It can be taken for granted I suppose – the fact that we all are in need of a strong balancing inside.

Most of us are in a strong imbalance in the relationship with our feminine, but actually equal as many of us are in an unhealthy relationship with our own and inner masculine. Depending on what we picked up as kids, on our experiences of the masculine and the feminine, we have picked up misunderstandings based on power-abuse from either the masculine or the feminine which frankly speaking is the past we come from. Who was the dominating force in the surroundings of your early years?

We work hard on our relating, on finding harmony together. But it must be taken for granted, I suppose, that as long as we do not attend to our own inner relationship between our masculine and feminine, there is no way we are able to give way for that harmony to unfold on the outside either!

To balance our masculine and feminine, we actively have to allow our masculine side to gain a respectful and loving relationship with our feminine. To agree to that holding of and on ground, which allows for our bodies to be loved, to be held, to be protected.

At the same time, the balance depends on our bodies and feminine’s willingness to receive our own love. To attain understanding and okayness – compassion even – with the fact that our masculine makes mistakes due to our not-full acknowledgement of ourselves as Love. That we aren’t perfectly realised as Being but are in the learning stages, wherein the best we can do is be and become as clear and direct in our dedication and devotion to our own fullness and wholeness as possible.

We can enter a sacred union with ourselves. Between our inner masculine and feminine – where they finally make peace. Where we choose to surrender to their inner embrace, which in turn will make the same harmony and union possible on the outside (in our living lives). We do not Have to live in a state of constant inner chaos or with a baseline of conflict – inside and out. We can Actually make peace in allowing for their inner communication and communion, by allowing the releases possible in the feminine by stepping into an inner agreement to let every part of us be present and self-caring.

This MAY be the end of self-protection! For the protection of yourself from other also includes protection from your Self, from Love, from God!

Blessings and a little invitation to make the gentle pact of All-Inclusion happen,

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