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Fulfilment of the Being

The fulfilment of Life, stands as an invitation for the human being to embrace Truth on all levels of Existence. Even all the way into non-existence. The realization of Space, cannot by itself fulfill the completion of the development of the true potential, nor does it transform the Life-energy into the Space, from which it came.

 The realization of Space, cannot fulfil, what is ultimately the Heart’s calling (the denial of same is a falling into laziness). Only the Heart’s passion can show into form, That which is the reality and realisation of Everything.

By the denial of Life’s own movement, a piece of the egoic structure remains within the sphere of existence, which prevents Truth from finding its way directly into the existence of the human form. By the rising of the Life-force (known as the sexual/creational energy), a cycle of purification is impending for the human- and energetical form, as well as on every other level of being. By skipping this part, we are jumping the fence. If we do not jump the fence, Life invites us to live out and away all underlying ignorance through our lives, by which our way of living becomes accurate and according to Truth and the highest principle of Life.

The cycle which pushes forward the spiritual healing, is also the cycle which brings about the knowledge of Everything and integrates this wisdom into the human form. The completion of the human being, as can be seen in both the case of Jesus, as well as the Siddha’s attainments, overrules the entire field of ignorance, when it comes to the very operation as human, within the illusory existence of the world. That Mind knows its own Space quality, does not automatically finalize this realisation into operation.

Once it was said and heard, that only One with a great sexual energy can reach enlightenment. The sexual energy does however never reach towards enlightenment or Emptiness, but dissolves into Space by the want of Truth, which by running as a cyclic (and repeated) process, brings the One re-rising, deeper and deeper into realization of God. The following illustration shows the cycle of transformation happening through the embrace of our full potential in the Cycle of Life.

Life energy cycle 3

The cycle of transformation resembles in some way that cycle, which most of us, by our belief in our existence as somebody, live out through one entire lifetime. This cycle does however, by the embrace of Truth, need to be seen as just- and simply a rise and burst of one of many many bubbles of identification with existence – all necessary for us to realise Truth and God.

For every burst – a death – but if we continue the transformation, it will result in a completion by the fulfillment of human’s true potential, also called humanity.

The illustration is pretty self-explanatory, but dying into Space shows the outcome on the existential level. What keeps us back from allowing the rolling of these life-cycles within this lifetime, is our identification with the limited and identified solidity of “me”, which rises by birth.

If we allowed Life to be Life and Space to be Space (and counted our selves completely out of the equation), without believing in neither the thoughts, actions or feelings, which are continuously bent into a new shape by our becoming, humanity would be lifted to an entirely new level of Existence. It would be the fulfillment of our humanity, which is not the name of our body, but a description of our highest potential.

As long as fear is allowed to run the show, rather than the trust in the transformation process, something (or everything) within this cyclic equation becomes solid and unmovable.

If we fear death and thereby deny ourselves the letting go, we also defy that involution, which is a natural result of evolution. We will never reach any kind of higher existential level, as long as we do not surrender to the death of our ego.

Be aware, that in terms of learning to let go, the first death is the hardest (and does not result in fulfilment/enlightenment, although it is often misunderstood to be). It is the one death, which triggers the greatest anxiety.

From the first to the next, we already know the drill, and from then on, it only becomes easier and easier. Dying does however not feel good, before we have become completely acquainted with the fact of giving it up. Once we do, our beings can be endlessly shaped and deepened into the deepest secrets of Existence. And only there do we come to know Life.

Before this Cycle of Life can repeat itself and bring about the wisdom, which it holds by its movement, we must reverse our Selves back from our identification with matter into our identification with Soul/Being. This can only be done by letting ourselves be drawn towards Life as the moth into the flame. By realizing the flame, we must realize and come to relax with Space also. But at its attainment, the Cycle of Life can bring us into the highest potential of human kind.

By trust in Life, we dare to let go and by letting go we can give up our identification and egoic identity. By giving up the identity, the expanse of identity, or Soul itself, can become equal to everything. Dying once – in the way this process describes, allows for a clear seeing – imagine what dying over and over and over will do to your sight, thought, feeling whilst being entirely seen to be the expanse of your being! If we hold on to just one component within our own identity, this process cannot happen. If we trust the existence of Life within Space, as the only principle, we can become.

(An article written in 2011 by Aisha Salem,

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