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Dismantling the mind

In the embrace of Truth, our work of mind’s clarification is one of the major aspects which needs attention for the revelation of the dimension of pure Mind – or pure Awareness/ basic Space.

Recognition as Pure Mind is based on the attainment of complete transparency of the consciously thinking mind and thereby depends on the eradication of identification with any solidity within the thought-stream related to I/me, which, without being grounded in belief and a belief-system, gives birth to pure Thought as the happening of pure Intelligence.

Thoughts rising from the un-identified mind thereby becomes based on a lucidity and surrender to reality and a display of the fact, that all knowledge is available and immediately present by the attainment of full transparency, rather than someone knowing anything other than Source itself.

The habit of picking up bits and pieces of information is – as all other parts of being – a part of learning how to use the mind. As with every part of existence, the self-control needs to happen before we can let it go.

Once our ability of concentration has been built, the mind can become a mirror of the pure Self – of Pure Life. This procedure of learning prior to unlearning seems to be the case across any part of embracing Truth, since the solid egoic structure needs to form itself through self-discipline prior to being emptied out, so that the healthy ego can become a proper vessel for Spirit to be Held within. Hereby Presence of pure Mind can arrive in the headspace as solidity of pure Being.

In embracing Truth from a grasping and unclear mind, nothing is possible but an attempt to fill information into the boxes we’ve already built, and which are the core discrepancy to the true flexibility needed to realise Truth. What needs be done is the breaking down of belief, which finally eradicates and blows up the boxes, which are keeping our static picture in place of reality, of world and of self.

Meditation is an invitation to learn with our Beings to focus on Being Present within ourselves.

The Real opening of the Gates to pure Mind happens through the initiation to Pure Intelligence. It is the opening of the dimension of pure Mind, which then awaits to be embraced as the fact of our own non-existence.

In embracing Truth, we must allow the breaking down of every aspect of a static picture, which is in function as our core beliefs and ground assumptions. We have to open ourselves to a different reality, by breaking down the old one, in being able and willing to question Everything we think we know. There is a turning of mind’s functioning from taking for granted, and what we think we know, to holding the reality of the situation, which is that we don’t know anything.

Reality can only ever be seen in the disappearance of clouds from the mind. It is what in turn reveals the Blazing Sun of Reality as it Is, behind the clouds of confusion. Thereby no one remains to know anything, but the purification of Mind reveals the Vast Empty Skies of pure Mind’s nature and thereby Reality as it IS beyond thinking, beyond guessing and beyond believing.


The pre-requisite for Reality to at all be able to replace the egoic view is, that we dedicate ourselves to an Abstract Reality, which allows us to bit by bit discover the freedom of Mind, which is a key to our inherent and unavoidable potential. Once we can agree to start walking the steps of Truth, change can start happening within our Beings.

The questioning that needs to happen to dissolve the beliefs, which lie at the very core of our un-enlightened mind, is found in the investigation of what is true and what is not. It is thereby the demand for- and dedication to Truth, which sets the mind free to its own pure potential and thereby pure Mind.

The investigation calls for the unhinging of all hooks within our thinking mind, which has been made by stating anything about anything. As one can imagine, the true investigation leaves no room for considerations within a problem-solution mind-structure, which has the A to B goal-orientation. Opening the doors of the mind is thereby not about trying to solve, but more about discovering reality through an A to Abstract view.

In other words, there must be made room in Life for the embrace of knowing absolutely nothing. This knowing nothing is to become the main prospect of the mind. True humility through the peeling back of the conscious mind and action-ready ego, knowing exactly what to do with what.

With no puzzle-pieces to put together to act from and move into life with, we are left with the very base of Listening (inwards) as the only way which our Being and Core can start maturing as Real Spiritual growth.

In dedication to that voice which is intimately our own, we are no longer a part of any context, but surrendered to the Totality of Well-Being, which doesn’t prescribe a base of acting, thinking or speaking from anything but The Source, and in deepest respect and appreciation for That at the core of our Individuality and Life. Our Very Self.

It doesn’t leave room for the consideration of time and even less for future. While a specific unfolding can be seen as a part of what is the base of the momentary action, nothing but a simple and fully honest appearance can be the grounds for movement – at any point in time.

