Limitless Nature

The uncontrived nature of Reality doesn’t make Something out of being divine. It is a Fact, yes, as the Solestanding Proof of manifestation in Mastery (whether wanted or not), in the deep-seated delivery and surrender to the transformation that entails.

However, what we often fail to recognise – also – is that the uncontrived nature of Reality Also doesn’t make anything out of our humanness! We turn our spirituality from earlier times focus on higher teachings to the lower teachings, yes, but in most circles, it seems that this then gets to take on the exact same weight of “importance” as we gave the opposite end of the spectrum of teachings! In other words, we are fully making “Something out of nothing” whether we speak on a human or divine level of teaching!

What needs to happen here, is a more realistic approach to Truth. A relaxation with and into reality, which doesn’t maintain or confirm the perceived realness or belief in Any of it – without discarding the reality of it! Where there isn’t this need to conclude or build new castles making parts of the equation into “it”.

We tend as humans to surround every recognition with tension, with fear, obscuring the natural sense of wonder/normalcy in our meeting with the divine nature of our evolution and overall we are just So Bloody Scared – with our minds – to meet that which will remove our ability to stick to the limitations, rather than embrace and live the surrender to God! God is in matter – God IS matter, yes, but God is ALSO the acknowledgement of our deeply ordinary nature of limitless capacity in our lives.

LITERALLY speaking.

The limitless nature of our divinity cannot be denied… For its occurrence is a Fact of Life, when we don’t hold ourselves safe in regards to our meeting with God by keeping our view on divinity inside the boundaries of our limited nature – to be limited in itself to our imaginary limitations – falsely calling ourselves divine, goddesses or Gods without giving in to that surrender which Actually MAKES the body divine and becomes that endless Proof of our divine existence.

Our surrender which goes beyond mind or bodies limitations – Yes a fact. But also – not Something, at the same time.

The limitless nature is Bound to show if we surrender our way through the obstacles of the hearts hierarchies in Love. And without doing that we are simply still someone on heart-level. Just as we are someone on ground-level unless we wear down our resistance to and terror of Her and become Humanly Whole Ones.

Can we?
Can we stand with the prospect of Reality WITH the relaxation of the uncontrived nature of Being – without making something out of some aspect of it?
Maybe when we are done grasping…

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