Dissolving the Pattern

On this planet we generally have people in two states, when it comes to the handling of the meeting with the bottomline – the power of creation – and thereby the living of our lives. We have the people who can’t sit still and the people who are stuck. This writing is about the seeing through of the strategies which we adapt to, in our unconscious avoidance of the fear of our meeting with the force of creation. With Her.

The one who freezes in the face of Her, generally drops into a slump of giving up on themselves, which leads to apathy and depression. The way out is to step into being of service to the whole. It strengthens the heart and over time will make it possible to rest deeper and deal more accurately with the bottomline, due to stronger Love being present as ones own field of awareness. This avoidance strategy is a collapse of the energy system, which often causes bodily pains, and/or depression and apathy.

And then we have the people of restlessness. Those people who can’t sit still and who sets off actions based on an un-acknowledged bottomline of fear. Inside of this there is a whole race against time going on, which of course keeps us very much plugged into the body’s instincts and survival-mode and thereby has the reptilian brain’s mode of fight or flight clicked “on”. When fear is in our body and we do not know how to Be with and Rest down through this fear, when we do not know how to not-act out of fear as our energy-system sets off and creates a pressure in the body to “get us going”.

The inner pressure which sets off actions, it rolls forth as an adrenaline kick in the body. And from that happening, we generally as humans follow one of the two described strategies – we either set off in a race against time, which holds deep-seeded fear-based survival at its base, or we collapse in the face of it instead. Often resulting in body-pains.

Look at our society. How many of the actions going on in this world do you think comes from either of these strategies?!

If we go to neither of these two extremes – of unstoppable actions or collapse in suppression – then we are faced with the meeting with Her. That meeting, which requires restraint as the Holding-force around the Power of Creation.

To end this collective pattern, we have a combination between needing to attain the ability to Hold power with Silence (as no one) and the penetration of the reptilian brain – in front of us. It is a doorway to arrival at the level of existence wherefrom movement is rooted in sheer Joy of Life.

When we learn to be quiet in the face of that meeting, the waves of Her force at the core of our living lives can start increasing. As it increases in frequency, to let us arrive at the real experiential reality of relaxation with Her, and as it becomes more frequent as waves of Her with less and less of our time spent in the states of deviation (applying the strategies of avoidance, rather than surrender directly through them into the Holding), the frequency and level starts creating a more and more solid ground beneath our feet. Of no breaks from standing on the ground of Joy as the base and bottomline of our existence.

To move through to this new platform of existence wherein Inspiration and Creativity in Joy is the baseline of our life’s unfolding, a life which doesn’t have survival and fear at its base, we need to go through some immense transmutations in the meeting with the creational force. This for us to land in alignment with it. Inside of this transmutation it is significant that we acknowledge the fear which we hold towards our surrender. The fear is at the bottom of each and every one of us, and so it needs to be acknowledged in its individual as collective impact upon our consciousness and way of Life – before the Journey into the intimacy with Her is possible on deepest unity levels.

Through this we can be led to a new place of stillness where restraint plays its part in letting life Live itself from this new platform. Where living is high-scale based on an intelligence which is deeply mysterious and quite inexplicable. To operate from that vibration, all fear towards our unity with and surrender to God on ground – to all of creation – must cease.

We can indeed arrive at this new plateau. It is in fact this new plateau which allows for us as human kind to take place from True Intelligence and by new and much more intelligent organisation, which is beyond the scatteredness and incoherence taking place in movement based on seeds of separation and fear.

To enter through the fear – rather than continue our extremes of avoidant strategies – is the doorway to pass the grounds of Shadow by arriving fully into the ground, where every part of our existence – divine as human – is Held and included with a fully and expanded consciousness and deep rest as humans in Supreme Certainty.

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