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Realisation of Pure Self

The realization of God is the realization of pure Self. It is the vehicle to Life playing itself out as pure Joy, but is not equal to actual liberation.
In realizing God, a transformation of the ego – from an individual/separated self to an all-inclusive Self happens. The realization of God is not the highest realization, as God exists within a different element: basic Space.

The realization of God can be said to be the realization of self. But not the realization of Truth (as in no-self), or reality, which in turn is the result of true enlightenment (or actual self-realization some would say).

In reaching God-realization, the belief in existence/God remains – hence the word! Realizing the one true power of Life thereby results in a mountain of Life/Power/Love – a great radiation from the physical body. The realization of Truth has, however, the quality of removing and breaking the vessel, in which this Life is held. It turns the being, which is a mountain of love, into a valley of peace instead – by the removal of all boundaries and beliefs that are pinning the realization of Life to the one body/mind, in which the realization has happened.

In the Mind of the Truth-realized, nothing remains and the realization itself requires a dissolving of every belief – including that in Life/existence, self, other and God (which are of course all the same thing).

Realizing a true Self is not possible – since Truth and Self are mutually exclusive. By the realization of Truth, Life does however remain witnessed as the one and only display of movement – a bringing of the formless into form as pure unbelievable and transparent phenomena.

To realize God, the human must surrender to higher Being – give up control, gain trust in Life and learn to love truly. The demand to find the truth of who you are seems to be the vehicle to open doors deeper into existence. The occurrence of identification with existence does however mean that searching for the answer of who you are, will create the happening of further revelation of existence. If this is carried on, the unveiling of Life and engulfing of it into/as your being, will in time create the pressure/power for you to end the game altogether. To step out of the game of identification and belief, by finally eradicating and extracting the hair in the soup called self/”I” – which results in real liberation.

The key to God-realization is the heart of man. It is within the heart that man finds God, the root of self, and by the purification of heart, that the walls between the small and the big self are torn down. The transformation of self – from separated to One big one, is a recipe for a happy life in terms of it being the preservation of the illusion of self/God – which as such is the essence of existence. If the desire for Truth, however, remains until its fulfilment, all will vanish, and that Space, which is the creator and beholder of God and existence, will be all that remains.

In the surrender to God, the meeting with the flame of Life happens. The pure fire at the center of heart helps burn oneself to the core and eliminates selfish ignorance. In taking heart, the separated self-center thereby drops away and the divine becomes the mode of operation. In its progress, all fears of the unknown are met, as the unknown becomes known. All fears except one! – the fear of reality, of Truth, of non-existence/no-self (which can be considered the mother of all fears).

A row of realizations follows the burning, which tunes the eye of feeling and seeing into the whole of existence – the entire universe. A burning love, Life, which carries the intention and direction of purification. The realization of Self/God thereby contains the elements of light and darkness – a movement, or transformation if you will, from darkness to light, which has the development of consciousness – its own purification – as its main objective. It is the game of God and the devil.

In the transformation, the expansion of consciousness carries on and furthers the sense – and view of self/”I”. For a guru (which is basically the word for a carrier/helper from darkness to light) this is all fine, since he or she can open further doors into existence by the further development of consciousness, which bit by bit will reveal everything one can desire to see. To realize Truth, however, anyone speaking of darkness and light is not the one to turn to – as he/she him/herself has not realized Truth – in which no part of existence carries any difference or importance. All which remains with the realization of Truth, the actual liberation, is peace.

Consciousness, universe, is ever expanding. And while Kundalini can bring about the purification of the energetic centers of the individual energy-body, the expansion of consciousness doesn’t end by the reach of God-realization.

While God-realization can be said to be the complete waking up within the dream, Truth-realization is best described as awaking from the dream. In the sense of God-realization being an unfolding, a transformation, and a development of consciousness, it is a never-ending story – which is also the reason why the realization of Truth is still in wait – for final and everlasting peace and true awakening.

There is nothing wrong with wanting God-realization – or with anything else for that matter – but for the one with an unceasing thirst for Truth, the desire doesn’t end with the finding of – or being with/as God – it continues and requires the complete liberation from self – the bursting of the vessel through the complete dissolve of All into Nothing. It is the end of all belief (experience) – the reach of complete transparency.

While the God-realized finds him/herself ever busy with the task/game of ever purifying his/her new body – which then has become everything, the Truth-realized finds himself in a position of nothing-more-to-do.

The eye of the God-realized generally rests with and as Life by the realization and clarification of Heart – but Truth is held as an objective; which is visited and experienced with a great deal of positivity in terms of bliss, love, happiness etc. The Truth of Nothing is momentarily visited, but always followed by a return to self/God, and is generally diffused by an attitude- and differentiation between “bad” and “good”. The result is a body, which although carrying a great radiation of Life, is still deluded by the lack of clarity of pure Mind (by still carrying the notion of Self. Of God).

The eye of the Truthrealized generally rests with- and as Nothing – pure peace/Space, in a way that makes Life unbelievable but yet existent – and the human free in terms of operating freely within all levels of being – from killer to cuddler. The perception is however a witness of God/Life operating on its own. The notion of a “my Life” left is due to the automatic operation of senses following that specific body – but the senses operate across everything, as if they didn’t have a home/specific body in/on which they operate. In that sense – no “me”.

The Truth-realized, who has gone through God-realization, can (with enough practice of flipping the coin in and out of existence – by the breath of consciousness) turn his/her eye towards existence, to rise as a/the Self. But is equally free to dissolve back into nothing. Although it becomes increasingly harder to see any reason to. There is existence and nothing. As if existence dances as waves on top of an ocean of nothing, but without the waves being waves – but of course being ocean at the same time. The sea never believes that the waves are waves… from rest as absolute being, belief cannot happen… but a display still is. Personal experience has been replaced by impersonal experience… difference best described as that of no-one using the senses (listening in/participating through them) anymore.

The God-realized which has not realized Truth, is caught in- and with the notion of God/Self (within consciousness), which still exists, but always has the option of swallowing the red pill and meeting God’s complete dissolve – simply by meeting the mother of all fear – by giving up the belief in Self and facing the Truth/fact of no-self. This does however hardly ever happen, since its happening requires a pull-back from everything, in which the God-realized is involved.

It ends the game of Love. A game which is never ending and obligating to the extent of complete alienation of actual freedom (in this sense the belief in God is captivating and not liberating). The idea of Love disappears with the end of belief in both giving and receiving – the end of identification and belief in even the existence of a body – universal as individual. While the Truth-realized knows that the imperfect is perfect, Life can bring whatever – the existence of love can be a part of the lived life or not, – which doesn’t make much difference and is all a matter of whatever shows to be the personal preference…

Whether one is satisfied with resting as Everything or chooses to go all (out of) the way with the demand for Truth – and thereby come to rest as Nothing, depends on the amount of desire for Truth.

A moderate desire for Truth can bring you part of the way, but not cause actual liberation – which is the realization of the reality of basic Space – the highest possible realization and the beholder of God and Life itself.

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