Never forget to laugh

Our ability to Laugh and be Lighthearted in our meeting with the deepest pain of Existence matters, as we encounter the depths.

To never forget to laugh is important to our ability to continue on the journey without getting lost in the over-seriousness of the fact of what we are Facing, as we Walk On. It can be hard at times to Be lighthearted when we are twisted into the depths for deeper discovery, but it Really Pays to remember, that you are on this Journey of Reality by your own free will. Even if it seems like that isn’t the case, when we bewilder ourselves into the jungle of body-identification and forget what we are All About.

The gesture of remembering, that what the collective considers as dead-serious – is really just Not to be taken so very seriously, lies with our ability to un-hook from the feelings, stay awake on our way and see it all in a wider and greater perspective. To view our journey downwards – despite pains, frustrations and fears – as another aspect of our learning and to always consider ourselves beginners in the sense of giving up the temptation to conclude in the head, that we know Anything, really Does make for SUCH a much more easy ride through what we find inside – and as the result outside.

It’s like unwrapping our snack-pack and having a little picnic in the valley of death, really, agreeing to enjoy a bit no matter how grave it all looks!

As such the base of our getting lost in seriousness comes from a clinging to the belief that it all matters – as in a lack of release on head-level where we constantly balance the fact that it’s all Nothing, by the recognition of the empty nature of all things. When we get too serious, we not only believe in what we are doing in a way where the mind is hooked, but we also tend to believe that something is Wrong. This belief in something being wrong really CAN spin us off into the most hilarious/horrendous trip of negativity in the mind, which JUST wont let go until we own the feeling of “wrong” which sits skulking in the darkness, Right beneath it.

Ah, I guess all I’m saying here is – DO remember to Laugh good people… The journey is long and if you forget to enjoy it along the way, your life will pass you by in the blink of an eye.

So Happy to be Walking in This Life with you – so much Fun…

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