveness, which the Earth has shown us forever. Not to tilt into another imbalance of purely Feminine, or human, but to balance the Masculine power of Creation with the Feminines endless Softness, Compassion and Gentleness. So as to come to live as responsible Human Beings playing our part in the Totality of Reality.

Coming from a past of a male dominated world, we both as men and women long to allow this balancing. Because not only will it balance us as man and woman, but it will in totality balance this world, which has slided sideways in the disconnection with ourselves as Woman. As Humans. As Earth.

It is a journey we must take for our selves, but which is largely dependent on our relations and relating with other human Beings, taking the same journey towards Wholeness and Inner Balance. The coming together in intimate relation is bound to bring this imbalance to the surface, because we come close and closer to one another, wherein our ability to function together as human beings becomes relevant and our wish to be together, a deep inner call for Harmony.

What will arise is The Misunderstanding

In our coming together in Intimacy, what will arise, is the place inside both man and woman, of hatred towards the Feminine, where we as women give away our power to man, and as men take it from woman. Both are reflections of a great lack of respect for the Feminine ~ our human integrity and wholeness as humans.

To heal these places in us, we need each others support. Not to do the healing itself, which in most ways is about coming into a love for ourselves (of meeting the pain of having left our Feminine and there giving ourselves the love and attention we need), but where we can help each other, is by staying with the integrity together, wherein man is rejected, when he comes with his desire and need to conquer and woman is rejected, when she comes with her desire for man to take responsibility and power away from her.

To arrive in Human Wholeness, we must discover this new part of the map of consciousness, in our ways as humans. We must unfold in Real Integrity, rather than keep on operating on a mutually compromising way of exchange based on the old imbalance of hatred towards the Feminine.

It is a Hard Journey, this, because the uncovering of the True Feminine is in no way a linear path. It is oppositely Deeply non-linear and like fumbling away in the dark, doing our best to navigate with responsibility the Power, which unfolds in our Bellies, Hearts and Hands, as well as it is the paving of a new Way through a constant balancing between the old ways and the new.

To unfold this more aligned reality, we must support the Feminine inside of us, as around us, in its attempt to get on its legs and stand in its nourishing and abundant wonder of compassion, forgiveness, gentleness and softness.

When we fail to do so or fail to be met with the support for that, there is nothing left to do but to hold the whole situation in its pain and misunderstanding, with as high a degree of compassion and forgiveness, towards our selves and each other, as is at all possible. It is a very humbling situation, because every time our limits as Woman are reached, we will meet the long buried hatred inside of us, which is likely to be reflected from what is around us as well, by the fact that we co-create our own and each others realities.

Looking for a saviour here is not sensible ~ it is again another attempt at giving away our power as humans, in our inability to handle ourselves. There is nothing left to do, but to meet the pain as consciously as we At All can and to let the game of resolution through responsibility to what is true happen, as the unfolding of This with our Deep Yes to Both Harmony, Love, Truth and our Humanity.

From Here you are invited to dive deeper into the unfolding as the Woman – as human man or woman, by venturing on towards the articles “Dear Man” and “Dear Woman” in the reads.

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