After the Boom, the Silence

And after the Bright Lights and Loud Booms,
a Landing happens,
in the Silent Bosom of Sanctity,
as we find ourselves,
heads Resting to the Ground,
Offering our deepest –
Griefs, Joys and Surrender,
to Her,

Letting our bellies Touch the Ground,
our foreheads,
palms Open,
as we Gracefully Receive,
Whatever She has in store for us,
with the deepest Agreement and Acceptance,
with our heads and hearts resting in Her lap,
and we cry a tear,

Tears of Surrender,
of Sanctity,
of Solitude and Unity,
of completion and endless undoing,
offering Her our everything,
only to Deliver ourselves,
in the Hands of Her,
with the Full Willingness to Become
what She needs,
what She Calls for,

Surrender to the Full Life – to All of It,
as we Touch the deepest grounds of our vulnerability,
of our delightful human helplessness,
as we Touch our Total Giving In,
Just for Her,
Just for Her.
Dear Friends and Soul-family,
I wish you the Grandest Opening into the new cycle,
a new beginning with the New Year,
I wish you a year of Surrender and of Grace,
of ceasing the Fight with and Flight from
the answer to and core of your Deepest Longing,
with a Rain of Blessings upon your coming year 2018 –
Gentle Tears of Gratitude and Endless Grace,
from the Palm of Her Hand,
A Silent Smile.

Precious Love,

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