Dancing with Anger

Anger is an energy which can be very demanding for us to handle in the accuracy and Silence of Holding.

When Anger arises in us, what we need to know is, that although something may have set it off, the revealer is never the reason for the anger appearing in you. It is JUST the trigger. The rising of anger is never because of Something – it is Always the other way around. That we have anger in us, which reveals in response to existence showing us something, to help it flash and rise to the surface.

For this reason alone, projecting anger outwards is never the way to go. The projection of anger outwards can always ever be the result of lack of humility – of disagreement towards what is happening in life, what is asking to be met and handled in Truth.

We are standing with a whole fan of emotions here, of energies, which all have a slightly different flavour and ground. There is anger, fury, wrath, rage and aggression. Which are not the same.

Many Flavours

Rage and aggression holds the seed of our own disagreement with Life, with God. Aggression has disrespect and lack of Love in its ground. Its further development within the unconsciousness fuelling is rage. It holds the seed of manipulation – the ongoing push/pull dynamics based on hatred – and calls us to humility in a bowing and bending to the ground.

Anger, in its most honest revelation, is at the root of most of our human actions and factually speaking lies behind most of the doing we carry out on this planet. It is in fact Just a feeling and has no life of its own apart from what we give it in fear of being sincerely and simply honest about its arising. When we loose our own fear of it, it can be experienced sweetly and directly without any need to dance it into play, as a part of us being called into deeper surrender.

Fury and Wrath are different by nature. They are pure/true responses to detriment forces and are rooted in Love, in Truth, beyond the thwarted attempts to animate the pure response from Life. It is devoid of somebodiness. Fury is a feminine rising just as wrath is its masculine counterpart. Fury is like an all up-rooting cyclone, while wrath is a mountain-solid thunderbolt.

Knowing the different qualities of this energy, we can start dealing with it in more accurate ways.

Deeper Surrender – Anger Awaits

To pass into the field of Compassion, of non-violence, we will inevitably come to stand face to with face the ground of anger, which in the past has made us make moves, to change what didn’t satisfy us. Without manipulating existence in an attempt to “keep us happy”, we stand before the dissolution of a bottomline identity based on the dynamics of push and pull.

Passing through this bottomline opens the door for arrival in pure Joy, which isn’t dependent on whether things on a surface level is “like this or like that”. It brings us beyond the investments in what takes place existentially and leaves us equally happy no matter what takes place. Beyond the need to manipulate life’s movements. It isn’t equal to non-care of “whatever”, but it means we stand naked and in acceptance towards Life’s will – at every turn in life.

Embracing Anger

Anger is not dangerous. It is just a feeling. Most of us have probably learned to lock the feeling down in very early age, as a manner of our upbringing to be accepted. If we have made such an inner move around anger, we often become pleasing, when we are actually angry.

To re-open the door to anger means to dissolve the inner objection to its existence in our system. We may fear it at first, as we have never learned to have a sound and healthy relationship to it, to be able to contain it and let it transmute.

The root of anger is actually pure life-force, and in its rising we can learn to enjoy the feeling, simply by letting it be and acknowledging “the guest called Anger” is in our house (body). To enjoy it is not equal to riding on it or perpetuating it, but to innocently allow it to be as sweetly welcome, as any other feeling.

A  Technique for dissipating Aggression

A way to intelligently handle anger, as it arises in the form of a deeper calling for our surrender, is to;

  • Place yourself on the edge of a chair.
  • Sit with a straight back and rest your hands on your knees.
  • Now close your eyes, locate the anger and keep the anger in sight, with eyes closed.
  • Press the tongue against the palate of your mouth.
  • Now breathe in through your nose and slowly exhale all the air via your mouth while making a long hiss-noise – like a snake. This action dissipates negativity from our system.
  • Continue the breath in and hiss out until you have released the sufficient amount of anger from your system to once again have a state of relaxation through your body. Repeat as needed.

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