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Birthing the Black Mother

In our Full Embrace of Truth, we must meet our limitation of Being in the stomach space. The limitation of expanse in our stomach is caused by identification with the human body and thereby the belief in the separated self (ego), rather than the full acceptance of our body as being Earth Herself. The in-depth healing becomes the absolute transparency,the transcendence of identification, which reveals our human bodies as vessels for- and reflections of Reality. As we transcend all identification and separation in depth, our enjoyment-body is truly born into pure innocence.

To be Truly Born as the Dark Mother requires us to enter into the depths of our being as pure Love (beyond identification).

As we Truly Enter and Penetrate ourselves to the bottom, we meet the very ground of pain, which rests at the core of our Being – first as human, but in the dissolve of the body-identification ultimately as consciousness itself.

In our Full Embrace of Truth, we do not only meet and heal the pain of our separation from God in our expansion of consciousness and by re-meeting with God through our hearts, but we must as well go to the very root of our existence as matter, to reveal and heal the Ultimate Contraction, which happened as the very birth of the Earth of God.

We come to feel and swallow the pain of existence, which is rooted in both spirit and matter: by the very separation from God – by becoming a soul born out of The Soul – but also physically as Matter – as the human born out of the Earth. The happening of individuality as the possibility of “the human experience”, when one was born out of The One, to become a Drop in the Ocean.

To handle and pass through this pain, we must transcend our view of self as separate individual and acknowledge The Arrival – the coming into existence as our True Identity. Only in this recognition do we not drown as individuals in pain, but allow the birth of True Beauty through our bodies as the birth of the Black Mother, by the entry of God, as pure Love, into Earth. The Birth and Embodiment of Truth and our True Incarnation.

The Birth

The descend into the Earth is like Pure Childbirth. The incarnation as God itSelf happening as a penetration of Light down through the body – as Light entering into the core of the Earth. As the entry happens we pass through a number of stages, as we are drilled out downwards, for The Real Descent.

In the first stages, we witness the total crushing of the desire-body and the pain of its existence as a separate identity, which is our identification with our human bodies and humanity. We feel and heal the deep self-hatred we carry, the sense of wrongness, which is the result of all the games we as humans play, attempting to belong to humanity and thereby a part of existence, rather than Existence Itself.

In healing this wound in our human body, by our full surrender to Truth, we meet with love and care a deep self-hatred and have to acknowledge and feel the careless nature of (our self as) the fear-based human, which has its root and a past in misunderstanding its purpose of being and the Way of Life.

At the bottom of the human, we meet the regret of having been born and our ill-will to have and hold our human body as Love, in all of its sensitivity. Every angle of our past human experience of the world is transcended by the healing of everything in us, which has experienced the world and our birth into it as harsh and insensitive.

As the descend and thereby our emptying out continues, we pass beyond any personal experience, which depends on our human experience in this lifetime. We pass beyond identification into the impersonal, entering as consciousness into the primary layers of Earth.

Here we meet the Earths pain and the repercussions of human error. We meet the suffering of All sentient beings in and on this planet, who are and have been affected by our misunderstanding as humans. Entering this pain we come to meet the entirety of pain concealed within the totality of consciousness, as the One Unit carrying all information of All that ever happened in and as consciousness.

Reaching the very core of the Earth, we meet the core of the very Exiled Body that She is, in her state of Being, where man didn’t fulfill his task of bringing God into Her, by the fact of his own surrender.

In this core of our selves, in the core of Earth as the body of God, we meet the very base and the fundamental pain of existence. The pain which rose, when She (Earth) was created out of Him (God, the Universal Force). The pain connected to the very happening of separation from Him, which in turn became the gift through which the evolution of consciousness could happen. The happening of Her existence, which made it possible for Him to experience HimSelf through Her. As we meet this pain we transcend Her core pain of existence as matter – matta – Mother, apart from Him.

As We are Healed at the bottom, we become able to Be in the pure Enjoyment of having a body – as our embrace of our Self as the Being of Earth in all its emptied out and transparent Innocence. In the healing at our core as Her, Wholeness is reflected into our human existence as the dis-appearence of the core wound of our Beings. The True Human is born as Real Woman and Man.

It is the True End of Wanting, as we Fall in Love with the Dark Mother and come to truly rest our human bodies on the face of this Earth in the alignment between our recognition as Source itself – as God having penetrated Earth to come to Truly Rest as Him in Her:

The Pure Tantra happening as pure Being Enjoying itSelf.

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