In other words, it is the constant listening in Love, which allows Life to unfold beyond the idea of ”I”, and thereby the willingness and demand for Truth, which determines the outcome.

Entering the Silence of pure Intelligence

To get access to pure Mind, entry must happen into the stillness of pure Being.

It happens as a concentration of what otherwise is a fragmented state of ”running mind”, carrying One away from Being in the present moment.

When people are talking about being in the head, it is usually referred to as a negative thing and mis-interpreted as the part of being lost in running thoughts.

Thoughts happening from the ongoing and agitated mind is not equal to Being in the head. Being in the head means Presence of Being in the head and is thereby the vehicle for the revelation of pure Mind as it is, when the Head is Held in Absolute Presence of unwavering Intensity of Being.

The moment we believe that Being in Love excludes the variable, which is the deepening of the mind into same, we are excluding the happening of integration through the headspace. Meditation is the invitation and invocation of specifically this dimension of Being and thereby the invitation for the evolution of Soul through the Mind and headspace.

To gain access to pure Mind, we must embrace the fact of Silence. This is the hardest thing for people, because it is impossible to sit with- and in Silence without meeting ”the jumping monkey”, which is the ordinary running mind, jumping from one thought to another to another – attempting its best to waste all life-energy that enters the head-space.

The moment our energy rises to the head, when we nolonger use it by projecting it out and into the world, we meet up with the drunk driver. The drunk driver is that automatic pilot, which wastes our energy on anything but pure Being and pure thought.

The embrace of Silence through our entire being will allow us to meet face to face that aspect of us, which refuses to let go, which denies Truth and which constantly invites feedback, by ongoing analysis, judgment and repetition.

It is the very base of belief and has its root in fear. Fear is nothing but ego-protection. When we get too close to the edge of our limits, ready to defy them, fear is the card that ego draws to make us pull back into the safety of its own dominion – the box of limitation and belief, with the ongoing waste of Life running to protect its existence.

If we step in with determination to embrace peace from the fact that Nothing Is, our minds will start losing the automaticity of movement and will no longer have the fuel to toss consciousness into solving, remembering, recalling past or defining future. The bars of the prison of always being caught in thought starts dissolving for the arrival of Presence as Being.

To enter Silence of pure Mind, we must be patient and loving as well as deeply dedicated to reveal what lies behind the mind’s attempts at jumping the fence. While we normally consider the part of head as being an obstacle, most people see it fit to breathe and focus on the body. This is a marvelous place to start, but be aware, that the head is a part of the body. It is the part of being present in the head, activating the sense of feeling rather than thinking in the head, which allows Presence to enter and the brain to start unfolding in that Presence.

The demand for focus cultivated through holding ourselves as Peace of Being in mind, is what finally allows the revelation of pure Mind. Visiting pure Mind briefly and being torn away in thought again is less than satisfying, and so it is the solidification of/as pure Mind, which eventually allows for a total rest as Peace of Mind.

The basic obstacle of meeting Peace is wanting or not wanting, and so as we sit to relax into pure Being, we cannot Want peace and move into a battle with thought to attain peace, but must gently and softly allow all thought to slide out of existence and our perception to slide into the reality of emptiness and the basic Space of Being. The keywords here are gentleness, relaxation, letting go, embracing emptiness and feeling (rather than occupying) the head-space.

Building the strength of Presence in Mind

To sit down in meditation and approach pure Mind as a practice is better than not approaching Silence and pure Being in mind at all. However, to come to a Truly Solid realization, we must dissect the ordinary thinking mind to reach the same state of Being, which becomes the case, while we meditate. In this, we invite our living life to become a state of constant meditation and thereby meditation to become a state of Being.

This often creates a contradiction between the way people are living their lives and their embrace of Truth. The trick here is to make ends meet. Or said another way, to allow Life to be embraced with and as the same simplicity, in which the flexibility of Truth and pure Life can roam, in a way which doesn’t bump up against any aspect of life that we have going, but which doesn’t have any foothold in our embrace of Truth. In other words – realization of Truth demands our dedication and willingness to surrender to what- and however Life unfolds as a part of that.

