Crying – becoming true unto pain

A Strong image this morning…
I wake up with a reflection on my inner eye, of All the women in the world going Fully Honest unto the pain of this world. Giving up trying to reach some future to be happy in, dropping that which keeps going and fully facing the reality of Where we Are – as humans, as planet, as Woman. The image displays every woman sitting down – in all of Her integrity  and exactly where she is and simply starting to cry the tears which are All of Ours. I see the crying continue and continue with a total refusal to move until man has stopped what they are doing and Turned to Listen.

When Woman cries – Man/Universe Listens.

I have several times in my life Seen the power of this – even and all the way down to our closest love-relations; The significance and power of the honesty of Woman in her pain. How it is the Only True Response to the violence that arises, when refusal to bowing and Listening is in the air. Crying as the Only true defence system that Woman has in her meeting with the (sometimes) subtle aggression and manipulation found in the face of humans disconnection. Inside or outside – to Her it is the same thing.

In allowing the mirroring of the pain around us in tears – just as willingly as the pain inside of us – the ground is met in total and utter honesty of feeling us as “This is where we Are” beyond the separation which happens when we answer violence with violence…

In giving up the notion of being strong or aim of being untouchable, our fear of showing vulnerability and letting our power and strength as Love Stand in our willingness to Deeply Feel, we truly gain the Single Most Efficient response to and tool to dissolve our power-abuse, grasping, manipulation and control. Something which we have co-created and which has lead us and the planet to a deeply broken and disconnected state of being.

Love, Compassion and Kindness

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