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Purifying the sensory system

This article is written to the One ready to embrace the total purification of their sensory-system, on their Way to the total embodiment of Reality, which requires passing beyond the temptations of getting stuck in either Clarity/Space, Love or Power. In other words, it is described from the aspect of a Being carrying the capacity to of Source, as non-identification, and is a response to many of the wakeful Ones questioning their next steps in completely diminishing the difference between the realization as Void itself, the appearance as Love and the Individual and personal power.

Prior to investigating this article, please feel free to read the article “realization across all of Being”, which will describe the 3 dimensions of Being, which we are to attain Full transparency through in our Full Embrace of Truth.

From Space to Matter

No matter how far we can be in the cultivation of our Beings as Void/Space, there is a piece of work waiting in the Full embrace of Truth, which will conduct the purification of our sensory system by the burning out of the ignorance in the Heart and body on our way to attaining alignment between all aspects of realization.

There is no right and wrong, but there is a full-circle realization and it does not allow Any aspect of the equation to escape the fact of Sameness and True transcendence as a Fully Blown and infinitely self-running translation of pure Emptiness straight into Existence in and as its own Full Potential.

Attending to the honesty of our Beings and its full alignment as Truth across All and Nothing will send us further onwards to a recognition of Source through every possible dimension of realization.

The sensory system – our sense of feeling – is the only alley available for us to unfold ourselves as God through the body. In the agreement to incarnate as That, our nervous-system and its integration of pure Light becomes what Truly brings us Here.

Before our Real awakening – the recognition of our self as Basic Space of phenomena – we are easily caught in the alleys, choicelessly defeated by our humanness, as we experience the turmoil of the lack of purity in feeling.

This can often be the reason for us to seek towards states of Being, where we don’t have to deal with our human ignorance and the pain that follows it. At the outset Nothing is off about that, but at some point, when Nothing has become our ground of Being, we are Ready for the Real Challenge – the turnover and in depth meeting with that in us, which made us lose our calm, before we woke up.

For men, specifically, it is hard to attain this purification, because his seat and entry point is further from the heart than woman’s is. Pride and arrogance permeates the heavy load of ego clinging to the realization of Space based on what we have created and accepted among us as a historically attained weight on validity in Higher and Higher states of absence by men themselves having dissolved their connection with Existence.

In this way Space has been made into something, whereby a spiritual seeker could measure him or her self by his solidity in untouchability. Due to this, the mainstream of spirituality has made the part of continuation beyond feeling into something to be respected and reflected onto the world as above-human, rather than Seeing what the realization of Space truly is – an invitation for the transcending of the human ignorance and a becoming of the True Man – the very core of the possibility of the incarnation as Truth in Form.

The human body itself is a vital part of the discovery of reality and its potential and thereby, in addition to Mind, is one of the most significant seats/holders of realization across everything and nothing.

To embrace Truth fully, we do not use our realization of Space as a means to avoid our deepest vulnerability as humanity, but we undertake the task of allowing the full education of our human Beings into the God-beings, that we Truly are.

As we make our way into acknowledging the need for the death of our ego throughout existence, as well as beyond it, we discover the fact, that not only is the Heart the core of the Universe, but the very vehicle through which our realization as God at all can reach into our every cell and become a True Incarnation – knowing ourselves as God in form throughout every aspect of our living reality.

The evolution of consciousness is truly depending on our willingness to embrace All Aspects of surrender to Reality, whether it is connected to the maturation of the Clarity as pure Mind, Energy-body as pure Heart or Individuality (person-hood bent to the qualities of wisdom) as God itSelf.

It removes the weight on the Mind, and thereby on the Space realization, as an in any way a separate or more important element, than that (same Being) which operates through our hearts, guts, toes and fingers. It is All the Same – and so it must be recognized to be, beyond any doubt within our Beings.

The purification

At the outset, our feeling system operates on identification, just as our mind does, prior to our recognition as Source through and as Mind itself.

When we first come to agree to deal with the purification of the sensory system, we literally agree to embrace Truth through those parts of our Beings, which are the registering factor of Existence itself as feeling. The passing into form is All about the purification of Consciousness itself and thereby a dedication to the fullfilment of our Being as human, rather than a dismissal and absence from it.

The purification has three chapters, which is the ignition of the Brain in the Heart, followed by a passing through all fear, which can rise due to mistrust in and thereby fear of Life (our Self/God), which in turn can become any kind of contraction in the human body based on past experiences and prior learning by contraction (fear) rather than relaxation and passing of pain, followed by its imminent education and expansion of our Life, our Being, in/as existence.

