Dear Man

I write to you from an Ocean of Love for you…

Please know that there is a past of a skewed relationship with the Woman to straighten out; with both your own body, your partner, all women and the world. Please do take this seriously. Please apply your warrior to Fight for Love, rather than for what is “yours” or “to get what you want”.

Dear man, please know that the Way of your Life ~ your direction and purpose ~ is Everything to the cleansing of your Heart. For the realisation and deep landing in your Essence and Self. That your inclination to ownership and conquering must be replaced by your Hearts protection and holding.

Dear Man please know, that woman needs and wants your protection as Love. Not protection “from something or someone”, but a Deep Holding by You, in which She can fully let go ~ to pass the pain of the past and to blossom into Beauty as the Woman ~ by healing as human and Earth itself. She must come to Hold her Self as Woman, for sure, but the descend of Hers into Birth of Woman, is a truly agonising task. Please do translate your understanding of protection from the survival-based and separated to the all-inclusive and Silent.

She needs Your “Yes”… to Hold Her out of a Deep Love for your Self as Man as well as for her as Woman ~ as Earth ~ by the Truth about your Self and Essence as Love.

Dear Man, please do believe in your (higher) Self. Not in God as something outside yourself ~ but Live Him as the deepest place in your Heart and the very ceasing of your Life as the strongest surrender to your Soul and its Way of unfolding in Truth. Please make the fearless choice of Love in your life.

Dear man, please agree to receive Woman’s Love from a place of remembering, that She is pure Earth Wisdom, in Her surrender. That Her nature is not like yours, but to Share with you from a place of taking care and “being born of Your Heart”, being a part of You and a Vessel of your Love ~ and not from wanting to have or take power over you.

The way of man is not the way of Woman. Please do remember that, and know, that you can fold your pride and arrogance with Her, lay down your arms, as She only wants to Love you. To give you what you have needed all along, simply to make the two of you (which are both Her own body) more whole, deeper united and stronger in Love together. There is no contest. No winners or losers. No one to beat or conquer, only your Self and own Life, Your Heart and Love, and your Woman, who desperately Longs to be One with You ~ to embrace and enjoy You in the Human Wholeness as well as your Essence.

Love, please do not be afraid to lose your woman. You are the Creator, and so this fear will manifest between you. It will drive you apart. The only Way for you to live Truly with Her, in Any form, is to be truly dedicated to Her ~ to Loving Her in Truth. To bow your separated self to the True Place which is Yours; of Loving and holding Woman in Her deepest Truth and most unimaginable unfolding. Woman is both the soil you walk on, as well as all women ~ alongside your partner ~ and we All Need your Deepest Touch, your Strongest and most courageous Love.

Please embrace This, without coveting It or Her, to be yours ~ as She Already Is. How can She be anything But Yours?! She is Your Creation. Yours to Love ~ but in the past and as the current state, as you see, also yours to destroy in your own lack of Surrender to be your Self.

Dear man, without you facing your own ancestral wounds and dissolving the weight of the past behind us, we cannot Meet. We cannot become Whole together, we cannot open the door to our deepest potential together, nor become One.

Dear man, Let woman come to you, because she Knows and feels there is nowhere she would rather Be, than by your side. Do not force her. Do not manipulate her or use the God-sent Powers to push or pull, nor drag her by the hair to get or keep what you want. But Trust that Love is What You Are, and that this Love has its own direction, to which you must bow, surrender and follow to become fully and totally humble. Only in this Way will you become Strong at Heart, only in this Way will you come to Know yourSelf as Him and become Able to bring Woman ~ your partner, and the Earth ~ to where She needs to Be and Arrive. Deeply Resting and Fully Open to receive You eternally Deeper.

Dear man, please know, that when your woman acts out, it is because she is filled to the brim with the pain of your missing Presence. Because she cannot Feel You in your Root and because her sense of feeling fully and totally over-takes her and makes it impossible for her to be reasonable. She is One with the Earth, She is her Feelings and yours as well. So often, when she does this, it is because no escape exists for her. Because you do not rest deeply enough to know and own your own feelings and her only option becomes to reflect this to you, in being the receiver of You.

Yes, she must Also embrace Truth of Love as pure Silence in her own Being, but please never hesitate to Rise as Love in the equation of every situation. She is duly lost without her Depth of Love into the Ground, and for this reason alone, she needs your Love, your Presence and your Patience. Your Strength and your Truth of Silence.

Dear man, I hold Such Faith in you, that you can walk with what is True and place your Love and attention; your thoughts, speech and actions, in your Mans Heart. That you can offer your Self as Love, for the healing and wholeness of yourself as human, for your woman and for the world.

But in that, please do include your woman’s Sense of Feeling. Please let her natural Body-Wisdom of Pure Feeling be a guide through to your very own Human Heart. Please Support Her in blossoming into the Beauty, Softness and Depth of Woman and let Her Wisdom Touch You deeply, to relearn a New Way of Being Human.

With Love,
Pema Salem

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