Greeting the Inner Master

What do you do,

When that Fully Intimate Moment comes,
Where the Master knocks your Inner Door,
speaks to you Directly so Deeply and Personally –
as from the very Inside and Core of you?

Do you Cloud it and over-rule it,
with the voice of your second-guessing, fear and mistrust?
Do you speak the voice of your resistance in opposition and objection?
Or do you Listen?

Do you Crawl yourself All the way in and up-close to the Voice of Truth?
Do you place your forehead on the ground of Reality
and bow to the Voice of Reality?

Do you Let your tower of resistance Crumble,
like Rocks into the Ocean,
Rising a Flood of Tears to your Eyes,
as you Bend and return Home to your Humility and deeper bowing,
to what you truly Are and what is being gifted to you,
In that moment…

May every Moment be Brought as Closely in with the Master,
that our very insides are Emptied to That Emanation which is Truth.

May no promise Ever be Made in the name of Truth,
which we will not Hold the discipline to Fulfil,
May we practice, die to and surrender Tirelessly,
to That which we Came Here to Celebrate…

In the Name of Becoming that Profound Grace,
May the Mountains Shake and the Skies Crack Open,
Revealing the Thunder of the Profound Beauty,
May we Bow and Bend to Become Worthy of Those Gifts,
of the blessing we Came Here to Receive.

May the Lions Roar through the Valleys,
Claiming and Bending the Ground in the Name and Power of Now,
May no more Moments be Wasted in the game of waiting,
for Now is the Moment to Bow to Reality,

Om Ah Hung

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