It invites us to dissolve the baseline of ideas, that we have picked up as a part of growing up – the collective consciousness, which prescribes a very settled package for life’s unfolding based on sustaining and running the societal wheels. To find our own Way of Life and step out from the herd heading towards the edge of the cliff. To start making our own choices based on our inner listening rather than following the mainstream.

It is sort of a bottom to top approach, which leads us through a clarification, bringing us from our own individual incarnation, through Heart’s pure nature and into pure Mind’s display. In this way, no part of life can be excluded from the part of embracing Truth and no two realities remain – a lived one apart from a realised one.

As Life progresses itself as the unfolding of transparency of Being across all parts of living, it manifests itself accordingly. We can spend our lives in Service, in Silence or by living an individual reality – all the difference does is determine what parts of Being we allow the unfolding of and which we get solidified in Being. A balance of Being and round knowledge however, comes from an alignment that creates an integral reality between all parts of Being and reality. It does not mean dancing from one day to the other between different aspects of Being, but to allow the focus which is called for next in your Being’s unfolding, to have and take its place, with total dedication, when and as it calls for it.

Since the article is centering on the aspect of Mind, this is the focus of further words.

From Presence (of Consciousness) to pure Awareness

In building a solid Presence of Mind, we embrace and train the headspace to hold Presence. The vibration of pure Life, which is the display and pure emanation of Awareness. To truly awaken however, we must step beyond the Presence of Mind into the merging of Mind with the Void. The Void is the Absolute Blackness of non-existence, which passes One beyond Life straight into Death. A strong Mind is not equal to an awakened Mind and so Presence in Mind can as well work as a fortifier of illusion.

To pass beyond the identification with mind, we must merge deeply into the Void of Emptiness, which eradicates every sign of belief in existence.

For mind to come to Rest in Peace (death of the thinking ”I”), the life without this thinking I needs to be allowed to unfold as the result. We cannot expect our selves to be- and operate as a part of gameplay, and at the same time expect only Truth and no games to become a permanent state of mind.

Where this becomes hard on people is in the fact, that to embrace Truth to this extent, we must give up the game of being someone and thereby the part of participation in the row of games, which basically and mainly keeps people connected. It means – at least for a time – that we will lose all of the aspects of life where we have previously engaged in activity based on a mutual grounds of playing a game together (of living our dreams) rather than embracing Truth together.

Contrary to what can be thought- or believed about the state of being, which is solidly founded in Presence in Mind, its freedom doesn’t stretch its arms into the areas of living, which invite for dream-based activities. And so pictures of future and past remain out of the picture, just as movement according to goals or avoidances does.

Very little can actually be said about the death into no-self, since it is the very End of Existence. As a basis it is best described as an implosion of the self into pure Space, which ultimately becomes the disappearance of any sign of self through inversion of that which grows, expands and transforms as pure Self into absolutely Nothing! The Mountain becomes a Valley as the Presence becomes the Absence, and all in all, only the Absolute dedication to Truth can invite this happening, since the ego/self can never want what it must face, to meet its own End.

The symptoms of the turning tables

As we start focusing ourselves into the core of Being in the center of the head, we will experience a row of symptoms, which are all connected to the rewiring of the head and growing ability to Be with the intensity of pure Power found as the Blazing Sun in the very core of our Heads.

A series of aches connected to the opening of the head space, Including aching in the jaws and teeth, quite possibly a longer period of head aches seated at the very core of the head, as well as in the back of the head, as we gradually integrate Being into the headspace.

The ears and eyes, can also undergo significant changes, as we slide into Being. Eyes can go through a period of defocusing as we lose the ”someone looking” out through the eyes, just like the ears lose the ”someone listening”, which in turn leaves the pure functioning of the senses involved with the use of the head.

The speech and the mind are largely connected. And it means, that in terms of our speech a piece of work awaits, before we have clarified the speech to be the real reflection of pure Being – the diamond speech. Without this clarification, the clarity of mind is obstructed every time we speak, and so a time of learning to hold our tongue, our thougts and our senses in pure Being awaits, along with the clarification of every other aspect of Being.

(An article written in 2013 by Aisha Salem,

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