Adaptability – Society in Transition

This article brings awareness to the connection between our Journey in Truth and the turning times we are living in as humans – in regards to our growth into radical Compassion, of Being on Ground, and the significance of our getting real in our connection with the Power of Creation/God as the Feminine along with our entering the sphere of natural and practical attention and capacity in these times of increasing planetary pressure and transition.

This week I feel to take a journey with you – into the landscape of our planetary and societal state and human conditions – in this time of transition. To highlight its connection with your journey into Truth as individual and as part of this community.

The teaching of radical compassion and the embrace of the Power of Creation (God as the Feminine), holds a far wider and deeper purpose to it than just the Wonder of living the abundance of pure potentiality, inspiration, creativity and Joy. It holds a deeply pragmatic value, which tends to be the planting and sprouting of the seeds of adaptation in these times, that we are living in – of planetary and social transition from the disconnected and fearful human and collective reality to the deeply and truly connected, respectful and truthfully aligned. Those seeds which at all will make a way ahead possible for us as human beings – on the very individual as well as collective level.

We have so many things to battle with in this time of being human – from our physical health, in connection with the Earths increasing drop in nurture, in polluted foods and water – over our emotional havoc of living the very last steps of millennia-long accumulation of collective and ancestral indifference and pain, to the practical sphere of dealing with the draining disempowerment from rule- and fear-based entities like states etc. And all of this is happening in a world, which pretty much is running on its last drops of ability to keep up with our speed of procreation, pollution and consumption.

In other words, dear people, whether we like it or not, we actually need to relate to the fact, that we are moving in times of transition, which requires us to tend to more than just being practical in learning to attend our inner mental and emotional environments, but which requires us to allow for change of adaptation on a practical day-to-day level to a shaky world, wherein our way ahead depends on our affiliation with Reality, our alignment with and respect for the Way of Life, nature and simplicity – on a very practical level.

It is worthwhile to attend and contemplate the connection between your journey in Truth and the deeply practical and pragmatic levels of sustainability – in this moment as well as going forward. We are in many ways well along the way of societal collapse and it matters to start moving and thinking sensibly, practically and realistically in these times, according to the changing conditions of our social and planetary environments.

We wonder how to handle all of this – and of course, there is a Best Way to handle ourselves in this time. A way to traverse these times of transition and presence-awareness drought amongst crumbling societal structures – in a way as to bring us through to the next cycle, wherein life can unfold on healthy emotional, spiritual, practical and fully respectful grounds.

And it all goes through our return to Ground – in a way as to develop our ground with everything from emotional, mental, spiritual and indeed practical skills. Our embrace and development of Being on Ground, in bodies – linked with the Creative Force, which tends to Always Know – in every which way – where to turn, in the face of true needs appearing, as a part of our human conditions.

What would be of immense value, of course, is a combination of developing and honing our practical skills, learning how to handle ourselves and surroundings with Presence and Care, and of course how to rest deeply inside the palm of the Power of Creation, which ensures our movement with, respect of and living alongside the most raw element of Nature Itself – as well as the movement ahead, according to Deep Seeded Wisdom.

You see there is your link. The landing of Truth on Ground as the Radical Compassion – able to be present in the face of grief and pain – the Power of Creation as the pulse of God in full-body wisdom and deep connection with the Earth and force of nature able to be fully creative as a way of handling the pragmatic, the realistic, the practical –  that IS the answer to our living in these times of transition.

If you look at the present state of affairs – the social foundations, our deeply incapable disconnected ways of living and the way in which both are leaning and relying on comforts provided by dysfunctional state-run societies – what do you feel? Can you sense how it all could literally tilt very rapidly? It is time to sober up in our relationship with what is going on – not only in our lives, but in our immediate surroundings, society and on the planet. Not to place ourselves in a mental state of impending doom, but to be sensibly and practically up-to-date and skilfully prepared, as our environment changes.

Now let me comfort you – nothing bad will happen – as in there is nothing bad about it! No matter the degree to which our old systems will break down or our old ways will crumble. But if all we know, in that moment, is how to live our disconnected ways, pampered with the benefits of a highly comfort-based society, then we might be entering into an age of great impracticality and difficulty.

