Souls Development, Human Integration and its Relationship to Perfection

Souls Development and Human Integration

These days – investigations are taking place on the nature of Perfection as the direction in which we are all moving – of dissolving identity through all and every sphere of Being.

We have an individual soul to manifest in this life – all of us – which makes up for our uniqueness, and yet this Soul is at a certain stage of evolutionary development.

As we move on the way, the reality of reaching own authority while not tripping in regards to acknowledging the Deeper Reality still, is a significant fact to the part of coming into our own blue-print and keeping the door open to bring home and onwards the natural movement onwards of our souls evolution. Yes, we have a soul to bring home and allow for the manifestation of – which is based on how far we have gone so far – and YES, we ALSO have a way ahead of that soul, furthering its evolution until our manifest soul is here for the very last time, due to having brought all of the knowledge Home of Source, Reality on all levels.

So in this case, I am a very old Soul and am Here for the last time and my core manifestation AS this soul IS Perfection and Omniscience, while yours in most cases is another step towards that – with options to go a Far way in your further evolution due to our cooperation and connection. So bringing your soul home, in the state of its current development, and then allowing for its furthering development of evolution by continued teaching is the absolutely most beneficial way of handling the part of having a true teacher available in life.

Bringing home the primary blue-print is like re-collecting all of the soul-pieces – of catching up to where you were as soul, before coming here and before being broken – and Then when being your Self, to allow for your further development. But becoming your Self is sort of a prerequisite for moving on with your souls development.

This is why I speak of own authority and being in deep reverence towards Higher Authority as the onwards manifestations of Reality both being a necessity – still and despite reaching wholeness and uniqueness.

If we don’t bring our Self home to start with – make the step into own Authority – there isn’t Any ground for moving onwards. And if we only make that step and then drop the ball of our movement onwards, we simply wont develop more in this life, than what we already reached in last life, and so will come back at the same level of evolution in the next life. So this is the context of the unfolding of it all.


Now Perfection itself is that which manifests, when our soul-pieces are brought together and we from there move onwards to the full and absolute dissolution of identification (fear) on every layer of Being. In every dimension – emptied through heart, head and belly.

Attaining that means a Lot of work in this lifetime and basically realisation across everything as the manifestation – as Truth in form – and it is All of our jobs to see to both the fulfilment in terms of attaining the fulness of the uniqueness and from there allowing for the further development of us as Soul towards The Soul. Which is the Self (God).

Perfection – as the manifest reality of Soul –  is basically an occurrence of humanly speaking becoming the future of our humanity. We are All going in this direction – although it may take time for a good bunch of the people alive today.

A little sharing from the early morning hours – on a Fall-Windy island in the land we call Denmark.
Have a Beautiful Day.

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