When we start agreeing to meet our Hearts fully, we come up against anything in us able to twist pure feeling into emotionality, story-making. This is the first step. The emotionality must be seen in its in-accuracy, where it spins off by the rising of a feeling, which is based on preference, and we must come to learn true sameness, in which we do not rise as objection inside ourselves to whatever feeling rises to pass in our human being.

Every feeling is a note on the human piano and nothing but that; just a note! When feeling is twisted by preference and disagreement, we come to witness a reflection of the contraction (ego building as objection) around the feeling, rather than the relaxation into it, and it becomes emotionality.

When we have awakened beyond existence, that twist seems to no longer entrap us, but instead it becomes tempting to retract from the sense of feeling, when the feeling system becomes overwhelmed by its own reflection of ignorance, and thereby becomes a contrast to our knowing of ourselves beyond identification. On this we must change our minds. We must come to agree to acknowledge the sameness in all feelings, so that no preference or subtle judgment gets to survive in the sensory system.

When we are ready to let go of the attempt to try and get away from the feeling, we become ready to Face the Feeling, by not creating a movement based on preference of peace and disagreement with existence rather than respect and love for the human experience.

To become a Man/Woman is equal to attaining complete loyalty (despite the awakened minds option to flee from the pain of the heart’s ignorance) to stand strong in the heart and face everything. The Brain in the Heart develops and becomes stronger, when this becomes the choice.

The Brain in the Heart is equal to the expanse of Heartspace, just like the strength of the minds recognition of itself as Space is equal to the strength of the realization of/as Void. In this way the purification of the Heart is in reality a supplement to the Void realisation and not a lower reality to be dismissed. Only in the alignment between realisation of Source through our Gut, Heart and Head will we come to Truly embrace and become the real potential behind the Human Vehicle.

To face the ignorance in the heart is equal to choosing fully to let the Heart and thereby body enter into its Full knowledge of itself as God. It means that Every cell must be carried into the sameness, must be released from its lack of transparency and ability to stand as pure Energy and thereby beyond identification.

When the feeling rises, to which there is an objection, our Beings tends to take refuge where it is safe and sheltered. It means that it is strongly advised for oneself to start investigating where and how our beings function, when we get overwhelmed or cannot face what is pending and waiting to pass as fear, for another and deeper expansion into Life itself.

Our minds can start thinking in a specific way, which can make our beings retract into a specific mode, shape or no-shape as a self-protective mechanism.In this way our beings can react by making a twist into being hyper, an increase in energy that seeks exit into the surroundings, which can spin our consciousness off into higher states (upwards), or we can retract into space to become untouchable etc.

There is nothing wrong with any of these movements in themselves, but when they happen automatically following the registration of a subtle feeling, which is a significant piece of information reflected to us by the body that we choose to overlook, then we for sure need to catch ourselves in this automatic fleeing motion. This motion happens as pure avoidance, as an ego attempting self-protection as a way of avoiding what is present and requires passing in the Heart through surrender to increased relaxation and in most cases the passing of pain in cracking open deeper.

As being awake we stand to choose the discomfort of human emotion over the seemingly tempting refuge in space from a deeper dedication to Truth than the escape – by Full Engagement.

The purification of the sensory system requires a full willingness to meet Everything within the human existence, which is not yet transcended and transparent as Source without taking any distance from it. It must come as a total agreement to penetrate all ignorance within us as the Space that We Are.

We must stand as Real Hunger for Truth over any willingness to bend for discomfort, to be able to fully pass through the egos twist of emotionality and avoidance of pain into pure feeling and sameness by total honesty to All parts of the equation.

For people who are not awake, there is less of a resource available, but the same work to do. The strength of Being must necessarily be built up into its own full intensity – as pure concentration – before we can carry our Beings in Love and thereby attain a solid God-realization, which can be carried as the base of our human existence. The work stands with igniting the power of Love, by the ongoing choice of Love over fear, of openness and surrender over contraction and protection.

The purification of the Heart is a direct reflection of our relationship with the universe, wherein God-realization is ONLY attained by the full surrender of the body in trust. It is no recognition of God from a point, but the eradication of Any point to the full relaxation beyond separation between inner and outer world and thereby a complete transformation of the personal reality and point of view into an impersonal and All Inclusive one.

The impersonal reality must be seen, in the recognition of the heart, to have nothing outside itself. It means that the whole body and everything within the person is delivered to the recognition of Self as God and thereby stands as the total relaxation into Trust in Life, which allows the body to start operating according to Love without Any controller or controlling instance apart from Love itself. It is literally a deletion of the body’s human software and the installing of God-software, which makes the living life itself becomes a reflection of the fearless and a pure relaxation and playout of Love.

(An article by Pema Salem, January 2015)

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