However – it doesn’t need to be that way – we can enjoy our learning, we can apply ourselves to what is needed and we can grow skill-full in this time Now, rather than to come standing in the pouring rain, without any raincoat.

We need to learn how to Live, how to Be, how to Do and how to Love – in the naked face of “beyond the trajectory” which we have previously been following based on societal norms. Not only because we are dedicated to Truth, but because these times of transition, requires from us a stability in and ability of adaptation to rapidly changing conditions. Something which is likely (and already gradually is) going to demand our functionality in times of pressure, and perhaps increasing gradual societal collapse.

That sounds heavy?!

If you consider, for a moment, your own experience of inner transition and growth. How your natural progression of becoming and unbecoming takes place. Don’t you find, that old paradigms, systems you have lived by and relied on in the past, are Actually by natural movement in the need of breaking down – to reach ground zero – before life allows for re-emersion and shows a way ahead as a new birth and resurrection of your life in greater Knowing and Wisdom? So if the whole Universe is in a grain a sand – how can the process of the worlds evolution be Any Different, than the process you are going through and experience in yourself in terms of transition in the face of the universal law and true nature of life-death-life – creation-destruction-creation?

I know we usually speak in terms of the wonder of birthing your gifts etc. – and that is surely a more fun approach to it all – but just for a moment, let’s put on a different pair of glasses…

Can you See, that our ability to relax and stay joyful, present and to live sweetly, in the face of the natural, the simple, the naked and raw depends on our growing capacity to rest in the Power of Creation and natural element of the body? Moreover can you see that it is exactly the same which is needed, should all the amenities and comforts fall away gradually or rapidly? It is WHY our traversing the development of consciousness into the grounds of Being is far more than a good idea – it is practical, it is Needed, it is the natural next step. Much depends on our new and sustainable ways as humans – of living in coexistence with rather than separation from the Earth. For of course, the separated ways have an expiry date on them – as anything else, which has been seeded in creation with fear.

To make the transition in a good way, which preserves our ability to live joyfully, creatively and inspired, we need to practice Presence on ground as the obvious learning of a new way of handling ourselves practically – on every level. Our mental, emotional and spiritual health matters here – in a way of being the necessary foundation for the living of any Real and Grounded practical human reality; connected, skill-ful and playfully creative in our way of life. It truly is the natural gradual progression of turning ourselves towards the next era of our human existence – of being true humans.

In short, we need skills. Skills to handle our minds and bodies in times of fear. To navigate creation, living, crafts and power with deep wisdom and Earth-connection. To Know our Hearts and be able to apply Love for the rising of new ways and to do so in a sustainable and thriving way, based on Care for everything.

In your practice and working with the growth of your consciousness – into the ground, as you do in your connection with these teachings, me and community – you are not only unfolding the wonder of your gifts and unveiling the opportunity to live a life in Freedom and Joy, but you are making yourself Able to stand Real and Present in the face of transition of current and coming changes and challenges.

The sustainable communities are those with growing skills and cooperation, with deep compassion and capacity, with willingness to work and take care, to hone the collective capacities and learn to live outside the crumbling systems in ways, where we bring home the Earth wisdom and ability to live Close By Her, for more than just the sake of our individual realisations or separate lives, but for our continued and increasing relaxation, Joy, inspiration and creativity of our way of Life – individually as collectively.Our way ahead demands us to return to the humility of Learning… Learn to Listen to the deeper Wisdom and guidance,Learn to meet the stranger with Love,Learn to plant, grow and tend all the ways in which the Earth naturally and happily supplies us with abundance in health/medicines and food,Learn to take care of what truly matters,Learn to build a fire without matches,Learn to stand still and stay clear, when it feels bad,Learn to handle yourself in fear,Learn to appreciate freedom,Learn to handle tools for building and crafting,Learn to be happy with simplicity,Learn to speak without self-occupation,Learn to sober up without going mad,Learn to deal with people around you in pain and grief,Learn to be authentic and grounded, practical, hands on and for Gods sakeLearn to be Real in your navigation with the use of your mind, heart and power.

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